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and a Human Being in It

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Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Lamp One: There Is One God � the Creator of Everything Existing in the �Manifested� Universe

Lamp Two: A Humans� Place between the Creation and the Creator

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Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

Elisabeth Haich

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Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It



Evolution of the Absolute
and a Human Being in It

The one who has not felt Living God has not lived as a human yet! The priests in Egypt called those who did not awaken the awareness of a soul �the living dead�. Those people were the slaves of their flesh, while their bodies lived on the Earth.

There are such people now as well�

And they continue similar sluggish lives after the death of their bodies�

But the predestination of every person is to cognize God, to develop the consciousness and to prepare himself or herself for the Mergence with the Divine Consciousness � the Creator, the Greatest Power, Which controls every part of the universe.

The Creator has created life here on the Earth just for this!

And people were created by Him so that every one of them can cognize the subtlest worlds and, refining and developing himself or herself further, become the Particle of the Primordial Consciousness.

The multidimensional universe is like a building consisting of many floors.

The same structure is inherent to a human organism.

And one is able to move inside the space of one�s own multidimensional organism with the concentration of oneself as a consciousness.

When the soul grows and develops itself consciously � it uses those �floors� for the cognition of the Whole. When a human organism is filled with supreme subtlety and power, such a person can permeate the whole multidimensional �building�, act inside it and grow in the subtlest �floors� of it, preparing to manifest the Divinity.

In other words, one can study the nature of the multidimensionality first within oneself and then cognize the Greatness and Beauty of the United Power, Which is present everywhere and governs everything.

Yes, a human contains a small particle of energies of the Absolute in his or her potential and can grow and choose in which energy state he or she wants to be. A human can consciously move from one of those �floors� of the Absolute to another and then cognize the Subtlest: the Creator, Who is the Primordial Basis of the Whole, the Basis living under everything in the depths of the multidimensional space.

This is how one develops oneself as a soul and determines the �floor� in which one will live in the future.

How does this happen?

ATTRACTION is the law of the Evolution that allows, among other things, the identical consciousnesses to merge one with another.

Every soul moves and lives, placing itself in the Light, darkness, or semidarkness. That state in which a soul is accustomed to abiding determines its eon-�floor� of the multidimensional universe.

And if you are filled with coarse emotions, it is as if a transparent vessel is filled with a heavy and obscure state: the soul has become heavy, coarse, and is attracted to that �floor� where everything is filled with the same state of consciousness.

But if tenderness and love shine in the soul � this brings it closer to the subtle and Divine worlds.

A human, as a soul, can develop the habit of living on a certain �floor� and will grow as the consciousness on that �floor�, whether it be hell, paradise, or the Abode of the Creator.

So, the possibility to live and grow on any of these �floors� is laid by the Creator in the soul.

Understand, oh people, that the cause of the Omnipresence and Omniscience of the Holy Spirit and the Creator is that They are everywhere and always!

God is here and now.

And He was and will be in the eternal length of time!

God is everywhere in the endless Creation: He � the Infinite Ocean of the Subtlest Consciousness-Light � is under every atom!

He is also present where you are now! His Boundless Ocean is always under every atom of your body!

Oh people, cognize His Omniscience and Omnipresence!

However, only that one can be allowed to enter the Abode of the Creator who strives to achieve this Mergence with all the soul and has developed oneself to a necessary degree.

A door to the Abode of the Creator is within you: in your subtle spiritual heart, full of Love and Light. Here that passage opens which connects the world of people with the Primordial world.

There, in the Vastness of the Light of the Creator, you can contemplate and cognize His Presence, merge with Him in the Embraces of Love and transform yourself into the Messenger of the Creator.

� From the transparent subtlety, from the depth, other �floors� of space are seen.

On the contrary, from the dirty, obscure and coarse �floors� � the subtle is invisible, imperceptible.

� These structures of an organism which allow one to cognize the universe inside oneself are given only to a human during his or her incarnations! The soul born in an animal body does not have all these possibilities for its development.

So, having received the right to be incarnated in a human body, people should not seek the life typical of animals!


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