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Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

Chapter One. Key of Freedom

Chapter Two. Key of Silence

Chapter Three. Key of Love

Chapter Four. Key of Work

Chapter Five. Key of Knowledge

Chapter Six. Key of Power

Chapter Seven. Key of Unity

Chapter Eight. Key of Immortality

Chapter Nine. Key of Fire



Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Lamp One: There Is One God — the Creator of Everything Existing in the “Manifested” Universe

Lamp Two: A Humans’ Place between the Creation and the Creator

Lamp Three: A Soul Comes to the Earth Many Times

Lamp Four: Ethics is the First Step of Purification

Lamp Five: Love is the State of God, So the One Who Walks the Path Approaches the Creator by the Steps of Love

Lamp Six: God-Man — This Is Possible!

Lamp Seven: Creativity Is a Way to Transform the Soul into the Creative Flame


Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt











Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

Elisabeth Haich

On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

Vladimir Antonov — Articles and Lectures

On Yoga

Faith — and Knowledge

Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!…

That Which Is Most Important in Our Lives

Buddhi Yoga (lecture)

The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at a place of power)

Recommended Literature



The commandments of the good must be carved on the tablet of the soul!

Only that person is rich whose wealth consists of a good character and wisdom! This wealth cannot be taken away by a thief, cannot run out in the old age or disappear with the death of the body! These riches grow with good deeds and remain with the soul in the immaterial worlds.

Modesty is one of the best adornments and virtues of a person!

It is not enough only to return good for good. It is necessary to do good always! And it is important to learn to understand what is good for every soul.

Those who cause harm exist in the darkness. Even when everything around is filled with the Light, those whose thoughts are full of anger cannot see It!

Destroy the emotion of anger in yourself! The one who hates brings the destruction to oneself and to others!

Remove evil thoughts from your mind!

Turn away from vicious people!

Avoid evil people but do not feel aversion to them! On the contrary, feel compassion, knowing how hard it will be for them to tilt the balance of their destinies with the acts of goodness…

Do not do those things that are inconsistent with the principle of love! Grow the flowers of love in your heart!

Do not treat any creature carelessly! Everything and everyone are here according to the Will of God! Every creature of His should be respected!

Everyone who wants to help other people to master an ethical way of life should be an example for them!

Whenever you become annoyed by the words of your interlocutor — you break the harmony, including your own.

Look for and correct your own weaknesses so that others do not have to criticize you!

Do not strive to criticize others! It will be very bad for you if you become a constantly irritated person who blames everyone! It is better to strive to see all the qualities of each person and support the best ones of them.


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