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Keys to the Mysteries of Existence

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Chapter Two. Key of Silence

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Heritage of Atlantis in Hellas. Orphic Teachings

Lamp One: There Is One God — the Creator of Everything Existing in the “Manifested” Universe

Lamp Two: A Humans’ Place between the Creation and the Creator

Lamp Three: A Soul Comes to the Earth Many Times

Lamp Four: Ethics is the First Step of Purification

Lamp Five: Love is the State of God, So the One Who Walks the Path Approaches the Creator by the Steps of Love

Lamp Six: God-Man — This Is Possible!

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Evolution of the Absolute and a Human Being in It

Elisabeth Haich

On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

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Faith — and Knowledge

Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!…

That Which Is Most Important in Our Lives

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The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at a place of power)

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Elisabeth Haich

Elisabeth Haich

On the Importance of Spiritual Knowledge

With humility and deep gratitude, I accept the invitation of Thoth-the-Atlantean to participate in this book.

I also incarnated in Atlantis, but that incarnation was not significant: that time I still was too unready to accept the higher knowledge. Therefore, I have the right to consider Myself only a “former Atlantean” but not a Divine Atlantean…

I could reach the Light later, in the incarnation in ancient Egypt. Then I became a daughter of a real Divine Atlantean and Egyptian.

Later on I described that one and My next incarnations in My autobiographical book “Initiation”.

The last one of those incarnations took place in Europe in the 20th century. Then I dedicated Myself to preaching the higher knowledge of Atlantis to people of the modern world. I wanted to transmit this knowledge in a simple language, understandable to many. I spoke and continue speaking now about its universal character, and not only for all people of the Earth but for the entire universe.

* * *

I would like to begin with a few words about good and evil. Many people believe that the existence of evil in the world is the injustice that denies the existence of God! However, it is not so!

A choice between good and evil is a personal choice of the direction of life made by every person. And every person makes such a choice not only once in his or her life but every day, every hour.

Consciously or not, every person by himself or herself makes decisions, choosing the direction of his or her movement: to the Creator or away from Him. God does not compel anyone in such cases!

… The existence of the “manifested” world is based on the existence of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute. The Creation was manifested through the condensation of the Part of the Absolute by the Creator.

Yes, in the Absolute there is the subtlest Part — the United Primordial Consciousness, the Creator — and there is also the dense part — the matter.

And the existence of a dense stone in the Absolute is not evil! This stone is only an element of the material plane, created by the Creator.

That which is dense is also a part of the Absolute, a very low part, but it serves as a carrier for evolving life in the Creation. This is the fundamental meaning of existence of that which is dense!

Diverse representatives of the human filth also play their role in the universal process of the Evolution. I will not go into greater detail about this topic now, since Vladimir Antonov has written enough about this in his books.

I will better speak in this regard about another issue: a human soul must not become as dense as the matter! Unfortunately, this is what is happening now with a lot of people who consider themselves as nothing more than material bodies! And this leads to the coarsening of the consciousnesses, to the evolutionary decline, and to the movement — from an evolutionary standpoint — to the opposite direction with respect to God!

* * *

Plants and animals occupy their stages in the evolution of the souls. But man should not live the life of a plant or an animal, since the possibilities that he or she obtains thanks to the incarnation in a human body allow him or her to keep a much higher level of life!

Everyone who has received a human body at birth should strive to be worthy of being called human!

A human body is a unique structure that allows covering the distance between the state of “an ordinary person” and the state of God.

All high levels of the evolution of consciousness — up to the Mergence with the Creator — can be reached only in a human body!

It is really possible to cognize God and become merged with Him in all His Manifestations! A large number of Heroes have traversed this Path and proved with Their lives that it is possible!

* * *

As the soul grows in the process of its evolution, the important questions arise before it from a certain stage of its development. Then a person needs to realize what is he or she as a human and what is the meaning of life? “Who am I? Why am I here? What should I do?” — these are the questions that will inevitably arise before the soul that has become mature enough to think on this issue.

The true theoretical knowledge about God, man, and the meaning of our lives on the Earth can help such a person to understand it. Moreover, the sooner he or she will do this, the better! Let this knowledge be included in the educational curricula! It would be easy to design them on the basis of this and other similar books!

Later on, after becoming an adult, let everyone — through his or her own efforts on the spiritual development — start perceiving himself or herself as an evolving soul (and not just accept this truth with the mind).

A person should also analyze his or her qualities of the soul. Having comprehended how he or she is now, this person can start wishing to change, as he or she continues obtaining corresponding spiritual knowledge.

After all, the final predestination of man is to become the Supreme “I”, the United “We”, and he or she can achieve this through merging with the United Divine Consciousness!

Let Me explain: God — in the aspect of the Creator — is both One and Plural. He is the Totality of All Those Who have cognized Him. They exist in a single Abode — the primordial subtlest layer of the multidimensional space.

… This Path of self-transformation is long. On it, a traveler needs to cognize the laws of ethical purity and then make them “germinate” in his or her life, to expand and develop the spiritual heart, to learn to live inside it constantly, to master the control over the states of the consciousness and to do many other things.

The soul that on this Path has transformed itself into the great spiritual heart will continue its life under the direct Divine Guidance.

From some level of development, the time comes for a successfully evolving person to reunite with Kundalini. Through this, such a soul can unite all the best that was accumulated by it in its previous incarnations with that part of the consciousness which was incarnated in and fixed with a current body.

When you are working with Kundalini, you can, among other things, see both your past and your future in the stream of the Consciousness-Light flowing through your body. Besides, you can see the tasks that you need to fulfill and the possible situations that can help you to do this.

The experience of “awakening”, “unpacking” and directing Kundalini through the body is a very significant step on the spiritual Path. Through this, the spiritual seekers can, among other things, experience — for the first time and quite vividly — the mergence with their own Atmic energy. It gives them a reference subtle state in which they should learn to live. This is the subtlety inherent to the Creator.

Nevertheless, from the cognition of this manifestation of Atman to the Mergence with the Creator there is still a long Path. What allows the seekers to move forward? It is an undying aspiration to achieve the Unity in Love with Him — the Main Beloved and also the special meditative methods that provide the further development of the consciousness and ability to merge with another consciousness.

This stage of work cannot be considered completed until the Unity with the Creator becomes a natural state. Then the following steps of the self-development are revealed to the seeker…

* * *

There is an Indian word parampara. It means continuous direct sequence of transmission of knowledge from the embodied teachers to their embodied disciples in a particular spiritual school.

But the direct transmission of knowledge from non-incarnate or incarnate Divine Teachers to Their spiritual children, their successors, exists always. The Everlasting Teachings of God are revived again and again each time when every next successive soul develops itself to the Mergence with the Creator and then brings from Him the knowledge about God and the Path to Him to people. What was done by Vladimir Antonov is such a revival and disclosure for people of present time of the Universal Teachings of God.


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