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About the Book

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space

Ecology and Ecopsychology

What Is Man

Multidimensionality of Space


God � and Us

The Meaning of Human Life

Destiny and Its Correction

Love, Wisdom, and Power

What Is Love

Love for People

Love for Nature

God Is Love

�Every Instance of Leaving the State of Love��

Self-Centeredness versus God-Centeredness

Love for God

Sexual Aspect of Love

Upbringing Children

Nutrition Recommendations


Night Sleep

Medicine, Health, and Destiny

Work in the Material World

Spiritual Service

True and False Attachments

Teachings of God versus Sectarianism

Eternal Law � Sanatana Dharma

Comments on the Patanjali�s Scheme

Yama and Niyama







Chakras and Meridians

Meditative Trainings

Places of Power

Babaji�s Formula




Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

Abandonment of the Lower Self for the Sake of Merging with the Higher Self

Completion of the Path

Practice of the Straight Path

Preliminary Methods

Initial Methods

Ethic Self-Correction

Impressions as �Food� for the Soul

Initial Control of Emotions

About Compassion

Self-Discipline and Energy

Hatha Yoga


Basic Methods

Cross of Buddha


Relaxation Asanas


Psycho-Physical Exercises


Latihan. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Cleansing of the Chakras. Opening of the Spiritual Heart

Exits from the Body

Development of the Chakras. Dantians

Work with Meridians. Sushumna, Chitrini, Zhen-Mo, the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Middle Meridian

The Cocoon

Bubbles of Perception

Development of Power in Subtlety (Correct Crystallization of Consciousness)

Winter Swimming

Meditative Running

Higher Methods

Pranava. �Birth� and �Maturing� in the Holy Spirit

About Self-Healing

Total Reciprocity (Nirodhi)

Baptism in the Divine Fire

The Root

�Raising� of Kundalini

Entering the Abode of the Creator

The Meaning of Our Lives (lecture)

About �The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil� (lecture)

Stages of the Spiritual Path (lecture)

How Can We Fall in Love With God? (lecture)

Practice of the Modern Hesychasm (lecture)

Sun of God or How to Become the Ocean of Pure Love (lecture)

How One Should Understand the Word God (lecture)

Religion � and Religious Movements and Schools (lecture)

Narrow Path to the Highest Goal (lecture)

Atman and Kundalini (lecture)

Serving God (lecture)

Art and Spiritual Development (lecture)

Basic Principles of Teaching Psychic Self-Regulation to Children and Adolescents (lecture)

Art of Being Happy (forest lecture for film)

Sattva of Mists (forest lecture for film)

Sattva of Spring (introduction to film)

Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality (forest lecture for film)

General Conclusion

1. About the History of Religion

2. How the Word God Is to Be Understood

3. What Is Man

4. Methodological Principles of Spiritual Self-Development

5. Structure of the Human Organism and Structure of the Absolute

6. What Religious Associations Should Do


Scheme for Studying the Structure of the Absolute



One should walk a lot, communicating with God in the surroundings of living nature. So, let me say a few words about clothing. The first important rule for those walking the spiritual Path is to try not to wear clothing made of synthetic fabric, especially that having an immediate contact with the skin. Synthetic fabric accumulates static electricity, which has an adverse impact on the energy systems of human organism, and prevents proper energy exchange between the organism and its environment.

Synthetic clothing is particularly inappropriate for psychoenergetic work � both indoors and outdoors.

This is not to say that one should not wear polyethylene raincoats when it is raining or rubber boots during a wet weather.

In cold winter, the rubber boots should be 2-3 size points larger than one�s regular size, so that one could put 2 insoles inside it and put on 2 or 3 woolen socks and regular socks over them so that the former do not get worn out too quickly.

It is better to put woolen socks on bare feet, since wet wool does not make the body cold.

It is the same with outerwear: if you happen to get drenched just wring your clothing and put a woolen sweater on first and all other things over it.

Another thing that we need to make sure is that the upper surface of the sole of our footwear is smooth. If there are any prominences under the heel, then long walks will cause heel bones periostitis.

Or, in some kinds of footwear the sole gets warped in the toe area: this happens because the card layer that was inserted in the sole gets pursed. As a result, toe joints may not function properly, which sometimes causes severe inflammation accompanied by edema of the entire foot. In order to bring that footwear back to the appropriate condition, one needs to detach the sole, tear the card layer out and then glue the sole back on.


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