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About Possible Mistakes

A serious mistake on the spiritual Path is to put emphasis only on the development of the upper or the lower dantian. It is so, because neither one of them allows one to develop the ability to feel emotional love and — on the basis of it — to merge with the Divine Consciousness! Only the souls that have become developed spiritual hearts have the ability to feel sincere emotional love, which is what God always tries to teach us. Only the people who have become like this — will be able to flow into the universal Ocean of the Divine Consciousness. The rest will remain separate...

Our true meaning of life is, having developed ourselves up to the Perfection, which was preached to us by Jesus (“... Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48)), to flow into the Creator and thus to enrich Him with yourselves. The existence of everything taking place in the universe is dedicated to this task. The unceasing Evolution of the Absolute is the Process in which every one of us is involved. So, it would be good for us to understand our role in it and to build our lives in accordance with this knowledge. [8-9,15-16]

The Mergence that one reaches is Nirvana, in contrast to the ignorant opinion that Nirvana is to disappear forever in the emptiness...

No! Those who achieved the Perfection continue to exist in the Mergence, in the Union with the Divine United We. Moreover, when necessary, they can easily restore Their Divine Individuality by manifesting Themselves as Holy Spirits or even as Messiahs (or Avatars) to incarnate people. [8-10,15-16,29]

... The tendency to proclaim the ajna chakra as the most important chakra originates from a joke of Krishna, recorded in the Bhagavad Gita [2,8,11]. In the course of His conversation with Arjuna, Krishna, pointing to His chest, said that here, between these “eyebrows” (He pointed to the hair on His male chest), it is necessary to open the exit for the Atmic, Divine Energy... However, His gesture was not described in the Bhagavad Gita, and thus the joke was not understood by the readers. That is why, afterwards, many people tried to “open the third eye” — the eye of the soul — from the ajna — one of the coarsest chakras —, and not from the spiritual heart. The results were always the same: dramatic coarsening of the entire consciousness and sometimes stresses and health disorders.

(Nevertheless — later on — it will be necessary to treat all the chakras, including the head ones, with Divine Light and Fire).

Krishna was the One Who said beautiful words about heart love in the Bhagavad Gita! But the ajna chakra, I repeat, is not capable of generating the emotions of love! It is only one of the two upper chakras that are specialized in the function of thinking. Moreover, it is in this chakra that the manas — an individual lower mind and the center of egocentrism — has its seat. Even the name of this chakra itself means “not wise” or, in other words, simply “silly” ... That is why Krishna suggested “locking the mind in the heart” (Bhagavad Gita 8:12) [2,8,11]...

The upper sahasrara chakra is responsible for higher mental activity.

However, only the buddhi — the consciousness that has been developed through the methods of Buddhi Yoga and cognized the Essence of everything that exists — has real wisdom.

People who dedicated themselves to the activation of ajnic trikutta (“the third eye”) between the eyebrows on the head — develop very unpleasant qualities of the soul: they get a “piercing” sight and coarseness of the consciousness. These are the qualities that are opposite to the tendency for the development of love!

On the contrary, the subtlety of the consciousness, which is developed through the attunement with subtle and the subtlest phenomena, through tender and caring love (but, of course, not insistent and tiresome), and through avoiding any conflict in the relations with others, is what leads us to the cognition of the Primordial One.

Is it not this that God teaches us? But spiritual ignorance in combination with the activity of aggressive primitives, who become “the leaders of the blind”, offers us something opposite.

It is equally wrong to try to find God in the space directly above one’s head... God — according to the principal meaning of this word [9,15-16] — is the Subtlest Oceanic Consciousness That can be found only in the depths of one’s own developed spiritual heart.

But so many people are involved in such false tendencies!...

Even more adverse effects are possible when the lower dantian is proclaimed to be “the most important”.

One of the versions of this tendency came from China in the form of the erroneous variety of Qigong (“work with energy”). In this variety of Qigong, students — without any theoretical preparation and explanation of the ethical principles of the spiritual Path, including the ethics of nutrition — were taught to drive the energy of their lower unpurified chakras along their bodies...

I had an occasion to observe the results of these “classes”: the bodies of the practitioners became filled with energetic coarseness, and this created in the students the feeling that they were becoming more unshaken in conflict social situations...

However, the coarseness of the soul leads to hell...

On the contrary, subtlety, tenderness, and purity are the qualities that lead us to the Primordial One. Only the attainment of them guarantees paradise!

Great harm to people was also caused by the system that was created on the basis of the exercises that Juan Matus personally taught to Carlos Castaneda. They were called “Tensegrity”.

What is the cause of this? Could it be possible that great Don Juan could offer to people something harmful?

No. The cause must be seen in Castaneda.

He did not become a successful disciple of Nagual! He remained a “head” man, although it was expected from him that he would master the Path of Heart, i.e. he was supposed to become the spiritual heart and learn to live as such.

Trying to help him, Don Juan suggested the exercises that were intended to activate the “pole” that is opposite to the head. These exercises consisted in special movements that were accompanied by fast releases of energy from the lower chakras. These jerks were very unaesthetic and coarse.

Nevertheless, it seems that even these exercises did not help Castaneda.

It is important to note that these methods were intended only for a particular slowly progressing disciple, and not for all people. The victims of such widespread trainings acquired neurotic symptoms and the coarsening of the consciousness. This could not lead to any spiritual advancement.

... I repeat what I have stated many times: it is necessary to observe the correct sequence in teaching spiritual knowledge. First, it is essential to explain the fundamentals of spiritual philosophy, including ethical principles. Only after this (and on this background), one can start working with a psychoenergetical component of development. And it should be stressed that one needs to put emphasis on the development of the spiritual heart in this work.

... Taking this opportunity, I want to give a brief evaluation of what can be found in the books of Carlos Castaneda [18-25].

His great merit was that he tried to convey the methodological concept of Juan Matus to the readers as precisely as possible.

However, Castaneda also describes his participation in various — supposedly real — “miraculous” events. What was this? Was this a deliberate lie aimed to intrigue readers? Not exactly.

The fact is that while learning the art of meditation, the disciples tried to use the states that arise between wakefulness and sleep. In doing so, they naturally fell asleep sometimes and dreamed... They were taught to perceive those dreams as reality too, “a separate reality”. That is why Castaneda described the events taking place in his dreams as a reality, but some incompetent readers formed the opinion that all this took place on the material plane.

It is important to point out that by using the above mentioned method of “dreaming”, it is impossible to make any progress. The art of meditation has to be learnt in a completely different way.

Another cause of the distortion in the perception of Castaneda is the use of non-verbal suggestion by Juan Matus on Castaneda. Such sessions began with an unexpected slap with the hand on the back of a disciple (this was called “Nagual’s blow”), and then the disciple perceived different unreal events as a reality...

More details about the Teachings of Juan Matus can be found in the book [8] and about Carlos himself in [26].

... I once observed a doctor who grew for himself such a big belly that in order to make up a prescription, he had to move his hands above this heap of his belly so high that his elbows turned out to be at the level of his eyes... Thus he developed his lower dantian and really achieved “success” in this. He had a strong energy field of several meters in diameter around his belly, and this energy field could paralyze other people who found themselves inside it. He was evidently proud of this quality of his.

And only after his disembodiment, he will realize that his “efforts” have been false: he has not cognized God and will not cognize Him while being in such a state... He has not learned to love but only strengthened his “I” (or self)...

Those who cultivate their egocentrism — look pitiful from God’s perspective. It is so because they, by their own efforts, move themselves away from God, from the cognition of Him and Mergence with Him! They are wrong: another worldview is true! It is a worldview based on Godcentrism!

So, how can one start fighting one’s egocentrism? This can be done through care for the welfare of others and by moving gradually from the extreme dantians to the middle one.

Another method, which is even more effective, is to gradually master the state of “non-I” through the mechanism of “total reciprocity*”. This direction of the development can be considered as mastered when an individual “I” of the practitioner dissolves completely in the Turiya, Light or Fire states of God — and then there remains only His United We identical to His “I”.

The information about how one can begin such training is given in [9] and in our films.

... Another contemporary malicious perversion is so-called Neo-Advaita, in which the intellect is declared as an enemy of spiritual progress. Therefore, in this movement, means of its intentional destruction is used. Dementia is held in high esteem among the members of this movement...

But the truth is that we should not destroy the intellect but learn to control its activity. This is easily achieved through the development of the ability to move the consciousness into the chakra that needs to be activated in a given moment. To work with the spiritual heart and to transform oneself into the consciousness that is considerably free from the material world and that has not lost its adequate thinking is the right decision!


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