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(Lecture given at a place of power)

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The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at a place of power)

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The Lower “i” and the Higher “I” (Lecture given at a place of power)

The Lower “i” and the Higher “I”
(Lecture given at a place of power)

What is “I”? Now it does not matter — what “I”: lower or higher.

“I” is the subject of self-awareness, self-feeling. The feeling of what and of whom? Of oneself as a consciousness, which is a special kind of energy capable of self-awareness.

A consciousness is a soul. And a consciousness is a person himself or herself as well, whereas our bodies are only our temporary homes, whose purpose is to help us in our evolutionary progress.

At times someone asks: “Why is it not possible to evolve without incarnating into these bodies? That would be, probably, much easier!”

But, no. A body with its digestion and other biological processes is, among other things, a converter of energy. It is designed so that the energy from food we eat can be converted into the energy of the consciousness, and this ensures its growth.

And the growth of an individual consciousness is the principal part of the Common Evolutionary Process taking place in the universe.

We should try to perceive ourselves as its participants and see our roles and responsibility before our common Creator for all our decisions and actions.

Where does the consciousness (soul) reside in the body of an “ordinary” person? Most commonly, it resides in the head. And the ajna chakra, located in the center of the head, creates the sense of “I”.

The application of the methods of spiritual work to oneself gives the possibility of rapid qualitative transformation and quantitative growth of the consciousness.

And the consciousness, transformed and grown in this way, soon becomes capable of an existence that is relatively independent from its body and learns to move from one material object to another, as well as inside the intangible spatial dimensions (eons, lokas), thus mastering the entire scale of the multidimensionality of the Absolute.

It is important not only to master this on special places of power like this one, but also to understand theoretically what happens in such cases in order to assimilate this well and avoid different “failures” in the future.

So, let us try the following:

“Now I can perceive myself as my material body.

And then I can perceive myself as the spiritual heart, which also has the arms of consciousness, all over the expanse above the sea, covering in this way a distance of many miles!…”

Then we should understand that if I perceive myself somewhere — it means I am there! I stretch my arms of consciousness to that place, for tens of kilometers, and move myself there (myself as the spiritual heart, which habitually exists between the arms). And if I have done this, it means that now I am the expanded consciousness that exists there. Moreover, I can look from that place in the direction of our bodies standing on the beach. And now let each one of us realize where I am!

It is necessary to accept this fact with the mind: I am in that place where I experience myself! We need to forget that “I am a material body”!

Moreover, to achieve success on the Path of the spiritual development, the material body should be free from all unnecessary bioenergies! It should become completely pure, transparent!

First, we purified the chakras and the meridians of the “microcosmic orbit”, then the middle meridians. Now let us use all other methods known to us of purification. As a result, the body will become transparent and invisible for ourselves…

In whatever eon we would stay — we should not feel the body, nor see it. It should be transparent, invisible. Only from such a body, we, as consciousnesses, can penetrate into the subtlest eons in order to meet there with the Holy Spirits and the Creator!

* * *

Now let us sum up: what is the difference between the lower “i” — and the Higher “I”?

The lower “i”, as we have discussed, “nests” in the chakra ajna.

The Higher “I” is the Primordial Consciousness and the Consciousnesses of the Holy Spirits and Messiahs coessential with the Primordial Consciousness.

We can cognize the Higher “I” and flow into It only through becoming similar to It by the level of subtlety and of intellectual, ethical, and power development.

“Enlightenment” means the transformation of a consciousness into the Divine Light, since the Divine Consciousnesses are actually perceived as the subtlest and most tender Living Light.

The Path of Yoga, in general, including its highest stage called Buddhi Yoga, is the development from the state of the lower “i” to the state of the Higher “I”.

The term buddhi is used to denominate such a developing consciousness. So, at the beginning it was jiva: a little incarnate soul, placed into the body and fixed to it for some time. Instead of it, each one of us should transform himself or herself into buddhi: a consciousness that grows outside the material body in the subtle eons. And then — with the help of the methods of Buddhi Yoga — it can be grown to the state of the Higher “I”, Which is also called Atman. Afterwards, Atman should merge with Paramatman (i.e., the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator). For this, there exist the appropriate methods as well.

We should direct the process of our growth according to three parameters. The first one is the refinement. The second one is size. And the third one is the understanding of the Path and of my own place on it, including the stage on which I stand at this moment.

Additionally, the great and developed to the Divine level of subtlety individual Consciousness should learn to merge with the Consciousnesses of the Highest Divine eons, flowing into Them.

In this way, the main commandment of the New Testament, the commandment given to us by Jesus Christ, is realized: “Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect!” (Matt 5:48). That means we should become identical — by the quality of the souls — to the Creator. Yes, Jesus literally offered us to become identical to God-the-Father! And it is quite feasible to do — under the guidance of Divine Teachers — for the soul that was already prepared.

Nevertheless, we need to remember that the process of self-perfecting does not begin from the growth of consciousness but from ethical purification.

* * *

Psychology is the science about the soul. Therefore, the main task of psychology should be the art of the development of a soul. And this is what we are doing now. This should be the basic knowledge of psychology!

Moreover, it is clear that psychology cannot be materialistic, atheistic. It is not possible by its very definition.

… So, on this wonderful place of power, a working site of Divine Sarkar, we can cleanse chakras, meridians, bodies and “cocoons” and make them transparent.

Juan Matus spoke about “burning the emanations inside the cocoons”. “Burning” implies the use of fire. And here, on this place, it is optimal to do this, merging with Sarkar and using His Divine Fire.

And let nothing remain in our bodies but the Divine Fire! Our ultimate goal is to make our bodies completely Divine! As a result, we should master the ability to dematerialize our bodies and then materialize them where necessary.

One of our Divine Teachers told us that He considers the dematerialization of a body as the highest achievement of a person. And we know the examples of such achievements.

* * *

There is such a thing as a vector of the scale of multidimensionality. Where can one find it?

It goes like this through the expanded anahata.

On that end of it, it is possible to find the increasing black density; let us feel there the border with hell. (But do not enter there: you will make yourself very dirty! Yet it is very useful to know the border of this dark eon!)

If you pass, following this vector, to its opposite end — you may find your Atman.

… Our bodies in their totality exist in one spatial dimension — eon of prakriti (or of matter). But the term organism is not identical to the term body. Our organisms are multidimensional structures, i.e. they are present in several eons simultaneously. However, an “ordinary” person lives only in one eon; he or she does not fill others eons with himself or herself as the consciousness, so these eons exist only as his or her potential.

We also should take into account that our multidimensional organisms are much larger in their volume than our material bodies. These organisms are of different sizes among different people and include, among others structures, the “reservoirs” with Atmic energy called Kundalini; we have already talked about this earlier.

Each person has an opportunity to move — passively or actively — with the main part of consciousness into paradise or hell eons. It depends on the state of consciousness to which we have accustomed ourselves during life in our bodies: to subtle, gentle, and caring love — or to coarse states such as irritation, hatred, and so on.

The methods of Buddhi Yoga allow us to master actively the eons of the Holy Spirit and the Primordial Consciousness.

In the book Ecopsychology, we have published the scheme for studying the structure of the Absolute. It shows exactly what I am talking about: the structure of the multidimensional human organism, which can be fully mastered.

There are two related terms: microcosm — and macrocosm. The first term means the multidimensional conglomeration of a human organism, examined by us right now. It is like a miniature model of the multidimensional macrocosm-Absolute. Having mastered the microcosm, we can easily find our place in the corresponding part of the Absolute.

By the way we live on the Earth, we actually choose in what spatial dimension we will live after abandoning our material bodies: in hell, in paradise, in the Abode of the Creator, etc.

We can find a vector of the scale of multidimensionality inside the microcosm. It crosses the eons in which we have already learned to live and also the unexplored ones.

I will repeat once again the same thought: each one of us is like a building of seven floors, but multidimensional. These “floors” are the multidimensional layers. Each one of us is the “Absolute in miniature” inside the total Absolute. And we, having developed ourselves, can move at will from one “floor” to another, stay for a long time in some of them, and grow there. In this way, we will continue to exist after the separation from our bodies in those eons.

It is clear that it makes sense for us to explore our own “seven-storey” construction, putting the special emphasis on the “floors” “inhabited” by the Divine Consciousness.

Additionally, it is useful to know that out of the coarse layers of multidimensionality, it is not possible to see what is happening in more subtle layers. On the contrary, from subtle layers, we can easily see denser layers and everything that happens in them. That is how the Creator and the Holy Spirits see and hold under their control all that happens in the denser layers of the Absolute. They see it and can control the events taking place there if they want to. Each soul is seen by God without any limitation; it is not possible to hide somewhere from Him. And every One of the Holy Spirits has an infinite number of Arms, with which He or She can easily control all less developed creatures.

This is how the Divine Teachers join in different situations those souls that have to influence each other’s development. Thus, among other ways, the righteous people meet with villains, the Saints with the sinners, one future spouse with another, people with animals, etc.

Among other things, the Holy Spirits control the process of incarnation of the souls into those bodies that will be the most suitable for their further evolution.

* * *

Mastering all this here and now, at this place of power, we can quite easily learn to stretch our arms of love at any distance from the spiritual hearts, hold on our palms different embodied beings and fill their bodies with the power of Love.

In Hinduism, there is a cult image of many-armed Shiva. This image shows the reality of what I am talking about. However, now we can already create even a greater number of our arms of Love!

This is how the Holy Spirits act.

The same method of working with the arms of the developed spiritual heart allows us to enter easily the Abode of the Creator. For this, we should move both the arms of consciousness to it, and then the spiritual heart, which the soul consists of, will move easily to the space between these arms…

Through the same mechanism, we fill with ourselves everything permeated with our arms. Thus we start transforming ourselves into the Absolute… Let us perceive how the countless Arms of the Creator, the United We, permeate the whole Creation…

… So now we know how to realize our coessentiality with the Primordial Consciousness and with the entire Absolute. It was easy to experience on this place of power, yet now we have to master this state in everyday life, on other places as well.

Our main task here was to find out how it can be done. In fact, no matter how many times someone says: “Become the Primordial Consciousness!”, “Be the Absolute!” — this does not help if one does not know how. Now I have explained to you in general how this can be done.


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