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Key of Knowledge

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Chapter Five. Key of Knowledge

Chapter Five.
Key of Knowledge

That one is worthy of receiving the key to the treasures of Wisdom who has cleansed oneself and is ready for the great work on the transformation of the soul into the Infinite Divine Light.

One should desire to achieve Wisdom! Let one look for the joy only in the search of the Truth!

Evolving souls uniquely can gain Wisdom. For this they should become great and pure. In this case, the Light of Wisdom will shine from them for others.

… One can never be truly free without knowledge!

Only the one who becomes worthy of the great knowledge obtains it.

Wake up, oh people, and seek after Wisdom!

The Path is free and opened only for the sages, since they have already cleansed themselves as souls and cognized the laws that allow them to enter the Light! They did it by their own will! No one could have done this instead of them! Only one by oneself can overcome one’s own emotional chaos and eliminate disorder within the soul!

Make efforts to transform yourself on your life path so that your life does not pass vainly in darkness and chaos!

Strive to become the Light only, destroying darkness in yourself!

Direct your mind to the perception of the Oneness of everything existing!

Do not cause unjustified harm to any creature!

Does fear keep you in bondage? Direct your path towards the Light — and you will forget about the fear!

Fear not, for the Light is your potential essence! And the knowledge is your legacy that came to you from those who had traveled to the Light before you!

You should know that knowledge can be gained only through practice. What you have seen and heard becomes knowledge only through the experience of the soul. The knowledge obtained in this way belongs to you, and Wisdom grows out of such knowledge!

Wisdom of the soul will not be separated from it upon the death of its body! You will be born again in a new body possessing the abilities and wisdom developed in your previous incarnations.

The Great Masters live Their lives being unknown to the majority of people, but it is hard to overestimate the significance of what They do! They again and again give people of the Earth the Eternal Teachings of God, introducing the sparks of the sacred knowledge into the minds and actions of embodied people. Sometimes They even put on human bodies to make the purity of knowledge sound again before it will be forgotten or distorted by people…

The consciousness of an average person is limited in size. But the Consciousnesses of the Great Masters are infinite and composed of Light That is One with the Creator! They shine like the Lamps of Truth among people.

Different civilizations arise and fall. New waves of souls appear and flow, rising and falling…

Each rise and fall of the civilizations contributes to the growth of the souls…

Yet Those Souls That have cognized the Primordial Light do not fall together with the falling wave. They become Lighthouses for the rest of people on the Path into the Light.

Many times the waves of the development of people rose on the Earth. These waves moved from the states slightly higher than an average animal level — to the level of People of Truth.

Every time the Primordial One reaps His harvest. Then He ploughs up a new field and sows the seeds for His next harvest.

Do not blame a person who does not go to the Light because of his or her blindness! Each seed has its own term to begin to germinate! And not everyone can accept the knowledge quickly.

Be like the Sun that warms a ploughed field and then fills the fruits with sweetness!

Not all seeds will germinate. Not every plant bears fruit… The sage knows that this is the norm in the Evolution of the Whole.

But you should serve to the Revival of Wisdom on the Earth!

Each One Who has cognized Wisdom must make the lighted Lamp of Knowledge for the descendants!

… One should come closer to the Primordial Light! But this is impossible without the purification of the soul from the ethical flaws. Those who have the courage to start the Path to the Light should know that the Dweller of the Depths does not admit unworthy people to the Light: first they should clean all impurities and coarseness in themselves!

You should be aware that any vice of yours is your denial of the Light of the Creator inside you, while love is the basis for the formation and development of the Divine qualities. This is the key to the acquisition of Wisdom.

I, Thoth-the-Atlantean, will take in My Arms and guide through the steps of the acquisition of Wisdom the one who has cleansed oneself and become worthy!

Anyone who is looking for the Divine Wisdom is dear to Me!

But only you yourself — with your own efforts — can grow from the darkness to the Light! Our help is nothing but signs on your Path!

Cleanse the space of your mind and nourish yourself with the Supreme Wisdom!

You can pass the Path from a little particle of the Creation, limited by the size of the body, to the Master of Life, Who is consubstantial with the Primordial Light and lives in the Unity with the Whole!


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