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About Our Food

In order to contribute to our health and successful spiritual growth, our food should be pure (this implies, among other things, that this food should be �killing-free�). Our food should also be of full value, i.e. it should contain all the necessary components of nutrition.

Another thing that must be taken into account is the compatibility of different foods. In this respect, one should know that a large quantity of sweets do not combine with protein and fat foods when they all get mixed simultaneously in the stomach. In this case, the latter two kinds of food stay in the stomach for a long time and detain the sugars there as well. The sugars then can start being decomposed by microbes.

Potatoes and milk are also a bad combination.

And, in general, milk is usually well assimilated only in childhood. On the contrary, in the case of adults, especially when they have long periods of not using milk in their nutrition, it is not well assimilated because the body stops producing the enzymes that are necessary for the digestion of milk.

In this respect, it would be useful to remember that some industrial foods (for example, cookies, chocolate, mayonnaise, and others) contain milk powder.

It is also important that all the bioenergetic structures of the body that participate in the assimilation of energy from food be cleaned and properly developed. This can be reached through the methods of Raja Yoga. You can find them in [9] and in our other materials (books and films).

The author of this book has been living according to these principles for about 40 years. Now my current body is 68 years old, but it looks 40. My health is also very good, and I feel young. The main foods of my nutrition all the year round are mushrooms, rice, pasta, tomatoes (fresh or in the form of paste), milk-free mayonnaise, sometimes potatoes, carrots, fresh herbs (parsley, dill, and others), a bit of white bread, and butter. I use salt only for the preparation of mushrooms. In the morning, I drink coffee. In the preceding decades, I ate eggs and dairy products. It is possible, if there are no mushrooms in your region, to use soy products and nuts as a source of protein.

If we add, while cooking food, a moderate amount of sea water to it, such a food will provide our bodies with all the necessary dietary minerals.

The same effect can be reached from the use of seaweed (Laminaria). If we slightly boil dried seaweed, allow it to swell, and then put it on a slice of bread with butter, we get a delicious result. (However, one should not eat too much of this, because a large quantity of seaweed works as a laxative).

As for alcohol, a very long time ago, in the beginning of my spiritual awakening, Jesus suggested � as a condition of His personal help to me � that I forever renounce the use of any alcohol-containing beverages, including even kvass*. I accepted this condition and never violated it.

I have never tried that which is now called drugs and have only seen them on TV.


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