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and Divine Fire

The Abode of the Creator
and Divine Fire

Only when everything mentioned above is mastered, can we start speaking about the beginning of the new stage of development: the stage of flowing into the Primordial Consciousness and merging with It.

In this case, it should be taken into account that there exist different states of the Primordial Consciousness, which varies from the Transparent Calm in Its Abode — to white goldish Living Light and Divine Fire. Light and Fire Manifestations of God reflect the intensity of the activity of the Holy Spirits Who have come from Their common Abode.

We need to learn to be in all these states.

It is also possible to master the Mergence with God in the Aspect of the Absolute.

Additionally, one can try to transform the matter of one’s body into the non-material state in order to take the body with oneself and then resurrect it for some time in the world to help people evolving on the planet [8,28].

This was mastered only by a few of Those Who have achieved the Divinity and Who are now the Holy Spirits. But... why not try it? The Perfection has no limits!

Juan Matus told Carlos Castaneda about this. They spoke about the Fire from within [24], with the help of which one can achieve the dematerialization of one’s body.

This is the Divine Fire — the state of the maximum activity in which the Holy Spirits can be.

They say that it is necessary to learn to merge with Them in Their Fire state in order to be able to become this Fire by oneself later...

Afterwards — through long efforts — it will be possible to transform the matter of the body with this Fire to such a degree that it will become identical to the Divine Fire. Then everything will be easy...

But first it is necessary to learn to live among the Holy Spirits in the same way as we are accustomed to living among other people and other beings in the material world. By the way, from the moment one learns this, the decisions about the realization of important earthly affairs are made in the Unity with the Holy Spirits. I can assure you that this is quite achievable! All the latest books of Vladimir Antonov, which would be more correct to consider as the result of the collective work of the United We, are examples of this.


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