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and Work with the Pyramid

Development of the Lower �Bubble of Perception�
and Work with the Pyramid

Once one has mastered everything mentioned above, it is desirable to start working with the vertical segments of the body and with the elevation of Kundalini. It is also very important to master the methods of �dissolution of oneself�, which we have just discussed. This will prevent the development of pride and ensure progress in the Mergence with God.

After this, one can proceed to the active development of the lower �bubble of perception�.

To do this, one has to learn to exit as the spiritual heart from the anahata chakra backward into the subtlest layers of the multidimensional space. Why backward? Because, by looking forward, we got accustomed to perceiving the material plane, while by looking backward, we can easily learn to see subtle and the subtlest components of the non-material world.

The lower �bubble of perception� has to be first noticed within our �cocoons�. Then the main direction of its further development will be backward and backward-downward, necessarily inside the subtlest layers of the Absolute.

... I remember how we once learned to expand as the spiritual hearts downward in relation to our bodies.

Our Divine Teachers first showed us a bridge over a small river. This was a place of power. Here one could, while standing with a body on the bridge, feel oneself as a consciousness in a gentle stream of water and be in bliss inside it.

Then there was a pond. Here the consciousness �by itself� sank in the water; it was possible to learn to move in the depth of the pond and to approach the body, which stood on the shore, from below.

Then we submerged ourselves into the subtlest Luminous layers of our planet and filled them with ourselves as consciousnesses.

Then we penetrated into the core of the planet, in its multidimensional layer consisting of the Living Divine Fire. Through it, we found the passage to the Ocean of this Fire...

For the further development of the lower �bubble of perception�, it is necessary to use � over the course of a long time � a lot of meditative techniques. One of them is to fill with oneself (as a spiritual heart) the Mahadoubles of the Divine Teachers � the Holy Spirits. Another one is to become the �Sun of God� and to master such meditations as �Temple�, �Pyramid� and various versions of them. [9-10,29]

By the way, why were pyramids built in the old days? Of course, they could serve as a burial vault, landmarks, and places for meditation trainings. However, their main purpose is to preserve for centuries the symbol of a pyramid as something that can help a practitioner in the meditative aspect of his or her development on the Path of the spiritual growth.

Thoth-the-Atlantean, for example, advised to seek for the secret deep under the image of a pyramid [8]: �Seek and the doorway to the true Life shall be yours! Seek in My Pyramid, deep beneath it... Know that it is in the Pyramid I built that you shall find the secret way into the true Life.

I give you a hint. In order to accomplish this, one does not need to dig sand or ground under material pyramids, but one needs to find the Ocean of the Divine Fire under the form of a pyramid that was meditatively created and filled with oneself as a consciousness.

It can be mentioned that Elisabeth Haich, for example, grew through such trainings [27].

The progress in this can be made only if one has the developed arms of the consciousness � the arms of the spiritual heart, which are able to embrace, caress, and help by filling with the subtlest vital force. The arms that have been developed in such a way will allow one to move easily inside the layers of multidimensionality and among them. With the help of these arms, we can also exert influence on our own bodies. Thus we develop these arms and form a new complete �body of the consciousness�, which includes, among other components, everything valuable that has been accumulated in the upper �bubble�.

Another way of developing the arms of the spiritual heart is by soaring as a free consciousness in the form of a huge bird that has tremendous wings and that consists of living light or by swimming with the help of these arms inside the ocean of light...

We explained all this in detail in our books and films.

... Many years ago, on His working site, Sathya Sai showed us how He, with His Mahadouble, easily penetrates our material planet. And now we too can easily �fall through the Earth� and get into the Transparent Calm or into the Light and Fire states of God...

For this we express our deepest gratitude to Him and to our other Divine Teachers!


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