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About Work with Chakras

There are no �good� or �bad� chakras. All the chakras have to be cleaned and developed. Each of them is important.

However, the chakras of a certain person can be dirty in a very literal sense. That is, they can be littered with coarse pathogenic energy. They also can be undeveloped or disfigured by incorrect methods of working with them. The examples of such methods are the coloring of the chakras according to the colors of a rainbow or the imparting of coarse qualities to them if one does not pay enough attention to the purity of one�s thoughts, emotions, and nutrition.

Chakras must shine with white or slightly golden gentle light and completely fill the corresponding sectors of the body. It is only this state of the chakras that pleases the Holy Spirits Who try to help us, and only from this state, we can prepare ourselves for learning to perceive Them easily so that They can become our direct Divine Teachers.

It is also important to obtain the calm of the consciousness, because it is only in this state that we can learn to go beyond the boundaries of the material world. And it should be stressed that this calm can be obtained only in the depths of one�s own developed spiritual heart.

We talked quite a lot about the functions of the chakras and their role in the formation of the status of the soul (by the way, this is what will determine, among other things, the �posthumous� state of each one of us) in our other publications [5,9,29, and others]. So, here I only want to emphasize that the practitioners must be well-oriented in the topics of spiritual philosophy [8] and ethical purification [2,7-9,12,14-17,29-39]. Moreover, it is desirable that these components of spiritual development be mastered by the practitioners before the beginning of their serious work in a psychoenergetical direction. To teach psychoenergetical methods to people who are ignorant about the spiritual philosophy and who have not made due efforts to complete their ethical purification and formation is unacceptable, because this can lead to the strengthening of the vices that these people have not eliminated in themselves yet.


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