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How to Become
the Ocean of Pure Love

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About the Book

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space

Ecology and Ecopsychology

What Is Man

Multidimensionality of Space


God � and Us

The Meaning of Human Life

Destiny and Its Correction

Love, Wisdom, and Power

What Is Love

Love for People

Love for Nature

God Is Love

�Every Instance of Leaving the State of Love��

Self-Centeredness versus God-Centeredness

Love for God

Sexual Aspect of Love

Upbringing Children

Nutrition Recommendations


Night Sleep

Medicine, Health, and Destiny

Work in the Material World

Spiritual Service

True and False Attachments

Teachings of God versus Sectarianism

Eternal Law � Sanatana Dharma

Comments on the Patanjali�s Scheme

Yama and Niyama







Chakras and Meridians

Meditative Trainings

Places of Power

Babaji�s Formula




Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

Abandonment of the Lower Self for the Sake of Merging with the Higher Self

Completion of the Path

Practice of the Straight Path

Preliminary Methods

Initial Methods

Ethic Self-Correction

Impressions as �Food� for the Soul

Initial Control of Emotions

About Compassion

Self-Discipline and Energy

Hatha Yoga


Basic Methods

Cross of Buddha


Relaxation Asanas


Psycho-Physical Exercises


Latihan. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Cleansing of the Chakras. Opening of the Spiritual Heart

Exits from the Body

Development of the Chakras. Dantians

Work with Meridians. Sushumna, Chitrini, Zhen-Mo, the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Middle Meridian

The Cocoon

Bubbles of Perception

Development of Power in Subtlety (Correct Crystallization of Consciousness)

Winter Swimming

Meditative Running

Higher Methods

Pranava. �Birth� and �Maturing� in the Holy Spirit

About Self-Healing

Total Reciprocity (Nirodhi)

Baptism in the Divine Fire

The Root

�Raising� of Kundalini

Entering the Abode of the Creator

The Meaning of Our Lives (lecture)

About �The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil� (lecture)

Stages of the Spiritual Path (lecture)

How Can We Fall in Love With God? (lecture)

Practice of the Modern Hesychasm (lecture)

Sun of God or How to Become the Ocean of Pure Love (lecture)

How One Should Understand the Word God (lecture)

Religion � and Religious Movements and Schools (lecture)

Narrow Path to the Highest Goal (lecture)

Atman and Kundalini (lecture)

Serving God (lecture)

Art and Spiritual Development (lecture)

Basic Principles of Teaching Psychic Self-Regulation to Children and Adolescents (lecture)

Art of Being Happy (forest lecture for film)

Sattva of Mists (forest lecture for film)

Sattva of Spring (introduction to film)

Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality (forest lecture for film)

General Conclusion

1. About the History of Religion

2. How the Word God Is to Be Understood

3. What Is Man

4. Methodological Principles of Spiritual Self-Development

5. Structure of the Human Organism and Structure of the Absolute

6. What Religious Associations Should Do


Scheme for Studying the Structure of the Absolute

Sun of God or How to Become the Ocean of Pure Love (lecture)

Sun of God
How to Become
the Ocean of Pure Love

The term Sun of God was introduced by Jesus Christ through B.Cullen � a prophet of the past century, who lived in the USA. A book with his Revelations was published in the USA in 1992 and then republished in Russian* (unfortunately with many grammar errors).

The main message that Jesus wanted to impart to people through this book is the following.

God is always a Living God! Jesus was on the Earth 2000 years ago, and He exists today among embodied people (though He is not embodied now).

But many believers are engrossed in absolutely meaningless activity: performing endless ritual bodily movements, repeating prayers that sometimes are not only useless but also harmful. They do this instead of making efforts on real spiritual self-transformation through realization of God's program for them � which consists in cognition of God and merging by the consciousness with Him in Love.

Jesus says that He walks in churches among believers who appeal to Him in their prayers� � yet they do not see Him, do not feel Him, do not listen to and do not hear Him!�

Instead of doing this silly exercise, Jesus suggests that His followers serve God by serving people, as well as make personal efforts on cognizing the Creator.

It is also foolish to seek God in the sky: one should seek the spiritual Heavens not above the surface of our round planet but in the depth of the multidimensional space. And the Abode of the Creator is very close to us! The distance to it is less than the thickness of finest paper! The way to this Abode begins inside one�s developed spiritual heart.

The entrance into the Abode of the Creator can be seen by successful spiritual seekers, who approached it, as a giant and tender Sun of God that resembles a tender morning sun, only infinitely bigger.

To cognize all this and to enter the Heart of God, merge there with the Creator is the ultimate purpose of our lives, of the personal evolution of every one of us.

On the Path of our self-perfecting and in our efforts to help other spiritual seekers, the Holy Spirit is always willing to help us. Jesus describes Him as a Power of Love of unlimited capabilities that comes out from the Abode of the Creator and is always ready to help worthy people.

But we have to make our state close enough to the state of the Holy Spirit to see, feel, and hear Him, to merge with Him in Love and become like Him, and then to cognize God-the-Father with His help.

* * *

Let us discuss now how can one find the Sun of God?

First we have to understand that man is not a body. Man is a consciousness (soul) embodied into a material body for a certain period of time.

The incarnation is important, because the growth of an individual consciousness is possible only in the embodied state, since it is the material body that is the �factory� of transformation of the energy of ordinary food into the energy of the consciousness.

The organism of an embodied man is multidimensional (but not the body).

I should note that the scheme of �seven bodies�, invented a long time ago by occultists, is methodologically wrong. It would be more correct to consider a potential presence of man in all the main layers of the multidimensional Absolute; it is this potential that one has to realize.

This concept, by the way, is described in the Bible as likeness between man and God � God in the aspect of the multidimensional Absolute.

It may become easier to understand the above said if you look at the scheme for studying the structure of the Absolute.*

This scheme is not so easy to understand, since it is impossible to fully represent the multidimensionality of space in graphical form. In order to understand it, one should keep in mind that each layer of multidimensionality shown lower on this scheme � in reality is located deeper on the multidimensional scale. And each deeper layer is subtler as compared to the previous one.

The Abode of the Creator is located in the deepest, that is, the most subtle energy layer of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute. Thus, we must seek Him there. In terms of methodological direction, this work must consist in refinement of the consciousness, which starts with mastering regulations of one's own emotional sphere.

The whole process of such training of ours (including, in particular, studying of theory, practical classes, and exams) is conducted by the Holy Spirit; He leaves no one without His help and attention, and nothing happens without His knowing and controlling it.

So what do we have to do in relation to everything said above? � Apparently we have to start changing ourselves immediately: right today!


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