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Who Will Be Able to Cognize This?

In reality, only few people seek to develop, to perfect themselves... Therefore, this call is not directed to everyone.

Let us see that even among the “believers”, the vast majority does not seek in religion for the cognition of God and Mergence with Him in love but only for the protection against “the intrigues of the devil” and other evil spirits. Instead of continuously striving to become better (and, in fact, this is the main thing that God expects from us), they — in the place of personal efforts — are ready to pray and pray to everyone to whom it is a custom to pray, asking them to make efforts to “save” them!

(But what good does God receive from this infinite human tediousness?! It is not what He needs from us!)

These people believe that God exists for us, while the truth is opposite: we exist for God!

Such people will not be able to fully realize what is presented in this book, because they — self-centered — cannot understand God!

... It is a popular belief that one should not wash one’s body in the shower, because the streams of water can knock out hair follicles from the skin...

Another example of human stupidity that I observed is the following case: the wind suddenly blew during the long autumn rain, and there were those who said: “The wind blew, so now it will blow away the clouds as well!”. But the fact is that the wind has no function or capacity of blowing the clouds away!

I gave many other examples of human stupidity in books [5 and others]. Now I recall one of them: there are women in our country (Russia) who believe that by urinating after an intercourse, they surely prevent pregnancy... They did not understand at all that the urine flows from the bladder, and not from the womb!

And the majority of people of both sexes and all ages, which is especially noticeable in rural areas, cannot remember in any way that it is necessary to walk along the highway by its left side (in the conditions of our right-side traffic in Russia). They cannot do this, even though it is quite logical and even recorded in Traffic code...

One should understand the reason for the dominance of the stupidity among many people from the perspective of the evolution of souls. We have discussed this subject with many details in the book [16].

It is also worth mentioning that when one still has an undeveloped intellect, one lives mostly by imitating others. Why, for example, does drunkenness become a tradition? Why do people think that to drink vodka, disgusting by its taste and emetic, is their duty? It is because of this!

The same thing happens in the religious life. A striking example is the case of Moses. God gave him a commandment “You shall not kill!”, so that he could transmit it to people. But even Moses himself did not observe this order of God. “Not to kill? How is it possible when these people are dancing around an idol?! We killed everyone on our way for so many years, and now suddenly He says ‘You shall not kill!’!”...

By the way, this commandment implies to renounce killing animals as well.

In the same Jewish Bible (the Old Testament), the instructions of God on this matter are written: “… See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food!…” (Genesis 1:29). Then God explains: Eat all animate organisms, except for those in whose bodies you see blood (Genesis 9:1-4).

However, gluttonous and cruel people decided to outsmart God and pretended to understand Him in this way: the blood of animals is their souls, so it is necessary to let the blood come out of their bodies — and then we can eat them.

Quite material blood is a soul? How is it?

In my opinion, if an adult agrees with such a formulation, it is sign by which we can suspect that he or she has dementia. What do you think?

Such people cannot right now ascend to the heights of the spiritual Perfection, but they can, at least, try to free their destinies from painful obstacles. How? By memorizing and trying to follow some simple ethical principles of our life on the Earth.


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