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Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

Chapter One. Key of Freedom

Chapter Two. Key of Silence

Chapter Three. Key of Love

Chapter Four. Key of Work

Chapter Five. Key of Knowledge

Chapter Six. Key of Power

Chapter Seven. Key of Unity

Chapter Eight. Key of Immortality

Chapter Nine. Key of Fire



Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Lamp One: There Is One God — the Creator of Everything Existing in the “Manifested” Universe

Lamp Two: A Humans’ Place between the Creation and the Creator

Lamp Three: A Soul Comes to the Earth Many Times

Lamp Four: Ethics is the First Step of Purification

Lamp Five: Love is the State of God, So the One Who Walks the Path Approaches the Creator by the Steps of Love

Lamp Six: God-Man — This Is Possible!

Lamp Seven: Creativity Is a Way to Transform the Soul into the Creative Flame


Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt











Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

Elisabeth Haich

On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

Vladimir Antonov — Articles and Lectures

On Yoga

Faith — and Knowledge

Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!…

That Which Is Most Important in Our Lives

Buddhi Yoga (lecture)

The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at a place of power)

Recommended Literature



From the union of a man and a woman, a child is born. But what body a soul will obtain is determined by God.

To each new body God sends quite a definite soul. Its destiny exists as an opportunity determined by the characteristics of this soul and its actions in its past lives.

One can change a lot in one’s own destiny, since the destiny is God's plan, devised on the basis of what will be the best for that soul, taking into account its past. Yet one by oneself writes the reality of one’s own destiny every day and right now.

When, if not right now, should you decide to start transforming yourself? When on the sky of your life the sunset comes close, you may not have enough time to do that which is most important!

Do not waste your time! This time of your life will never repeat! Each moment of your life has a purpose, and if you do not fulfill it, you leave your body being a debtor! Thus you accumulate in your destiny the debts of those things that should have been done, but they were not…

That which you call misfortune or fortune in your life is nothing but the consequences of your past.

If someone’s evil deed has not received the retribution, and someone’s good deed the award, do not think that God is blind! Everyone will reap the fruits of his or her actions in a certain time! Nothing remains unnoticed by God!

The evil will not touch the one who fulfills one’s purpose and who is a pure soul now and was like this in the past. Troubles will leave alone and will not chase that persistent traveler who strives for the Light!

The judgment of the soul is the examination of its life by God Who weighs on the scales of Justice all its good and evil acts. Thus the summary of the life of the soul on the Earth is obtained.

Everyone alone is responsible for himself or herself before the Face of God.

Disembodiment is not the death of a being, but the transition to a different life, to a different way of existence of the soul.

And it is possible to live the life on the Earth so that this transition will lead to the continuation of the life in the Light!


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