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Kundalini is our personal reservoir of Atmic energy that we accumulate in all the best moments of all incarnations. Raising and awakening of kundalini is one of the important stages of the Highest Yoga. Atmic energy kundalini — the best part of a man accumulated in all his previous incarnations. Our bodies are "factories" for transforming "material" energies into the energy of consciousness. Kundalini is contained outside of the body. Only God can bring kundalini close to the body of a spiritual seeker.

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Work with kundalini

It turns out that very time a man incarnates into the next body, not the entire soul gets embodied, but only that part of it that requires correction and improvement. But God saves the best of it, i.e. something that has been nurtured against the background of emotion of true tenderest love, in this ´┐Żmoney-box´┐Ż. Nonetheless, kundalini still remains a part of the human organism and takes part in its life.

Ordinary material food that we eat is used by the organism for growth and renewal of cells of the body, but it also provides: a) the energy for muscles, nervous system and glands activity and other needs of the body, b) the energy, stored in the organism in the form of special bio-chemical links on the molecular level, c) energy for chakras and other energetic structures, and d) energy for direct growth of consciousness.

Therefore both qualitative and quantitative growth of an individual consciousness is ensured on one hand by the quality and quantity of material food and on the other hand by intensity and quality of life (spiritual or non-spiritual, in the true meaning of these words).

At the ´┐Żend of the world´┐Ż all kundalinis get infused into the Consciousness of the Creator. But the souls that failed to unite with Atman by that time get disintegrated to the protopurusha state.

Let us get back to the transformation of energy once again. Our bodies are ´┐Żfactories´┐Ż, where transformation of ´┐Żmaterial´┐Ż energies into the energy of consciousness takes place. But the quality of growing consciousness primarily depends on what emotions we live in: subtle and the subtlest — as opposed to ´┐Żgray´┐Ż or ´┐Żblack´┐Ż (coarse) ones.

As we can see from the above said, The Creator ´┐Żgrows´┐Ż and evolves thanks to the transformation of material food in our bodies, which was created by Him from akasha, into Atmic energy, which He then ´┐Żinfuses´┐Ż into Himself. From this the role of ´┐Żcreation of the worlds´┐Ż and the place of all living beings, including us, people, in His Evolution become clear once and for all.

So, if we love God — let us take an active part in this process. And, as we can see, it is reasonable to express love to God not by begging something in front of the icons, but by increasing our Atmic potentials through living actively in emotional love.

...Kundalini resources of people differ... They depend on the number and quality of lives, we have already lived, as well as on how we live in this one.

Our kundalinis usually exist in the world of akasha inside the body of our planet.

Echoes of the knowledge about kundalini gave birth to the myths that every person has a sister-soul, meeting which is what everyone dreams about.

Kundalini is connected to the body of each man with a special energetic canal that enters the body at the front part of the muladhara chakra. Kundalini participates in the organism activity in various ways, including replenishment of the embodied part of consciousness. The greater kundalini a man has, the richer his spiritual potential and his spiritual expressions are.

But, being Divine (identical to the energy of the Creator by its quality), the energy of kundalini is still individualized. It is like a drop, not merged yet with the Ocean of Primordial Consciousness.

When a man matures in the range of incarnations up to the stage, when his current incarnation can become his last one and when all defects of the incarnated part of consciousness are eliminated — then comes the time when the kundalini may be brought up to the body, raised through it and merged with the remaining part of the consciousness. After that one should infuse with one´┐Żs kundalini into the Paramatman (i.e. into the ´┐ŻHighest Atman´┐Ż, into the Ocean of Universal Primordial Consciousness of the Creator in His Abode).

* * *

Only Divine Teacher can take the kundalini of the worthy spiritual devotee to his body. Any attempts to do this on one´┐Żs own cannot be successful. But the worthy spiritual devotees need this information so that they could know what will happen to them at the corresponding point in time — and collaborate with God in this.

Kundalini that has been ´┐Żpulled up´┐Ż to the body gets locked to it subsequently. The fastening mechanism is an interesting energetic structure, which is known under the name ´┐ŻShiva-lingam´┐Ż. It really has an impressive phallic shape. It enters the body through the muladhara chakra, occupies the entire diameter of the body and gradually advances towards the head. When its glans enters the head of the body — the ´┐Żfastening of the lock´┐Ż takes place; after this, kundalini is locked to the body.

Shiva-lingam consists of the subtlest Atmic energy, it is perceived as Light and Tenderness. This Light purifies the body, preparing it for subsequent rising of the whole kundalini through it. Interaction of consciousness with Shiva-lingam inside one´┐Żs own body grants one feeling of a subtlest bliss. This is a verily Divine sex!...

...It is interesting to see what this sacred knowledge has been reduced to by people, who are far from realization of the above said yet, who still act only with their bodies and not with their minds or with consciousness, who understand religion only as performing ritual bodily movements. So, in Shivaism they started to figure Shiva-lingam as pimples on stands — and to worship them, smear them with incense and paint them in ritual colors. This is an example of simplification of the highest truths by ignoramuses, which bring them down to their low level of understanding! This is an illustration of one of the mechanisms of forming of sectarian ideologies!

When I found out that a group of people, whom I knew and who were interested in Shivaistic rituals, had started to take part in worshipping a pimple lingam like that, I was joking that if they did not stop this I would show them the real lingam! They were smiling, not understanding me. But then I formed a lingam as large as a radius of Earth out of energy of my consciousness, attuned to the Divine Fire, — and they ´┐Żbathed´┐Ż in the bliss of the lingam placing their bodies into it.

I want to emphasize that this kind of information is not erotic fantasies of the author, but the facts, independently observed by all people, regardless of their sex, who have successfully completed the described stages of spiritual work.

...What is the meaning of this Divine plan — to approve the sexual form in the Divine parts of human consciousness? Did He want to emphasize by this a great importance of spiritual sexuality for correct development of people?

Let me draw your attention to the fact that Krishna not only had wives and children, but also talked about relationships of Ishvara (God-the-Father) and Brahman in sexual terms, as well as emphasized the Divine nature of ´┐Żsexual power´┐Ż in all beings [10].

Sathya Sai Baba also blesses marital relationships.

Babaji taught the same during His last incarnation and He continues to teach this now.

David Copperfield demonstrates the Divine beauty of tenderness in eroticism of His ´┐Żmagic´┐Ż dance.

Jesus, when He last time lived on Earth, exemplified for His disciples the important role of sexually colored tenderness in the correct development of consciousness [10]; currently He suggests that people view the exchange of sexual energies between spiritual aspirants as a truly sacred communion [21].

But I want to specially emphasize that these words in no circumstances should be interpreted as recommendations of casual sexual relationships or ´┐Żtotal sexualization´┐Ż. The conclusion that sex by itself can ensure one´┐Żs spiritual growth will also be incorrect. No. Only ethically impeccable sexual relationships between spiritual aspirants will render them invaluable help.

Only those sexual interactions that are performed with emotional subtlety, that are filled with tenderness and gratitude to the partner — can lead us to God. They represent an antipode to egotistic satisfaction of lust, which God disapproves of.

I would like to point at one more characteristic of spiritual sexual relationships: each partner acts in the interests of the other, attunes to him or to her, feels the partner, trying to make his or her pleasure more intense. This is what ensures attainment of a full harmony. Each partner learns how to penetrate (as consciousness) into the body of the beloved one; as a result of this their bodies get purified and healed and consciousnesses merge into one.

In this way we can practice merging of consciousnesses in the embraces of subtlest love. And this in turn prepares us to future Mergence with the Main Beloved — with God.

...Accumulation of a person´┐Żs kundalini takes place only when they are in the emotional state of tender love. This is what God wants from people. These are the states that He calls us to live in. For example, Jesus taught: ´┐ŻA new commandment I give to you, that you love one another!´┐Ż (John 13:34), ´┐ŻAnd above all things have fervent love among yourselves!..´┐Ż (1 Peter 4:8), ´┐ŻBeloved, let us love one another!..´┐Ż (1 John 4:7), ´┐ŻBe kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love!´┐Ż (Romans 12:10)

Where can we experience states like this? First of all — in harmonious sexual relationships, filled with tenderness, which are inspired by understanding that subtle and pure harmony of love is what God wants from us the most, that this is an important part of the Path to God and that by this we enrich not only ourselves, but also Him. We also learn how to love when we take care of our children with joy and tenderness, or when we attune to subtle and filled with tenderness works of art. People, who have established in these states, later prove capable of experiencing intensive bliss from the direct communication with the Consciousness of God.

These states, collectively called ´┐Żsattva´┐Ż, are the states that God wants us to live in — for it is in them that we can grow ourselves directly (as consciousness), preparing to the total Mergence with Him, directly participating in His Evolution.

All our opposite states (they are called ´┐Żtamas´┐Ż) do not contribute to this and thus are not pleasing Him. And by cultivating them we turn ourselves into the ´┐Żjunk of the Evolution´┐Ż, destine ourselves for living in its ´┐Żjunkyard´┐Ż — hell — regardless of our being member of a particular religious organization and our fervor in performing its rites and ´┐Żsacraments´┐Ż.

It is significant that aggressiveness and violence are typical for people who belong to the ´┐Żtamas´┐Ż guna; they have an irrepressible desire to make all other people similar to themselves. This gives birth to ´┐Żholy´┐Ż wars, to propagation of alcoholism and eating bodies of animals and to desecration of the beauty and value of sexual relationships. Or look at the ´┐Żreligious´┐Ż rules that demand people to enter the ´┐Żlegitimate´┐Ż marriage ´┐Żblindly´┐Ż, without studying sexual compatibility with the partner first. But people differ dramatically by their sexual features! And successful matches in this respect are rather rare, than common! And the majority of ´┐Żspouses´┐Ż in the ´┐Żreligious´┐Ż marriages rather suffer themselves and torture each other in sexual disharmony... But sects prohibit divorces... And now let us look — is this what God wants?

...Sattva guna (sattva state) — is the state, which God calls all of us to live in. Sattva guna is bliss. And the state of God is also bliss. Those who got accustomed to bliss on Earth — easily enter into Divine bliss.

However, the process of entering the Abode of the Creator requires additional efforts. Sattva should not become a ´┐Żtrap´┐Ż for us; since it can appease us with an ´┐Żearthly´┐Ż bliss and make us give up efforts on active cognition of the Creator in His Abode, on entering it and Merging there with Him.

Yes, if we grow ourselves (as consciousness), living in states of subtlest love and ´┐Żfeeding´┐Ż the ´┐Żfurnaces´┐Ż of our bodies with food adequate to the spiritual Path (that is ´┐Żcruelty-free´┐Ż, does not contain alcohol, narcotics and other toxins, is rich in vitamins, that contains enough full value protein, that can be found, for example, in milk and eggs) — in this case we successfully fulfill our individual ´┐Żminimum plan´┐Ż in the face of God.

But He also has a ´┐Żmaximum plan´┐Ż for us. It implies that we should try to perfect that part of ourselves that lives in the body apart from kundalini. Then we will be able to enter Him with whole of ourselves, retaining full consciousness, and then to help other embodied people from the highest Divine level, like the Divine Teachers that are frequently mentioned in this book do.

...But let us get back to work with kundalini.

The term ´┐Żraising kundalini´┐Ż, well known from yogic and occult literature, denotes the method of bringing this energy to and carrying it through the body.

The word ´┐Żkundalini´┐Ż means ´┐Ża snake´┐Ż. The origin of this term will become clear as we proceed with this issue.

We have already discussed that bringing the kundalini to the man´┐Żs body can be performed only by a Divine Teacher. But subsequent stages of the process are conducted with participation of the adept. Here God encounters a difficulty, about which He says Himself and which consists in the lack of knowledge about work with kundalini that people have lost due to the ignorance that prevails on Earth. This is why the work with kundalini now can be performed only within few spiritual schools that reached a high level of competence. Or He has to put the worthy individual devotees in bed for a long time through a bodily disease, for example, — and to do the necessary transformations Himself.

I want to repeat once again that any attempts to ´┐Żactivate kundalini´┐Ż, for example, by knocking the coccyx on the floor, which is recommended by various pseudo-gurus, do not have anything to do with the truth. (They believe that ´┐Żkundalini´┐Ż is stored in the muladhara chakra, which they think is located in the coccyx. But in reality neither muladhara chakra nor ´┐Żkundalini´┐Ż has any relation to coccyx). Attempts like this can lead only to bioenergetic or mental disorders, which frequently happens.

...So, God brings kundalini to the body of His worthy disciple first. (I want to mention that developed kundalini has a size of many kilometers). Then quite a fine work on carrying the kundalini through the body should begin. The prerequisites for this kind of work are absolute cleanness and perfect development of all necessary energy structures of the organism: all seven chakras, sushumna, chitrini, the front and the middle meridians, as well as the developed clairvoyance abilities of the adept.

The process of ´┐Żraising kundalini´┐Ż usually takes many days, a month or more. (Although using special ´┐Żplaces of power´┐Ż can shorten this process to one week). This work is performed in horizontal position of the body and has many phases. During this process one has to eat light food: fruits, vitamins and milk products. Every time passing of kundalini through the body is initiated by the adept himself: he reaches with a hand of consciousness through the muladhara chakra for the kundalini, which was brought to the body, and as it were stirs the head of the snake that is coiled up there. Then the energy of kundalini starts flowing through the body, washing and purifying it with the Atmic power, healing its remaining defects. The adept, like a hospitable host, has to let the flowing energy through a particular meridian into all chakras and all segments of the body.

Upon passing through the body kundalini spills out through the sahasrara chakra and concentrates over the head. One should learn how to become this energy by merging with it inside this accumulation. In this way we accustom ourselves to living in the sate of Atmic subtlety.

...It is an interesting fact that an energetic structure, which resembles antlers, forms over the head of the person, who raised kundalini through his body. These ´┐Żantlers´┐Ż consist of light and ´┐Żgrow´┐Ż out of the front part of the sahasrara chakra. This structure remains on the head for a long time. It always has the same shape in case of all people, who have reached that level of spiritual advancement.

What is the reason for appearance of this kind of ´┐Żdecorations´┐Ż? Maybe it serves as a mark so that all who are at the same stage of spiritual development could easily identify one another?



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