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That Which Is Most Important in Our Lives

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That Which Is Most Important in Our Lives

That Which Is Most Important
in Our Lives

What — objectively — is most important in the life of every person on the Earth? It is the understanding, from the philosophical standpoint, of the meaning of one’s own life and the ways of its realization. Without knowing this fundamental aspect of our existence, one cannot form a correct worldview and, therefore, plan strategically one’s own life! Even a correct choice in every ethically significant situation depends on the understanding of the structure of the universe and of the reasons for our existence in it and our tasks in it — both in the aspect of personal development and in relation to one’s own role in the life of the society.

If all people had this knowledge, their life would be much more harmonious, in both the personal and social aspects. It would reduce significantly a number of selfish and aggressive actions, as well as the cases of drug addiction; the health of people would be much better! And the destinies of many nations and countries would change significantly: these destinies, too, depend on the attitude of the Creator towards the ethics of nations on our planet.

One could expect to find clear answers and explanations on this subject in mass religious movements, but this is not the case. And without such basic knowledge, religious views unavoidably become deficient and even wrong!

What kind of help can the followers of such religious movements receive from their “pastors”? Are these people just entrapped by their “teachers”, who are selfish and lying or simply intellectually undeveloped?

Everyone can ask himself or herself now: do the leaders of my religious organization possess such knowledge? And some people may realize that they belong to a sect, i.e. to a religious association whose views separated and deviated from the truth…

In such sects, “pastors” give various absurd answers to the question discussed here.

For example, they can answer evasively, but with authoritative voices, that God will judge us according to our deeds: He will send some of us to paradise and others to hell. But let us think: does it make sense to create the entire material world and all people for the sake of such a meaningless goal? Why would He need this?

They may also say that we, people, are not supposed to know what God alone can know…

In literature, there is an opinion that the Creator was bored being alone… And thus, out of boredom, He decided to amuse Himself in this way… The author of this idea — in general, a reasonable man — unfortunately knew nothing about the Creator…

… Yet there is a true answer to this question. The Creator Himself gave it through His Messengers-Messiahs sent to the Earth.

The answer consists in the following: The infinite in space and time Universal Consciousness, Which abides in the subtlest stratum (spatial dimension, eon, loka) of the multidimensional universe and is called the Creator, God-the-Father, the Primordial Consciousness, and by other different names in different human languages — this Consciousness constantly develops, that is, evolves. And we, souls (individual consciousnesses) incarnated in material bodies, have to be the main elements of this Evolutionary Process. Namely, we, fulfilling the Will of the Creator, given to us, in particular, through the commandments of Jesus Christ, have to strive to become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5:48). If we fulfill this — with His help and due to our own efforts — we flow into Him enriching Him with ourselves. It is thanks to this absorption of individual human consciousnesses, which achieved the Perfection, that His Evolution goes on!

This is why, He is interested in the spiritual growth of every one of us. This is why, He treats us as His Children.

And the wellbeing of every one of us depends, first of all, on our love for Him. This love has to be manifested both in the emotions of love directed to Him and in our efforts on self-development and service to Him.

Thus it should be clear that a real service to God consists not in reading prayers and doing certain bodily movements, but it consists in helping other incarnate beings in their advancement towards our common Goal. “Help everyone in everything good!” — let this motto become a credo (main principle of life) for every one of us!

This subject is described in detail in our books and educational films that are presented on our web sites. The author of this article dedicated decades of his life as a scientist-biologist to studying this problem and extended the biological research to the non-incarnate forms of life. His work and the work of his colleagues resulted in the creation of a comprehensive picture of the structure of the multidimensional Absolute, in understanding the essence of God, man, and other beings, and also in the description of methods for the cognition of the Creator. Thus a new branch of modern science was born — methodology of spiritual development. This branch includes general theoretical knowledge, principles of ethical self-correction, a system of psychical self-regulation, and further stages of development of consciousness through meditative training.

Today you can use this knowledge — as much as you consider it necessary on the current stage of your life.

And help others in this!


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