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"Dialogues with Pythagoras"

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Dialogues with Pythagoras

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov
and with his commentary

Translated into English by Anton Teplyy and
Vladimir Antonov

Corrector of the English translation � Hiero Nani

� Anna Zubkova, Vladimir Antonov, 2012

Pythagoras is one of the Messiahs Who worked to provide spiritual help to incarnate people in the Mediterranean (see details in [5]). His main service to humanity was not in His mathematical investigations, known to all high school students now, but in the fact that He had created the perfect spiritual School, and the educational principles laid by Him as the base of teaching in this School should serve as a standard for all future human generations on the Earth.

Now Pythagoras continues His Divine Service as the Holy Spirit � the Representative of the Creator.

The materials published here will be valuable both for those who just want to start developing themselves and for those who have already passed a significant part of the spiritual Path.


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