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of Our Life on the Earth

About the Ethical Principles
of Our Life on the Earth

— Do not kill!

— Do not steal!

— Do not lie!

— Do not take revenge!

— Do not envy!

— Do not be jealous!

— Be punctual!

— Let us refrain from anger, irritation, and emotions of condemnation!

— Let us forgive offenses and injustices caused to us!

— Let us not wish evil even to bad people!

— Lao Tse left a record: “To good people I do good, to the unkind I also wish good!” [2,8,12]. This is true goodwill! Let us become those who really wish good to all beings, including animals and plants!

— Let us strive to help everyone in everything good!

— Let us not desire something for ourselves if this thing can cause harm to others!

— Let us treat others in a friendly way, with respect! Let us respect them!

— Modesty is a quality that is important for God!

— Let us reject the thoughts of our superiority over others!

— In the situations in which it is appropriate, let us be tender, gentle, and caring!

— One needs to take care of the welfare of another or others much more than of one’s own!

— It is necessary to get rid of violence, including such forms of it as tediousness (repetition of one’s requests or wishes), the imposition of the music that one likes to others, the imposition of one’s presence to others, whistling or humming some tunes unless you are specifically asked about this!

— Let us try to avoid reproaching others!

— Let us try not to upset anyone by anything!

— Let us strive to avoid any conflict, except for the cases when it is necessary to protect those who are unjustifiably offended! Let us pay attention to the fact that Jesus taught us — in regard to our relations with other people — to cultivate conflictlessness in ourselves! [2,8,10,14]

— Let us get rid of any rudeness in emotions, thoughts, words, and acts! Among other things, let us reject the use of rude words! It is important because by any one of our coarse states, we do not only cause harm to others but also move ourselves away from the Creator!

— Before acting, let us think about whether we can cause any harm to anyone by this!

— Not to cause any unjustifiable harm to anyone with our acts, words, thoughts, and emotions is one of the most important rules of a righteous life!

— Let us strive to feel as the participants of the universal Process of the Evolution — the Evolution of the Divine Consciousness! Let us, in any way we can, help this Consciousness in Its Evolution! Let us try to learn to live for It, and not for our own sake! Thus we gradually will replace our own egocentrism with Godcentrism.

— Let us be vigorous in useful activities, maintaining inner calm at the same time!

... It is necessary to study what Jesus, Lao Tse, Krishna, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, and other Great Teachers said on this subject [1-2,8-9,11-14,17,31-39 and others].


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