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Key of Immortality

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Chapter Eight. Key of Immortality

Chapter Eight.
Key of Immortality

Wake up, oh people, and turn your attention inward — to the Light of the Eternal Life. This Light lives in you!

Yes, It is hidden inside you, and you are free to discover this Inextinguishable Source of the Immortal Life! Planes-eons that surround you are present also within you as the multidimensional organism. So you can study the multidimensional nature of the universe at first in your own multidimensional organism.

… Do not look for the “valley of shadows”! Strive to reach the Light — and the Light will reveal Itself to you!

As soon as the Light fills you as a soul — the darkness will stop affecting your life, since the forces of darkness have no power where the Light reigns!

Even your body can become a torch or a lamp that indicates the Path to people!

Your body and you as a soul can become perfect, because the Creator designed human beings with the possibility for unlimited self-perfection! And you can achieve the Great Perfection through the Mergence with the Creator!

So the key of Immortality is yours! You can use it!

… I will tell you more about Immortality.

The Evolution of the Whole takes place through the life and development of numerous individual souls in the universe. I want to stress that the development of the souls takes place inside the Whole.

A soul lives for a long time! Through the death of its body — it starts a new life without a body. Then it is born again in a new body to keep developing itself on a new stage. This repeats again and again, and on each new stage the soul has the possibility to come closer to the Life in the Light.

Only those who desire darkness destroy themselves…

Yet right now we are interested, more than anything else, to talk about that awareness of oneself of which a human soul is capable.

To maintain the awareness of oneself after the death of the body was a dream of many. This ability can be developed if one learns to think with the intangible structures of the consciousness and not with a brain. Then such a consciousness will be able to think without a body as well and guard all the knowledge and experience accumulated during the life in a body.

… But I do not want to speak with you about this immortality.

In reality, not only refined consciousnesses but also those that are big and coarse are capable of maintaining such awareness after the death of their bodies. Yet you should know that coarseness is an obstacle to the true Immortality.

There is a great possibility of achieving this true Immortality when the soul has become great and subtle, similar to the Primordial Consciousness or the Creator! After the death of their bodies, such souls flow into the boundless Ocean of the Subtlest Consciousness and then can emanate from It, coming to the Creation. They are the true Possessors of the Immortality — Immortality obtained in the Mergence with the Creator!

Yes, each one of you, people, can become a master of life and death and grow as a soul up to your new Birth in the Creative Light! Those Who have achieved this and fulfilled Their predestinations in the bodies leave voluntarily these bodies when They consider necessary!

The Great Souls leave Their bodies just so, because They know the purpose of Their lives and the time to go to the Light when They have finished Their Missions on the Earth. In accordance with Their Own Will, which coincides with the Highest Will, They can leave Their bodies. They have power over the death of Their bodies as well as over Their lives.

… However, you can achieve even more! Being the Part of the Dweller of the Depths — you can use your material body as an instrument and focus for His Power.

… Each one of you is the master of your own destiny. You can voluntarily accept or reject the Path towards your Immortality, which is now open to you!

This Path is created to be difficult so that those who are weak and irresolute fall away. That is why, you should not bring to this Path those who are not wise, not clean, or are weak. By this you will cause harm both to you and to them!

There are three obstacles that not everyone can overcome: the first one is the lack of desire to acquire knowledge, the second one is the lack of love for God, and the third one is the inclination to evil.

In spite of everything, the worthy one, who strives for the Light, will overcome the Path, because the Representatives of the Light help such a person! They are the Masters of Life, Who have already achieved the Immortality and demonstrate the perfect Wisdom, comprehensive Love, and united Power!

… This Path to the Perfection is common —from the beginning of time and up to eternity!


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