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About the Book

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space

Ecology and Ecopsychology

What Is Man

Multidimensionality of Space


God — and Us

The Meaning of Human Life

Destiny and Its Correction

Love, Wisdom, and Power

What Is Love

Love for People

Love for Nature

God Is Love

“Every Instance of Leaving the State of Love…”

Self-Centeredness versus God-Centeredness

Love for God

Sexual Aspect of Love

Upbringing Children

Nutrition Recommendations


Night Sleep

Medicine, Health, and Destiny

Work in the Material World

Spiritual Service

True and False Attachments

Teachings of God versus Sectarianism

Eternal Law — Sanatana Dharma

Comments on the Patanjali’s Scheme

Yama and Niyama







Chakras and Meridians

Meditative Trainings

Places of Power

Babaji’s Formula




Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

Abandonment of the Lower Self for the Sake of Merging with the Higher Self

Completion of the Path

Practice of the Straight Path

Preliminary Methods

Initial Methods

Ethic Self-Correction

Impressions as “Food” for the Soul

Initial Control of Emotions

About Compassion

Self-Discipline and Energy

Hatha Yoga


Basic Methods

Cross of Buddha


Relaxation Asanas


Psycho-Physical Exercises


Latihan. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Cleansing of the Chakras. Opening of the Spiritual Heart

Exits from the Body

Development of the Chakras. Dantians

Work with Meridians. Sushumna, Chitrini, Zhen-Mo, the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Middle Meridian

The Cocoon

Bubbles of Perception

Development of Power in Subtlety (Correct Crystallization of Consciousness)

Winter Swimming

Meditative Running

Higher Methods

Pranava. “Birth” and “Maturing” in the Holy Spirit

About Self-Healing

Total Reciprocity (Nirodhi)

Baptism in the Divine Fire

The Root

“Raising” of Kundalini

Entering the Abode of the Creator

The Meaning of Our Lives (lecture)

About “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” (lecture)

Stages of the Spiritual Path (lecture)

How Can We Fall in Love With God? (lecture)

Practice of the Modern Hesychasm (lecture)

Sun of God or How to Become the Ocean of Pure Love (lecture)

How One Should Understand the Word God (lecture)

Religion — and Religious Movements and Schools (lecture)

Narrow Path to the Highest Goal (lecture)

Atman and Kundalini (lecture)

Serving God (lecture)

Art and Spiritual Development (lecture)

Basic Principles of Teaching Psychic Self-Regulation to Children and Adolescents (lecture)

Art of Being Happy (forest lecture for film)

Sattva of Mists (forest lecture for film)

Sattva of Spring (introduction to film)

Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality (forest lecture for film)

General Conclusion

1. About the History of Religion

2. How the Word God Is to Be Understood

3. What Is Man

4. Methodological Principles of Spiritual Self-Development

5. Structure of the Human Organism and Structure of the Absolute

6. What Religious Associations Should Do


Scheme for Studying the Structure of the Absolute

Narrow Path to the Highest Goal (lecture)

Narrow Path
to the Highest Goal

Jesus suggested going to the Creator through the “narrow gate”, the “narrow Path”, for “wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction” (Matt 7:13-14).

What is this narrow Path?

This is the path of monasticism.

And monasticism implies complete dedication of oneself to only one goal: cognition of the Creator and helping others in this.

How can one distinguish a monk from other people?

Not by the clothes! And not by foreign or ancient names! Not by the number of kowtows and other bodily movements!

… Let us look: what does a regular person call work?

It is, first of all, that for what one receives money!

Yet the true monk by work means what has to be done for God.

In other words, the former works first of all for oneself. While in the case of the latter, the vector of the direction of the efforts is the opposite: monks work not for the sake of themselves (or for the sake of a small group of people) but for the good of others — in the general process of positive Evolution of the Universal Consciousness.

“Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect” — this is the goal defined by Jesus Christ that every monk has to aspire to!

Of course, for realization of this task one has to have the general methodology of spiritual development and concrete methods, which we describe in these conversations.

… We have discussed already that spiritual work consists of two main stages: exoteric and esoteric ones.

The exoteric part consists of two components:

— studying and accepting fully the concept of the path suggested by God.

— initial ethical self-transformation in accordance with these Teachings.

I talk about initial ethical self-transformation because one cannot do all this work at once: the work on ethical self-perfecting continues until the end of the Path to the Abode of the Creator.

… In usual circumstances, people since childhood get often involved in the religious (or atheistic) environment that dominates in the region where they live, or in that which their parents follow. And very often this situation is not good.

And only having become intellectually mature, we start to compare different philosophical and religious concepts, attempt to understand the reasons for their differences, and later in this quest come to understand the Origin.

Only then, walking the true narrow Path becomes possible for us.

… Very few people find healthy spiritual schools in the beginning of their quest and avoid a long and sometimes painful search for the true direction of making spiritual efforts…

After this, one usually starts to struggle for the right to be different from the majority of people, who got lost and stuck in vices.

At this point, some give up being unable to withstand conflicts and persecutions. They choose to live a secure life “as others”; they do not really want to go to the Creator.

But others show great heroism and ensure good future destinies for themselves. We can find examples of such heroism among the first Christians, among the victims of the Inquisition, among the first Muslims and later among Baha’is and Sikhs who opposed perversions of Islam.*

I, too, had to withstand political persecutions and threats of physical punishment. I underwent an attack of aggressive primitives, which gave me a valuable experience of two clinical deaths.* I withstood all these trials and kept on walking — along this narrow Path. I helped many worthy people (and hope to help many more).

… On the exoteric stages of the Path, God tests spiritual seekers by various material hardships and oppression from the side of people unable to understand them. On the initial steps of the esoteric stages, they are often suggested to undergo mystical trials: for example, energy attacks of incarnate and non-incarnate devils. Here seekers are tested with mystical fear. If they yield to it and give up; it means they do not have mature love for the Creator, that their love has not become a steadfast and unmovable dominant in their lives yet.

For “there is no fear in love; but perfect love drives out fear. … The one who fears is not made perfect in love!” (1 John 4:18).

We can overcome fear by clinging tighter to our Divine Teachers and by understanding that it is They Who created these difficulties — for the good of Their disciples. And They watch then — how we overcome them.

In this there is a manifestation of Their Divine Love; They just seek to help us to become Perfect.

But without overcoming such difficulties it is impossible.

* * *

Then seekers longing for the Creator have to develop themselves as spiritual hearts, which cannot be contained within the physical body, have to refine themselves and grow even larger. Then they learn to move as spiritual hearts into the subtlest eons of the multidimensional Absolute and accustom themselves to these eons, one by one — up to the Abode of the Creator.

The Creator is the Heart of the Absolute. The process of spiritual advancement can be described as one’s becoming gradually similar to Him.

Let every one of us think again: what does it consist in?

… Ideally one has to cognize the structure of the Absolute completely. It can be done only by the spiritual heart developed to cosmic sizes. Giant Souls consisting of transparent, flowing energy of Love move easily in the multidimensional space. They do it with the help of the Arms of the Consciousness.

Most easily one can master it practically on corresponding places of power. One just has to know how to do this.

Spiritual Warriors Who have cognized and mastered all eons of the Absolute move freely along the entire range of the scale of multidimensionality. They easily pervade all eons: from the boundary with hell — to the Depths of the Abode of the Creator.

The criterion of success in settling in the Abode of the Creator is the ability to shine from within it with the Sun of God.

Only the full realization of the said above can be considered as completion of the Path of spiritual self-realization, or in other words, — God-realization, full Enlightenment, attainment of the highest Nirvana that brings highest Samadhi.

One cannot describe in more detail these most complex steps of spiritual development in a lecture or in a book. Also they cannot be mastered without the help of a Divine Teacher. It is Divine Teachers that show us the “stairway” of the narrow Path. They explain where to step on this “stairway” and how to behave in the universal space that one begins to cognize for the first time.

In this way man becomes God, having merged into the universal Ocean of the Subtlest Love of the Creator. The Kundalini energy of such a person is “unarchived” and merged with the Creator; there are no chakras in the body — in their usual form; there is only the boundless Spiritual Heart in the Abode of the Creator. Everything that is the best, the subtlest is extracted from the upper and lower dantians as well and merged with the Creator. The body, united with Him, continues to live on the Earth, and this allows — in the easiest way! — imparting to people the knowledge about the Path.

… By the way, I was asked to tell about the work with Kundalini. Our next conversation will be dedicated to this.


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