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Key of Silence

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Chapter Two. Key of Silence

Chapter Two.
Key of Silence

Listen to what I will say and remember!

The Messengers of Light live among people to avoid the knowledge of the Truth being lost!

I know the full Path of the soul: from a human being — to God!

And everyone should know that it is possible for him or her to accomplish this as well! This is the meaning of life in the body: to develop the individual consciousness up to the Divinity!

Everything created serves this goal! Each “drop of life” — the soul — should grow, becoming more and more complex in its development and striving for the Mergence with the Supreme Consciousness!

God — in the Aspect of the Creator — is the Boundless Ocean of the Eternal and Subtlest Consciousness, by Whom everything was created and is controlled in the universe.

The Earth is a small planet in the boundless space… The cosmos is full of life… So let every star in the sky remind you about the eternal and infinite spaciousness in which God creates everything!

Let our golden star — the Sun — also remind you about the Creative Power of God!

… When I do not speak — listen to My silence! And when I speak — hark to my words and thoughts!

Saturate and fill yourself with My states!

Listen to the silence! I give you the key to the Silence! Listen!

… Eternity… — it is also possible to listen to it! Eternity does not have small superficial sounds. Eternity is the silence… This is the length of time from minus infinity to plus infinity… And at each point of this infinity there exists a moment “now”, in which there is the profound silence of eternity…

Sounds come and go in the river of time… But the silence always exists! This is the silence of the universe, the silence of God!

Listen! Become filled with this silence! Become filled with it so that all the superficial and unnecessary will be displaced!…

And then you will be able to fill this silence with yourself!

Inside this silence — you may learn wisdom. Thanks to this, you will be able to distinguish between the important and the unimportant.

By learning to listen to the silence, you will be able to see from the Depths, since this silence fills My Depths too.

And from there, from My Peace, the essence of the Whole is visible.

The ability to listen to the silence is developed through the immersion into the center of yourself — into the spiritual heart. There are three chakras above and three chakras below; and in the chest, in the cavity of the chakra anahata, there is the most important part of the human organism. A door can be found in its depth that opens to the Divine Love and to My Calm!

But for this door to be opened — the same level of subtlety of the consciousnesses should exist on both sides of this door.

Fill your spiritual heart with peace — and only then — in the infinity of silence — you will find this door.

And if you fill your spiritual heart with the fire of love for the Creator — the door to the Divine Flame of His Love will be opened for you!

On the contrary, if there is only dull and gray twilight of the indifference in the cavity of your chakra anahata — then the door to the worlds of Light cannot be opened…

… Learn to be in silence among people as well!

The idle talks of a person who has not mastered the silence impede the progress of this person and of others on this Path!

Avoid unnecessary words: do not burden with them the minds of your interlocutors!

Avoid the idle talks of other people in order to maintain the purity of silence in yourself!

Verbosity brings nothing good! The excess of speeches results only in confusion!

Let the silence be illuminated only with the words of wisdom, given to you or to others by you!

Only the one who has cognized the mergence with the silence obtains a great benefit: freedom from idle talks of the mind!

Through silence — you open for yourself the Path of heart and wisdom!


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