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Spiritual Heart and the Arms of Love

When we have finished the initial purification and development of the chakras, it is time to start working with dantians and then with the “bubbles of perception”.

Let me remind you that the upper dantian consists of the three upper chakras; the middle one of only one anahata chakra; and the lower one of three chakras as well, which should be merged into a single power center. Only in this case they will function effectively.

In order to see the state of our own “bubbles of perception”, we can use the following method:

Let us feel that we are behind our heels, at a distance of about half a meter or a meter, and then let us look from this position at our “bubbles”. The best way to do this exercise is during slow walking on an empty path.

This method also allows one to see any possible energy contaminations inside one’s “cocoon”, and to get rid of them, one can use the methods that are presented in the book [9].

The boundary between two “bubbles of perception” should be noticed at the level of the collarbones (clavicles).

Further meditative work is realized inside the lower “bubble”, to be more precise, in the middle dantian.

Initially, one must learn to live in the anahata most of time and to look from it in all directions, including backward.

Then one should grow oneself as a spiritual heart by filling different volumes of harmonious space. This can be the “cocoons” of the subtlest and most powerful (by their energy state) trees. Then one can fill the space over vast bodies of water, over desert, or over steppes. [9]

The tendency of the refinement of the consciousness in combination with such work allows one to learn to see the Holy Spirits with one’s sight of the consciousness, and this becomes the precondition for the emotional and verbal communication and Mergence with Them.

An important component of this work is the development of the arms of the consciousness. We can caress with them specific living beings at a distance, we can keep on our palms of love different bodies of water or parts of land with all their inhabitants.

The arms of love that have been developed in such a way will allow one, among other things, to move freely inside the multidimensional space and to merge — in the Embrace of Love — with the specific Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness and with Their United We.


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