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Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

Chapter One. Key of Freedom

Chapter Two. Key of Silence

Chapter Three. Key of Love

Chapter Four. Key of Work

Chapter Five. Key of Knowledge

Chapter Six. Key of Power

Chapter Seven. Key of Unity

Chapter Eight. Key of Immortality

Chapter Nine. Key of Fire



Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Lamp One: There Is One God — the Creator of Everything Existing in the “Manifested” Universe

Lamp Two: A Humans’ Place between the Creation and the Creator

Lamp Three: A Soul Comes to the Earth Many Times

Lamp Four: Ethics is the First Step of Purification

Lamp Five: Love is the State of God, So the One Who Walks the Path Approaches the Creator by the Steps of Love

Lamp Six: God-Man — This Is Possible!

Lamp Seven: Creativity Is a Way to Transform the Soul into the Creative Flame


Knowledge from the Treasury of Ancient Egypt











Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

Elisabeth Haich

On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

Vladimir Antonov — Articles and Lectures

On Yoga

Faith — and Knowledge

Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!…

That Which Is Most Important in Our Lives

Buddhi Yoga (lecture)

The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at a place of power)

Recommended Literature



The first step to wisdom is the desire to cognize.

Vicious and yet undeveloped souls are indifferent to the knowledge. They live and die without ever awaking to a conscious life.

Knowledge is necessary for the development of wisdom in the soul. It is good to have diverse knowledge.

However, do not become proud of yourself for knowing a lot! Take into account the fact that you have become mature thanks to the knowledge obtained by others. Think back and see that your present knowledge does not belong only to you but to everyone. Give it to people, helping them by this!

Wisdom grows little by little.

As you develop yourself, you can touch deeper and deeper layers of knowledge and use it, manifesting greater and greater wisdom.

Wisdom is not given to you as a gift, but it is gained through your experience of learning and loving.

Wisdom can be obtained only by those who illuminate the accumulated knowledge with their heart love. It is so, because not the mind but the spiritual heart is the essence of every human.

Laziness leads to the destruction of your life power. Idleness will not bring you Freedom. It cannot give happiness to the soul but only fetters it with the chains of boredom… Your life power can be wasted if you do not know for what you live on the Earth…

You should learn to distinguish what is necessary, useless, and harmful in your life.

You can gain Freedom only through great work! You should always continue the work of God! You should work every day, creating the beautiful! Wisdom is cultivated through the acts of kindness!

And the success comes to those who know the timeliness of the actions.

The Will of God can be manifested through any person. Yet the one who knows God manifests His Higher Will quite consciously.

Speech should serve to tell the truth. Uttering idle words is a violation of harmony.

The speech full of peace and words of truth is the sign of a sage.

It is more useful to listen than to talk. The one who has learned to listen can develop the ability to hear God. The one who has learned to hear God receives the keys to the cognition of Him.

The one who has learned to hear God can speak from God.

The art of speech may be great! Words can not only carry the knowledge but also open for the listeners the Path to the Light.*

The one who knows the Power of God can put it into words. In this case, the listener who has already cognized the Higher “I” will understand this. The one who is still in ignorance but who is pure will feel the touch of Truth. And the one who gives oneself up to the darkness will run away…


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