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Comment: Where Can We Find God?

Vladimir Antonov (Ph.D. in biology)

God doesn�t exist only on icons, in statues, or in the ancient books and prophecies. But He is always everywhere, being the constant Witness and Participant in the life of each one of us. I am talking now about God in the aspect of the Holy Spirit, first of all (or, more precisely, the Holy Spirits).

Moreover, we � both as souls and bodies � are particles of God in the aspect of the Absolute.

The Absolute is multidimensional. The main Part of It, also called the Primordial Consciousness, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, or the Heart of the Absolute � is the Creator, Who abides in the highest, subtlest spatial dimension.

�God is Love� � this phrase is related to the Creator, to the Holy Spirit, and to the incarnate Representatives of the Creator.

The Holy Spirits are the non-embodied Representatives of the Creator. In the past They were incarnate people, spiritual seekers, who evolved positively and reached the state of Oneness with Him � and now come out of Him in order to help embodied beings.

The Path to the cognition of the Creator in His Abode and Mergence with Him includes the development of oneself as a spiritual heart and refinement of the consciousness through the methods of psychical self-regulation, art, and ecopsychology.

The Absolute is evolving. This process is realized through the development of individual souls formed by the Creator. Developing positively, souls attain the Perfection and merge with the Creator in His Abode, enriching Him in this way.

However, by using the �free will�* given to us by God, many souls choose the path of coarsening themselves through evil actions and corresponding emotions, and they are expelled to the �outer darkness�, that is, to hell.

In this way, each one of us � incarnate people living on the Earth � has a possibility to choose a future habitat for oneself in one of the spatial dimensions, among which are the Abode of the Creator, paradise, and hell.

Pythagoras once elegantly expressed this thought through the following words: �Love creates babies consisting of the Light! Souls that have found Love please the Heavenly Father and gradually become One with Him!� In this phrase, there is something to think about for everyone�

Those Who achieved the Mergence with the Creator in His Abode get the opportunity to continue Their development inside the Whole, that is, inside the Absolute. Yet They always remain, with a huge part of themselves as Souls, in the eternal Unity with the Creator.

The meaning of our lives on the Earth is to fulfill this completely or, at least, to try to pass as large a part of the Path to our common Goal as possible.

In conclusion, here is another wise allegory said by Pythagoras in response to a question of His disciple. The latter asked: �What should I do to maintain the feeling of happiness in life?� Pythagoras replied: �The Sun of Happiness rises in the inner sky!�

Now it should be clear for the reader how important it is to develop ourselves as spiritual hearts, and not only for the spiritual advancement, but simply for a normal existence in this body.

To get more details about all this, you can read, watch, and listen to the following material: recommended literature.


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