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"I invite you to submerge into Me completely! I am your main Goal! You need now nothing more..."

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From Conversations with Divine Teachers6



(Addressing D.): “Feel all the fullness of responsibility, which you have to accept receiving Initiations from Me.

“Learn to live in the state of a Vine and interact with people around you from the state of Mergence with Me.

“Learn to feel and fulfil My Will so that it becomes your only will as well.

“This School was created by Me and it is invaluable. Any reckless, careless action from your side can do irreparable harm. Keep this in mind!

“Only having realized this, will you be able to ‘pull the splinter out of the eyes of your neighbors’ without causing harm to them.”



“All who are present here and those I have called into this School and will call in the future have to realize that this School works for God. Every one of you has to accept this mission. The mission consists in acting only for Me, from Me.

“I bring to you people who are not just worthy, but also capable of carrying this burden in all its fullness and realizing that they act for Me, from Me. Only such people do I invite here, and the others I draw aside…”

Huang Di

“Monasticism is not just meditation. One has to pay attention to complex development of a person. And develop the qualities which are useful for the Service that Krishna spoke about.”


“The souls who have mastered merging with harmony and beauty of nature escape the power of aggressive human primitivism.

“This is why merging with nature is the first step to the Freedom.”


“Love leads to correct expansion of the consciousness, and the expansion of the consciousness — to even larger love.

“But all this starts with giving birth to emotion in oneself… Not with meditation, but with emotion!

“The emotion of love — is that which every one has to kindle in oneself.

“… Having not learned to love the Creation, it is not possible to merge with the Creator, to become Him. But Creation is not only the living nature, which is easy to love. It is people as well!

“You ask Me, how to develop such love in oneself? How, seeing the human foolishness, human meanness, to live in the state of constant eagerness, constant desire to serve?

“One has to learn to look at the people with My eyes — i.e. not narrowly but broadly: in the time interval called Eternity.

“What is My Love to people? I went to Calvary for their sake! Yes, for this very ‘cattle’!

“You want to know where the Source of this Love is? It is God! God is Love!

“Learn these rules by heart:

“· Help everyone in everything good!

“· Be all things to all men!

“· Look not from above, not from outside, but from the Depth! Be Calm and Love and look at people, keep them on your palms!

“‘The Ocean is lower than all rivers, yet all rivers flow into It’… It is waiting and inviting!

“The path of every river is long, thorny, and tortuous. Yet, it flows into the Ocean, because It is lower than all rivers!

“Be the Ocean! Understand: every soul is like a river. Learn to see its entire path from the Depth!”


“Do not become sad that at present there are so few students! The main task is to keep the path to Me paved by you, so that centuries later people can go it. For this you have to redirect all your work. This is a gradual process, which can go on for years.

“The main task of those who have crossed the threshold of the Creator’s Abode is to keep on the palms all growing souls, to nurture them with Love.

“At all times God taught people and teaches them now how to behave correctly on the Earth. Esoteric (secret) Schools, which present the confidential knowledge about God, are but small islets on the entire vast field, where God helps embodied souls.

“Study how I do it and how every One of Us does it.”



“I invite you to submerge into Me completely! I am your main Goal! You need now nothing more. Do not worry about students: I bring them to you and I draw them away. Work with them is our common work.”

Huang Di


“In China My ‘Son’ grows and I am busy with arranging the conditions of work for the Avatar to be.”

Sathya Sai Baba

“You can manage to complete all in this life already. But I give no guarantees. I give only a chance. By taking it, one undertakes also certain obligations.

“That is — all the life has to be made a service to Me.”


“I want to care, to love! Put on My Palms as many souls as possible!

“It is the highest happiness — when you have someone to care about, to keep them on the Palms of Love!”


“Explain to the students that one has to compel oneself to doing good. It makes no sense to wait when everything happens by itself one day. It is coercing oneself as a human form7 that leads to success!”


Danish Lady Gott

“In Denmark there was an esoteric School with young students. When they had grown up they retained the tradition, but not for the masses of people. In some libraries, there are corresponding handwritten texts and records of lectures. On the seaside, these traditions faded because of using fish for nourishment.

“I would be very grateful for efforts on resurrecting the Teaching of God in Denmark.”

“What is your name?”

“Call me Danish Lady Gott.

“I worked with people by presenting the Standard with Myself, and the students had to ‘accustom’ themselves to My state. I actively transformed the consciousnesses of the students by cleansing their anahatas and also by explaining the meaning of this work. As you know, even one strong ‘earthly’ emotion can ruin everything.

“I bless you to the same work and offer My help.

“You can incorporate into your work both these methods and Myself.

“I incarnated in Denmark from the Divine state. Before, I incarnated on the border between Canada and Alaska.”

“Were you acquainted with Eagle?”

“No. He was in the center of North America, I was on its north.

“Only few people left there retaining the traditions. Also, some records are left.

“Yes, in Canada there are conditions for spiritual work. The Canadian nature itself favors merging with harmony of the environment!”



“Babaji, should we invite H. for continuing working with him?”

“He needs another approach now in receiving concrete spiritual knowledge… To read!… He has not read any of our books as a textbook. He read the books remarking only the superficial level. Thus, it is not advisable to invite him here. If you invite him now it will cause only problems both for you and for him. He is not mature enough to understand fully the concept of the School. And general superficial level of knowledge can satisfy no one, first of all — God.”

“What are the prospects of our work in Russia?”

“Always, while this country exists, there should be a hearth for imparting spiritual knowledge — the Knowledge about God — to worthy people.”

“Isn’t it time for us to leave Saint Petersburg?”

“No! Whatever harsh the situation may seem! This hearth of spiritual work should never be closed! It has to exist in the future as well!

“A flat ‘no’ — to emigration of you all! Someone of you has to remain.

“In Canada, yes, there are good prospects! Not only in Ontario but in the western states as well!”

“To what countries should we direct attention concerning spreading of our knowledge?”

“At present to Canada. Then — to Europe: to any country that will want to accept you as messengers from Me.”

“Should we invite R.?”

“He has to serve first, before he may receive the next portion of the knowledge. He has not change, has not transformed since last visit to you. He reasons at his old level. There is no breadth of knowledge! There is no breadth of mind!

“The mentality of our School has to correspond to the European culture. In this form it has been accounted already in the Plans of God!”

Petr, Yamamuto and Genaro


“Meditation, meditation, unceasing meditation! Unceasing efforts on experiencing Me and being in Me!

“Fullness of realization of this guarantees the quickest self-realization!

(Genaro is singing jokingly, ‘Baba Nam Kevalam!…’8). “Yet, one has not only to sing THIS but also to know and feel THIS All9 in every moment of life!”

“What kind of weather is expected?”

“September will be cloudy and somber. Only few sunny days are expected until the end of August.”

“What places can you recommend us to visit in the coming days?”

“Stay in the town and do your ‘worldly’ work. Everyone has it, and the amount of undone ‘worldly’ work one has to try to reduce as fast as possible.”

Sathya Sai Baba


“From 5th to 10th of Septembers rains are expected — a cyclone will come. Later, too, there will be a lot of rains, and mushrooms will grow. You will be satisfied!”



(Krishna speaking about S.): “In past he was a minister of culture in Australia from British Crown, i.e. a big political and cultural figure.

“Then — in the next incarnation in the past century, in the year about 1959 (i.e. the year of heyday and then parting with the material body) — on one of the islands of Oceania, in female body. His spiritual Teacher was Riss Breeze. At that time there was a School of kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga was taught there on our level of knowledge. Riss is a Teacher of the Divine level. Though, He did not teach such meditations as total reciprocity. He demonstrated merging with kundalini, going through it into the Abode of the Creator and then — coming out from the Abode.

“This time S. was isolated from influence of various spiritual trends until she came to know about our School. Now her kundalini contacts her body, and this is the source of her remarkable meditative abilities. Now she has started mastering that which did not learn in the previous life.

“… You have to reach success! I exhort you to remember about Me constantly and about everything We have taught you! And about your duty of Service! I cannot imagine the prospect other than realization of THIS — fully, in all fullness, with My help, with My support, with My Blessing! I put all efforts into this work in order to realize it! And I think for you nothing else!”

Sathya Sai Baba

(Jokingly shaking His Finger from the sky): “Remember these words! I confirm them! Every one has to regard very seriously what Krishna has said now and what I confirm. Success of our common work has to be reached by every one’s efforts directed to realization of evolutionary advancement of souls towards Me. The one who ignores this commandment is not a servant to Me, not a friend to Me, and is nobody to Me…”


“A tree bearing no fruit is cut and thrown into a fire. In the same way I behave to those who have full knowledge but refuse to serve Me.”



“In certain reservations of modern Canadian Indians the level of cultural development is quite high. My Message can be brought there. And, of course, to ‘whites’ who respect American Indians and their spiritual knowledge.

“The most straight way to Canada is through the universities of Toronto. This has to be done immediately, so that to begin the work this winter.

“In Canada there is a big interest to American Indian culture among the ‘elite’. You may interest chiefs of some tribes: many American Indians study in the universities of Toronto, so you can come into contact with the chiefs through them.

“In Canada — among the unembodied — the spiritual world of Indians dominates.

“Here, in Russia, you know only Euro-Asian spiritual Chiefs. I am the only One of American Indians Who came to work with you. But in Canada, there are plenty of Indian Divine Teachers. Many of the modern incarnate chiefs know it and strive to attain this highest spiritual status. And Divine Chiefs gladly accept ‘whites’ who seek to know the Highest Spirituality. Though, They look at ‘whites’ somewhat indulgently as at less developed.

“In Canada many non-incarnate Indian Divine Chiefs work, especially at the south to Hudson Bay, in particular, close to the border with Quebec.”



“Blissful be the one who hears these words!

“Your Ark has been built already. And this Ark has sailed here — to Me, into My Abode.

“Your boat is wide, and it will contain many more.

“You bring here people on the boat of your knowledge.

“Do not worry about those who are against you! I am controlling your entire undertaking. I am the main Helmsman!

“I send people to you and I draw them away, if they do not cognize the level necessary for the passengers of the Ark.

“Do not involve into the work unworthy people!

“And if someone of the formerly worthy begins to row back, I simply draw such one away.”

“What can you recommend concerning our work on the film Sattva?”

“It was started by Sathya Sai Baba! I, too, want to act in the film!” (joke)

Danish Lady Gott


“I am preparing for you a ‘garland of flowers’ of Danish youth. I am preparing them for understanding you, your knowledge!

“Very soon, in the nearest 50 years, the knowledge about you will spread over the entire Earth. Therefore, do not retreat a step!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“My dear, I understand very well that your life on the Earth is difficult! But you trust Me! And I know it, know well!

(Addressing D.): “In the past incarnation you can be compared to a donkey that was led by a rope.

“But your current life is wonderful! You understood a lot. Well done!

“In the past incarnation you were taught by a master who knew only psycho-techniques and sold them for money. At present, you studied My buddhi yoga, almost all of it. But it is in the next autumn that you will have to stand the test which will allow Me to decide about accepting you entirely. You committed too many sins in this life! Some grief is not washed out yet from the souls of people offended by you. This is why I cannot say that your present status is stable, though it is quite high.

“In the coming year you will go through a series of trials, during which you have to remember the words I have said you now.”

“What can you say about L.?”

“You have to invite her this spring. She is good, understood many things. Her maturing should take place among you, near you. You will be an example of full devotion to her. Until she passes through lessons on full devotion her fate cannot be pure.”

“What about E.?”

“She is far from Me. Her exalted rapture is not of spiritual character. It is the same to her as a good TV performance.

“… Distribute the film abroad by all means! Especially among the Greens, ecologists. But in Russia… you will not be understood.

“I have said already and repeat again that the entire Earth has to speak about our work! So that all worthy people may know the shortest Path of cognizing Me — Universal God!

“… The task of the meditative work is to merge into Me!”



“Broadly distribute the film Sattva, on television too.

“Let us now leave Canada aside and pay more attention to Europe!”

“Maybe I am not right and we have to change the strategy of our work, including the work with only the chosen?”

“You are right! You chose this path — so go it confidently and fearlessly!”



(Addressing L.): “This is My flower grows!

“Here, on this place of power I surround you. But in the thick of people, among those you live, the guna tamas dominates. Therefore, you have to seek the social environment of people like you.”


“Now it is clear that Z. will never reach your level of work.”

“What is the reason?”

“Too primitive interest. In a sense that he began to build his own ‘earthly’ ‘home’, instead of experiencing the entire universe as home.

“As to you, I bless you for further work!”

“Could you suggest something about making the cells of the body Divine?”

“Vladimir, believe Me a little left to do for reaching the success! I want you to know this.

“… That group in Kazan got keen on sorcery. They have to be dismissed from the work.”



“We are to make Mahakranti — Great Revolution — in the people’s ideas about God! But one has to act carefully, otherwise you will be swept away by the ignorant. And in future other prophets and Messiahs will come and they will base their work on the knowledge I give through you to the people of the Earth.

(Addressing S. jokingly): “When you are in your head, I neither understand nor accept you! Now I love you only when you are completely in the spiritual heart!”

Sathya Sai Baba



“All people living on the Earth are dear to Me independently on where to and what path they go!

“Therefore, I exhort you to care about everyone! It is just everyone has to be given according to their own level of development.

“There should not be even a shadow of disdain to those going other paths, who are much younger than you and whom I teach now just the beginning of the art of love. Just all people have to be given that which they have grown up for.

“Pat each beginner on the back and say, ‘Go bravely to God by the Path of Love!’”



“In Russia there is a large Korean diaspora. There are many people in it who are worthy of attention and who are interested in seeking Me. It would be wonderful to arrange for them special educational classes.”

Sathya Sai Baba

19.11. 02

“Hold My Hand

“And follow Me!

“I will lead you through the life

“Into My Abode!”


“Maybe it makes sense to collect a group of physicists and come to You in Your Ashram, where You will explain to them the mechanism of materialization and dematerialization of material objects?”

“No, your task is different: to keep the knowledge given by Me to you for the souls who are mature enough for receiving it. Materialists are not capable of understanding this, even if I would want them to understand. The task of such people is to maintain the activities of the material plane. Your task is to help those worthy of the Highest.”

Huang Di

“You formed a remarkable group of clever and able enthusiasts who go to Me setting aside everything ‘earthly’ and overcoming all afflictions. It is such people that I sought! It is such people that I need — to the utmost! It is such people that I let into My Highest Abode.

“Your circle will broaden gradually. This broadening I will ‘keep in check’. You practice demonstrated that only a small fraction of people understand (capable of understanding) who am I.

“And again I have to warn you against distributing My highest knowledge among unworthy people!”

Sathya Sai Baba

“Yes, you have not managed yet to interest worthy people outside of your country. I mean those who can…

“Yet, do not get dejected: they will be, they will come!

“I would suggest extending the search not among churches, but among scientists.”

“But we did this in past, and it gave no result.”

“Try it again. I value the efforts of those who do not give up after the first failure and continue to work as I advise.

“Introduce new paradigm of scientific knowledge about the nature of beingness into the scientific milieu.”


“An attempt to involve into the work the best minds of the western countries has failed. I suggest paying attention to the countries of the East, namely to South East Asia.

“You have to seek contacts not with the lowest social classes, not with the poor, but with elite social layers. Only in this case the success may come. I am speaking not about ‘converting to our faith’ a few people, but about changing the world outlook of populations of whole countries and regions.

“It is possible to fulfil these tasks through committees, centers, and organizations on international scientific and cultural exchange.”



“How to live further, Yamamuto? We are bored without possibility to help new students!”

“Loneness is the destiny of those who chose Me! Only I have to remain for them! Do not expect the warmth of home coziness!

“In your service pay attention to Ukraine: there are bright, ready students capable of encompassing our knowledge.

“… You formed a remarkable circle, but some will leave it…

“In the coming 20 years you will manage to find many worthy people. Yet, understand that at present there only a few out of millions capable of comprehending this knowledge! And only the chosen will enter My Abode!

“Now you have to continue personal self-development and make every effort for this.

“As to the books and films — yes, sell them little by little.”



“The main task now is to learn to really live in Me — beautifully and strongly! — to be Me!

“There is no need to cause — through unnecessary activity — problems to yourselves, to other people, to God.

“Do not invite anyone here, at present! Ukraine will come itself.

“In the nearest future there will be no promising students from Russia.

“Your second common task is to spread the knowledge about Me in the scientific world among scientists and politicians of high rank. I stress it — in all countries!

“… Jesus is going to come.”


“Under My name you managed to gather very few. Your souls are consolation for Me! I warm them and let into My Abode.

“I lock the gate of our Church until June.”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Can You recommend us something concerning ‘worldly’ and spiritual matters?”

“Everything that was understood and done is a correct course of events.

“The main task of all of you is including yourselves fully in My Abode. This has to be the primary task for you! Outer work, including the work with students, has not to shade this.”

“What is the reason of failures of H.?”

“The path is hard for H.! But he has to learn to win! He has not learned it yet. He needs to learn fighting and winning! Now he can neither fight nor win.”

“Does it make sense to invite him now?”

“No. And perhaps never.”

“How O. is doing?”

“‘The boil has matured’. It has to be opened. His problem is that his personal ‘I’ outweighs the ‘I’ of God. He allowed himself considering oneself ‘the main figure’. But it is God whom one always has to consider ‘the main figure’!

“This fault has a reason: his insufficient experience of communication with God.

“As to you — your success will come as complete mergence with Me and cognition of all nuances of Me in all fullness.


Huang Di

“Will the day come when every one of us will be occupied with effective service of helping concrete worthy people?”

“Again your turn your indriyas in the wrong direction! Every one of you — in this group selected and polished by Me — has to direct the attention only to Me, into the very center of Me, depthward!”

“What conditions we have to create for ourselves for carrying out this task most successfully?”

“Never wash dishes after yourself! Let some others do it.”

“This is obviously a joke! But the truth is that we cannot stay so long in Your Abode. And to require other people to wash dishes after yourself means to develop a vice: to be a dependant.”

“Yes, you are right! Yet, this is not all to it: every one has to seek the most successful moves! This is an obligatory task for every one of you, My dear! Such tasks can be carried out only by combined efforts of many. These efforts combine like petals of a bud. When the bud is formed the Flower starts to blossom!”

Sathya Sai Baba and Ptahotep


“Everything goes as it should to be. Now — a smooth course of events. Undertake nothing ‘on your own’! I am ‘rolling the prism’ of earthly events and enjoy its play!”

“Is it Eagle only who will direct now our meditative work?”

“No, it will be All Whom you know and many Others.”


“I am ready to extend a helping hand to every one who achieved significant evolutionary results. Unfortunately, not everyone wants it: attachment of people to the ‘worldly’ is too strong!

(Addressing K.): “You should not direct your indriyas into the guna tamas!10 This can prevent the advancement of all! Among the first, you have to rush into My Abode to cognize Me as soon as you can in all fullness! The same I say to everyone worthy. And among you there is no unworthy!”



“Tell us about yourself. Where was your last incarnation?”

“It was here, in this land, in Saint Petersburg. It was during the ‘soviet time’. I worked in woods. Was guided by the Divine Teachers. I did not manage to find any students and had to develop alone. Later, moved into Middle Asia. Attained the complete Perfection there. Then I got ill with plague — in this way death came.

“… N., in general, is a good person. She is full of contradictions, but they are positive. She has not ‘found oneself’ yet. She is not a mature person yet. The Abode of the Creator is far to her at present.”



“We will overcome all obstacles together! Do not worry about your future, including death of your bodies. Everything is in God’s hands! Entrust yourselves to Him!

“Accept in your ranks only the most worthy ones! And such people on the planet Earth are quite few!

“As for the rest — they should broaden their outlook through the books. This is your task of broad service.

“Service can be ‘narrow’ (for the chosen) and ‘broad’.”

Sathya Sai Baba

“Yes, this is My Plan! I am sending you to do this work! I will offer everybody to accept you as guides. You are My School!”


“I am not a frequent Visitor of yours because am occupied with other matters: I foster in children love to nature.”



“Kayr, I see that V. does not engage in meditative work. He is completely immersed into ‘worldly’ matters…”

“Yes, but he should not be reproached for this. It is planned that he should develop in the scientific environment. This is certainly right. There will be periods of spiritual work for him, but… as periods of fun. That which became the purpose of life for you, for him is fun. But let it be like this! I love and respect him very much!

“… I wish you to meet with Me at dawn! I will be waiting you at seashore among pines. Maenuel will be very glad too!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Is he swami who just does some work in a monastery: tends a furnace, bakes bread, cooks meal, mows grass, looks after flowers?

“I want you to discern between the true concept of swami (Me as an example) and the false one.

“Performing one’s duties diligently and honestly is a feat, but not a feat of a swami. Swami is the one to whom God alone is important, the one who devotes one’s entire life to God in meditations and not just in the earthly work.”



“An enormous part of the work has been finished, now it is time to look back, review everything, and answer to oneself: what I have done and what I am capable of now?

“At present, till summer take care about people who are already involved in work.

“New students are expected from Ukraine only.

“As for the other countries: there are potential students in Germany deserving the highest knowledge. There are such people everywhere, yet even I have no right to interfere with one’s freedom of will.

“… The task of V. is to develop the intellect so that it becomes super powerful. To ‘tow’ him now into the Creator’s Abode is not harmonious. He incarnated this time to develop the intellect through scientific activity: in order to cognize Me in all fullness in the next incarnation. Attempts to switch him to the ‘pure anahata’ will disrupt his evolutionary plan, i.e. will be harmful to him. Though, that which he receives from you — he should receive.

(Addressing K.): “Well done, you have understood a lot! Yet, some ‘arrears’ remain: you still include in your ‘life plan’ meaningless people.

“But do not forsake your grandmother: she evolves right! Despite her being capable of understanding very little… She is much younger than you in psychogenesis!

“But she has love, which one has to support!

“If love is not supported — it fades. And if it is nurtured — it continues to develop further.”

Danish Lady Gott


“Every one of you has a lot to do on the Earth before leaving the earthly plane.

“I ask you, Vladimir, to think about only one thing: how to serve? The rest will proceed by itself.

“At that, do not lose the meditative skills you acquired!

“Everything goes according to the Divine Plan developed beforehand — and your task is only to be in agreement with it. Do not undertake anything ‘on your own’! It will only hamper the process!

“In Ukraine there is a ‘deep stratum’ of people which you have not reached yet…

“There is a prospect of formation, after 2 summers, an international organization that will have certain financial possibilities. It will undertake the function of saving and distributing our knowledge. Such sketch exists as ‘Heavenly’, as a plan ‘in Heaven’.

“And now you have to expand contacts: so that ‘all the Earth’ comes to know about you! It concerns not Russia only, but the advanced Western countries, including Denmark, Scandinavia, the Netherlands — on the basis of English language.

“Distribute the knowledge through all the channels!”

Elizabeth Haich


“The only request and task for you from God at present is work through the Internet: informing most broadly throughout the Earth! Make your work of informing more broad and deep. Inform by sending mails on the subjects of medicine to representatives of various kinds of arts: painting, dramatic art, music etc. The next level of informing is scientists of any directions.”



“For every one of you present here there is no way back — only forward! I want you to know this.

“Every spiritual warrior for achieving success — personal and in service to Me — has to leave behind in this life all the material world, all personal affairs and devote oneself fully, entirely to building relationships with Me. Everything impeding this has to be discarded from one’s life, from one’s path!

“Only in this way every member of this My School has to live, the School, monks to which are selected by Me personally. Every one has to transform own life to make it a life of a full-fledged monk! It is such people that I collect into the core of My School under Vladimir’s wing.

“Amen! Let it be thus! Only thus and in no other way! Because every one of you has chosen the path, but the way for every one present here has to be absolutely clear, rid of obstacles!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Yes, I will leave this Earth soon, but I know that I leave My Teaching in several reliable centers including yours. Therefore, I can leave with confidence that I have done all that I can. My Teaching is reflected in your books, even in greater detail than I expected.”

“What centers do you mean?”

“A center in Canada, first of all.”

“Is everything all right in our School?”

“Yes, live in peace! Do My work! ‘Green light’ and clear way for you!”

“Do you have any recommendations for us?”

“Everything is clear to you. I put you on a ‘railway’ and you stand on it firmly. You train goes as it has to and in the right direction; the train consisting of several railroad cars.

“There is no need to have too many such ‘cars’: otherwise you may develop earthly attachments. I have invited here a few and will invite some in future. But avoid idle souls and those who are immature ethically and mentally! Only a unit consisting of really strong warriors can easily win. But a crowd scattering at first danger cannot win. Coward people, ‘children’, and ‘omnivorous’ I would not invite: this Path is not for them! Only strong, brave people I invite and will bring to you; such people I bless for this Path! Tomorrow you will know of some of the spiritual warriors, which I mean.”

“Can you recommend something concerning the meditative work?”

“The whole picture of this work is clear for you, so there is no need to ask questions about it.

“I present you with the field for work and give to Myself some rest. In about six years I will come to the Earth in a body again.

“If a train is composed of too many cars, it begins to break. Therefore, you are offered another scheme of work:

“People observe how the train moves and try to create such trains themselves. And to your train only a limited numbers of ‘cars’ will be attached. So, there is a group-center, which represents this train, plus other trains that will try to imitate it and develop their own speed.”



“How H. is doing? He visited India…”

“He spent the time for excursions… Did he do something during these months for God, not for oneself? Ask him this question when he comes. Plus — he decided not to struggle with his vices himself but to hope that someone else does it for him…”

Sacral and Sarkar


“We placed you at the ‘junction of all cross-roads’, gave you an enormous amount of knowledge! Now it is necessary to build a ‘road of ascent’ for many people: from this ‘junction of cross-roads’. So that anyone can choose an optimal and adequate path for oneself — according to own ability to comprehend.

“I make you, Vladimir, the head. All of you have to assume the guidance of the religious life on the Earth. Uniqueness of the knowledge you gained allows you to make this step.

“There are many different directions of the religious life on the Earth, yet there is little positive outcome. The situation on the Earth has to be changed radically! The principle of Spiritual Heart has to be accepted as basis by everyone!

“God is Love and by developing oneself as Love one cognizes Me. There is no other way and cannot be! Rehashing this idea in various ways is your task, the task of every one of you! This current will save many by distracting them from the temptations of hell.

“It is very important to involve into this current those who visit Pacific islands. This prospect of distant future has to be kept in mind. There are many good people in this region that can be involved. There are whole habitations of people who go in the right direction.”



“It is not possible to reach success by devoting to God 10, 20, or even 60% of one’s time! 80% is a boundary state, but it is better to devote more than 80%.

“There is the concept ‘Ishvara Pranithana’ — experiencing that God permeates everything — God as a Teacher. Only having learned to experience God always and everywhere, in every situation, a warrior can win!

“Vladimir, Canada is waiting for you!

“I talked personally with many of those whom you sent mails. And some got interested in your knowledge.

“Many understand the necessity of renewing religious knowledge, but unfortunately, very differently: someone considers it as standing on the head, others — as lying on nails… And only very few understand that one has to strive to become God.

“You have to continue ‘pressure’ through the Internet! So that at least a half of the people living in Canada will get to know about you.”

Sathya Sai Baba

“I am not satisfied that meditation ‘Godcentrism’ is not mastered by some of you.

“One has to work with it as with a mantra. Only it allows one to cognize the Creator in all fullness!”



“God is with you always, wherever you look at, wherever any of you stretches the hands! I am with every one of you, and every one of you knows this!

“Here, nearby, Lao stands. And I am One of the Many, Who are constantly with you, watch the destiny of each of you and guide you. Heaven is open for every student of My… or Our common School.

“It is sad that Heaven is open only for so few of the people living on the Earth…”

Apostle Mark


“Only after forgetting about oneself completely one can become a Vine connecting the Creator’s Abode with the material plane. Even a slightest touch of ego can make the Transparent — muddy.

“Your task is to be always Transparent!”



“How did You manage to collect so many students — so promising?”

“I collected them from the entire Earth, from the entire European part of Russia. I collected students by sending messengers of successful students.”

“I see about 50 people.”

“This is only a small part. Look deeper: there are hundreds of students, whom I brought up during centuries.”

“During several incarnations?”


“… Incarnations of You or of students?”

“I educated them through the bodies of My students. I Myself was here forever.

“But later… everything good in Russia began to fade away…”

“You worked here, in this region? Your forest schools were here?”

“My School was throughout all Russian land! Over centuries I educated promising souls raising one wave of students after another!”

“How did people prepare themselves for this?”

“I ‘shepherded’ them. At that time people were engaged in farming, cultivating the land. A wide network of forest schools was created, where I collected the best students and taught them.

“There was no ashram here — at the place where we are now. The best people were found mainly in the Volga region. In the steppes — not. But in the regions with forests, there were schools. This is why I call them forest schools.”

“What methods of teaching did You use? Did students study the structure of the organism, including chakras and meridians?”

“Certainly, yes. I explained the essence of the structure of the Absolute and methods of self-development. ‘How’ and ‘what’ — I have described, in general.

“Bring people here, so that everyone may experience Me, My Essence, even as at the place of Lao!”

“May one call You Svarog?”

“Svarog is a generalized name. It was not a name of some particular Divine Teacher. This is an equivalent of appellation of God-the-Father, the Creator.

“Bring people here! Here I manifest Myself more vividly than at the place of our first acquaintance. I manifest Myself here in all fullness!”

“How did You manage to achieve such a result: so many students of Yours became a Part of the Creator?”

“The main point is to know well that, which your group has cognized and continues cognizing. Then, after the end of life in the body, everything becomes all right! If one remembers this well, then there is nothing special to do: everything happens naturally, by itself.”

“Can You advice us as a School something concerning students, methods?”

“If you could write a book about Me Ancient Russia — the Country of God?! This book could make a small beginning for collecting around you souls with good potential. Over many years, a small sprout could begin to mature. Write that it is not praying in temples but transformation of oneself constitutes the main essence of transfiguration of a common person into God! Among flowers, singing birds, rustling leaves, or opening spring buds one has to find the Main Essence of Beingness!

“Now let us talk about something else.

“Vishnu is spring!

(Jokingly): “I would take you into a journey to places of My ashrams, but you have no money for travelling, so someone else will have to write the book Ashrams of Vishnu. Also you would need a cart for going around!”

“Was the word Vishnu known in the ancient Russia?”

“Yes. Vishnu and Assyris are different words, but they mean the same: Rising Sun and Spring.”

“By what name you were called in Russia?”

“Assyris is the main Essence of Me as God. Vishnu… — too. Vishnu — Visna — Vesna11… Vishnu-Vesna is just transformation of the word.”

“Could you advise us something concerning the coming days?”

(After long silence): “Russia now is a country deaf to God! None can be found here! I found you and, ahead of time, tried to say you that there will be many worthy students. But in reality — centuries will pass before many such people will be found…”

Maenuel and Assyris


“There is no one abroad to invite here. Therefore, live in peace, be engaged in self-development!

“To direct efforts outside is meaningful only in case of giving information, not inviting someone!

“The general task is to make the entire world to speak of your knowledge — throughout the Earth. You have to make this knowledge widely known, widely available, make this knowledge easily ‘downloadable’ from the Internet!

“The most important thing for you is to listen Me attentively! You should make no wrong step!

“Yes — to informing, no — to inviting!”



“Calm is the main thing in motion!

“It is not possible to master quickly complex meditative states! This requires time, this requires gradual growth of the consciousness! This is why you have had a break. It is not possible to ascend ceaselessly! Recall the law of sinusoid. The most important point here is not to allow oneself going down at descending intervals of the sinusoid.

“I am proud of taking part in work with you! All Teachers are proud of you! The success is real and firm! It is worth the efforts!”

Juan Matus

“Who said that the material world has to bring you pleasure?! I will never allow you to ‘build a cozy nest’ here for ‘worldly’ pleasure!

“See how the material plane can give wrong satisfaction! When at the material plane everything goes well, people quite easily stick to it with their indriyas! This is why God does not give full coziness and wellness in the world of matter!

“However, the material world is actual only while your indriyas wander in it…

“By the way, by indulging in the desires of the body one can never become its master!”

Sathya Sai Baba

“Why sometimes a pain may arise when you go the spiritual Path? It is related to the motives that drive you.

“If you stretch you hands to Me with love, then there is no pain, there is only joy of Mergence! Because I am Love and receive love into Me!

“If you seek just liberation, if you want just to become free from the fetters, then this is the way of egoism! It has no love! And the result is pain and despair…”



“Mornings in Canada are the same as here! It would be so good for you find in Canada a shore like this! You can call much more people into Me!”

“Could You advise us how to establish contacts in Canada? What can we do more?”

“Everything goes well. You just have to wait.”



(Showing how it is good to work with all latest meditations in the north part of Ontario). “That which you, Vladimir, have created in Russia now is needed by no one here, except for few people. Therefore, it would be good for some of you to emigrate to Canada. Many Divine Teachers wait you there wishing to speak through you to the people of the Earth.

“… Ethical purity in a promising spiritual person has to become absolutely unconditional. Yet, one cannot achieve it immediately when he is ordered.

“Ethical purity has to become coessential to the soul!”

John the Baptist


“John, how did You attain the Divinity? Did You incarnate after Your well-known incarnation?”

“I incarnated in Australian region then, traveled on a ship between Australia and New Zealand.

“I am waiting for a long time the moment when serious spiritual work starts there! At present, there are promising children. Among adults, there are very few such people. These children were incarnated specially for this School of Ours.

“You have to provide people on all the Earth with the highest knowledge! This is the mission of the School!”


“I created the ashram here so that it may exist for ages! And I am sad that the only School which cognized Me is going to leave there.

“Yes, Canada is needed to God: many good people are incarnated there! Yet, in this country, Our and your tradition is very needed too! Therefore, I ask and hope that someone will stay here, someone who could help the seekers of the true knowledge with describing God, Me, in as much detail as you, Vladimir, did! I repeat: Russia too has to have a direct succession from you! Here, in Russia, a hearth of the highest spiritual knowledge has to remain!

“Now your School is not replenished with students anymore. But if after centuries some seeker wakes up, someone who wants to know Me even as you did, then such a person highly deserves help! There will be such people in centuries! Therefore, the School must exist here too! I exhort you to leave in these lands, in these forests a good student, who can ensure the succession of generations.”

Bright New Moon

“I will accompany you in Canada. ‘The maple leaf country’ is very congenial to Me! I know many people there who need your help very much!

“… As to Russia… From time to time, there will be flashes of emotions of love to the Creator in people, which have to be supported. It is for the sake of them that your fires have to burn in these forests…”


“Peace to you, My best friends on the Earth!

“I am so happy to teach you the art of the highest meditations! There is no greater happiness for God than to observe growth of the students like you! Each one of you will understand it very well after disembodiment!

“Now diasporization takes place: new diasporas of the School arise. This is very good! One principle has to be retained, which all you know well: the Goal is one: into Me!, into the Ocean of the Creator! Let every self drown in Me and became Me, a Part of Me! Let everyone attain full realization of One Higher Self! Every One Who found Me knows this!”



“You have to care about Me by caring about people not only in the country that you were charged with at the moment, but throughout the entire planet!”

“How our proposals are accepted in Canada?”

“The people’s freedom of will… The concept of the freedom of will is well known to you… One has to approach it with understanding… Every one of the embodied people has a right to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’…

“And be always ready to the most unexpected change of the situation!

“It is not by chance that you were ordered to take no action until December: because the situation may change depending on the exercising the freedom of will by people. The end of November will make many things clear.

“Charge yourselves with concern for people over all the Earth! Over all the Earth! Not only in the Sweden and Canada!

“And now you have to just watch the march of events.”



“There is a ‘General Plan’ of your service and future development. This Plan is Mine. But now it is too premature to start realizing it. This summer will show everything and eliminate the distinctions which prevent you now from coming to this new stage.

“Now continue working on yourselves and helping those related with you.

“Also — ‘inform, but not invite!’ all others.

“Let ‘dogs’ bark at you from all sides — do not be afraid! The victory is always Mine! As to these ‘dogs’ — I will throw them into the blazing inferno of hell!”



“Defects of a Student of God, i.e. of the one whom God needs as a Teacher, I correct with very harsh hand! My hand is light and tender when I caress My dear children. But requirements to a Student of God are quite different because a Student of God has to do great deeds among people!

“… It is time for you to create a diaspora. In past you gather, now you have to disperse, create branches: to switch from centripetality to centrifugality. The work of expanding has to proceed by the efforts of students. And your task, Vladimir, is to direct, to correct.

“It is time for many of you to create own hearths of spiritual culture. And this work has been started already.”



“New Zealand is the place very dear to God. Every of the God’s students, who found oneself there, achieved significant evolutionary progress. One of the reasons of this is that this land is rich with places of power. Crystallization of the consciousness goes there much faster then in your lands.”


“Hugs to you all!

“From now on, the Earth is not ‘yours’, Vladimir, and is not your friend’s! Yours is Heaven now! This is for all of you! I proclaim to you, Vladimir, and to all who are with you full Freedom!

“On the Earth everything will go swimmingly. The stage of ‘straining’ oneself in the matters of earthly service has to be finished as soon as possible, so that full Freedom may come, at last!”

“Is there any undertaking planned by us which we should not do?”

“No, there is no such undertaking. However, this stage has to be finished as soon as possible!

“Up to now, you did everything right except for several faults.

“The stage of Service, in the form it is now, has to be finished! The full Freedom has to come! You have to look at Heaven only!”



“Never before you understood so clearly as now that it is possible to realize the spiritual potential only if God-the-Father was chosen as the main Goal of one’s life. This is why God proclaimed the thesis of monotheism!

“Only the one who devotes the life completely to Me, who ‘puts the head on My lap’ can be named, at the end of making all efforts, Me!

“Indeed, the life of true monks is easy and blissful! One just has to know and accept fully the situation or scheme of interaction that obstacles are created by Me! It is not by chance that Babaji told you about the Head wind12. Only they can realize themselves who overcome this Head wind. The Head wind is this nagual (or one of the nagual’s manifestations) a meeting with which is hardly advisable, hardly sensible, hardly safe13 for those who are not ready yet to become Me in the current incarnation.

“Therefore, once more I exhort you, Vladimir, and all of you: never accept anyone into your group of the worthiest ones but those about whom I told you and will tell later. For the rest — books and films. For them it is enough!”


“And now I propose you to look at the events on the material plane in such a way as if every one of you is already Me, in the non-incarnate state. Let your eyes look at Me from the Depth of Me.

“… The next students for you will be from Australian region, Sweden, Denmark, Canada.

“You should not expect anyone from Russia. Though, you should continue the work started, which brings good fruits.

“When spring birds begin to sing, I will create a new expanse for your souls! And now — continue the work you started. Amen!”


“About Ukraine you were said everything you need. One has to create there a new hearth with a full set of all places of power necessary for cognizing God-the-Father.”



“My Will consisted in teaching you what is ‘black’ and what is ‘white’, what is God and what is devil. The time of studying this is coming to an end.

“I created Bhagavad Gita for people with the purpose of teaching them to distinguish this.

“I am present everywhere!

“Love Me everywhere!

“Moreover, one has to be Me and love from Me.

“Every one of you is capable of becoming Me in all fullness.”


“Keeping on the palms everything living, one has to extend the hands of the consciousness farther and farther! Keep on the palms not only the world of prakriti but the world of souls as well. One has to extend the hands as far as possible!

“Do not forget: such work has to be done in the sate of Mergence with Me! — the Creator of the Earth and all nations.

“The next question is where to choose the best place for such work?…

“… Even as you, I am waiting for spring — when black grouses will sing!

“Now — it is the ‘season’ for working hard on oneself!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“It is remarkable that you mastered this stage! I am leaving the Earth soon and you have to assume the work begun by Me to continue it!”



“The main activity will take place in spring.

“You may inform the people abroad about the films when both Sattvas are ready.

“There will be an effect! There is an effect already! People will watch the films, enjoy them!

“Do not ‘disturb’ people in Russia any more! All was done right! All who needed this information have received it!

“Let us cease this activity in Russia for the foreseeable future except single cases of distributing books and films. Let us not publish new book now. Concrete help should be given only to worthy candidates from other countries.

“When the films are ready, you will have to send the information about them around to other countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands etc. First of all — to biologists including ecologists.

“Now you have to look at the coming spring! The most important thing now is the spirit of spring! You have to get filled with the spirit of spring!”



“Do not ‘run after’ anyone in Russia anymore! You have to accept emotionally this for oneself right now! At present, there is no one for you in Russia except for people I have collected already!

“In spring there will be an expanse for growth of the souls!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Why You were with us so rarely during last months?”

(Laughing): “I am always with you: one My hand, left, is always under your bodies, the other one is over you, caresses you.

“Yes, there are very few bright people like you on the Earth at present.”

“What: the Earth is dying spiritually?”

“No. Everything depends on our common efforts.

“In Russia there is no one like you at present; probably, only after 10 years someone will ‘perk up’. Therefore, I bless you to service in other countries!

“Lately you seek needed people not in the right direction. Remember? — it was said to you that you have to seek them among green fields, not in the buildings of scientific institutions? Try to seek them where there is an expanse for growth of souls, where it is possible to experience huge hands of the spiritual heart that can support all living beings!”



“Could you suggest something concerning our work?”

“Fearlessly, resolutely carry out this plan of God! Your main task is to become Representatives of God-the-Father on the Earth! The form of your service depends on how each of you realizes this task inside yourself.

“Your social activity depends on My Will, conditions around you, and on what part of this burden each of you can bear...”



“I will crush anyone who dares to harm! I will make the way for you on the Earth ‘hacking through the thicket’. You should not be afraid: neither of Me, of course, nor of malevolent people! I — God — will do our common work! I protect your bodies with My Fiery Shield!

“From the standpoint of service let us direct the attention to publishers, television, and radio. The task at present is not to collect ‘crumbs’ but to change the world outlook of masses of people! For the first time I set you a task this way.

“That which I have said should become a law for you!”



“You have to save people! Save people!

“Some bodies smoke already at the ruins of the temple built in past: feet, hands are scorched by the fire of hell.

“Send around the information as quickly as possible overcoming all earthly adversities! Send around the knowledge about Me!

“Waste no single day, no single minute! Save all people and all creatures evolving on the Earth! Do it for the sake of Me!

“If even one of them is saved, you merit will be great!

“Do it for the sake of Me!”



“Place the emphasis on help to children.

“Direct your attention now to UN and to other international organizations and programs.

“Contacts with UN imply not searching for concrete students but BROADCASTING!”




“Now it is the best opportunity for interacting with UN.

“After Nairobi inform the University of UN in Japan.

“In Oceania there is an island where there is a School of seekers of the Truth.”

John the Baptist, Ngomo, and Kayr


“Pay the highest attention to expanding the service through UN.

“What concerns meditations — you has gradually achieved the summit of the knowledge which will allow you to master dissolving your bodies in Me completely. We will work on this around the spring and during the spring.

“Do not doubt! In front of you — giant, great goal! I will guide you in this.”



“I receive all of you into Myself! You lived your lives not in vain!

“If I am receiving you, I am in you, you are in Me — then you should not be bothered by difficulties! Be it threatening14 or something else — you have to live in a ‘relaxed state’ in relation to the world of physical bodies.”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Vladimir, your service has not really begun yet! It is expected from you!”

Elizabeth Haich


“With all My heart — I am with you! I know very well how it is difficult to solve the earthly problems!

“You are not on narrow roads at the initial part of the Path, where one can get easily lost and turn back. You are on its middle part, on a wide solid road, from where it is impossible to turn back, impossible to go astray.

“But the main is waiting you ahead…”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Yes, the first third of the Path is trails where people easily lose the direction. The second third is straight and solid road from which one cannot turn. You are on it now. And the last third implies going to the End of the Path, where one gains full steadiness of being Me and My power. On this part of the Path, one cannot go looking back — at the beginner students. One has to move fully and steadily there where there is only Me! This is why I leave you alone using these ‘complex methods’.”



“People watch the films, read the books… But grandiosity of knowledge expounded in your materials frightens them and… repels.

“People mature intellectually and capable of encompassing this knowledge are found in Canada. In Ontario, there are whole groups of such people who try to grope the Truth but have not managed yet. I would like to put them into your embrace, but there was no slightest contact between you and them up to now…”



“Black grouses will sing soon! You have to be there! I want to teach you among black grouses’ songs: teach the way of going deeper into Me!

“You, Vladimir, do not know what is awaiting you, therefore it makes no sense to conjure about it!

“Let this work every day be work for Me, not for oneself — only such work I bless! There should be no slightest selfish motives! Only Me!

“Learn to act from Me: having become Me act with My Hand, with My Hands!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“Now it is time to complete shifting fully self-awareness into the Creator.

“This requires not only ethical purity and full devotion, but also one needs to bring the energies of the body to the first Brahmanic level of subtlety.

“Plus — the ability to live in total reciprocity, because the Creator is reciprocal to an individual self.


“Let all your dreams and intentions become Mine!

“Let all you aspirations become Mine!

“Let all your decisions become Mine!

“Let all your love become My Love!

“Let all your actions become Mine!

“Let all your desires become Mine!

“Let all your life become Mine!”



“Every soul has its own problems, but if you forget Me because of them…

“Do you want to know what are My problems now? People have forgotten that there is God! They have forgotten that one can smile to Me, rejoice at Me, LOVE ME!

“I want you to stand to full height — in order to do My Work and help solving My problems.

“Only from full Mergence with Me all the further work is possible (both meditative and the service)! Only thus you can continue!

“… The body is not yours, I gave it to you. Reconcile yourself to the fact that it is not yours! Rid yourself of a habit of considering it yours, allow Me to enter into it and control it completely!”



“There will be no students from Russia in next 10 years! This is not a trick for redirecting your attention but a real fact. The freedom of will of people living in Russia does not favor anyone to want to fall in love with Me seriously! Search for new students in Russia can give no result. I wanted to show Myself to many, yet none desired this! One has to search abroad.

“Your task at present is complete Merging with Me! Only when this process is finished, when this new stage of cognizing Me is finished for you — only then you can invite new people. And I Myself will come to you as a student!”

“ ?”

“This is not a joke. There is a boy who prepares to the mission of an Avatar. He should start studying in your School, Vladimir.”

“Where is He? In Russia?”

“No, abroad.

“… You have to continue the process of overcoming the static inertia of the body’s cells.

“It is necessary that this matter become Mine, you have to learn to offer this matter to Me — then this work is done by Me — for the sake of you and for My sake as well. Now it is the final stage of that process when the matter purged of all coarse energies has to transform into the moving Divine Consciousness.”

Sathya Sai Baba


“If some international organization gets interested in you, then it will be possible to establish a Center in Russia where seekers of Me can come together. Let us discuss this point at the end of summer.

“You have to continue spreading the knowledge over all the Earth. Spread the knowledge I presented you with!

“I bless creation of a new film. I fully trust your professionalism. I see no reason to introduce any My idea.”

“What can you advise concerning the coming program?”

“This is a question to Jeremy. And I want to give you an advice: never look at human filth, various human filth. Heaven is your destiny. He who looks at Heaven is accepted by Me into Myself!”



“My dear, when there is no ‘you’ in the body, then I fill it. Only then — God enters the body and manifests Himself in it and through it! And then:


“… The eyes with which God looks cannot see bad!

“The mouth with which God speaks can say only the words of God!

“The heart in which God lives cannot not love!

“The body belonging to God completely cannot be sick!


“Learn to see with My Eyes!

“Learn to speak with My Mouth!

“Learn to love with My Heart!

“Learn to act with My Hands!

“Learn to live My Life!”



“Fully devoted disciples are present here.

“Let ‘mutts’ bark at you. I will protect you from them and from their adverse practical actions.

“Let Me turn back to the question of what is My role in the life of every one of you.

“Understand: one has to merge with Me!

“Vladimir, the Abode is yours, but not to the extent I wish it to be! Look how Sathya Sai Baba acts on the Earth. You have to become similar to Him in the coming years! I am expecting the same from every one of you!

“This requires you to attain new level…”


“I want you to know that every One of Us will do everything to help all of you to attain this level!

“Your group was formed not by chance. I collected you during centuries, so that here in Russia may appear this ‘small flock’ composed of spiritual warriors, who cognized Me in all fullness, as I am. Many things in the future of Russia depend on yours and Ours efforts.”



“An individual consciousness has to dissolve its individualness in the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. Then the body and cocoon will change from density and heterogeneity to ‘a source’, ‘an opening’, ‘a hole’ in the multidimensionality, through which the Ocean will roll freely Its Pure Waters.

“Stop experiencing oneself not only as a body but as an individual soul as well!

“Embrace All the Earth with your intense love and forget about yourself!

“Then My Divine Stream will flow through the body!”


“O. has proven that she is ready to live for My sake, not for oneself. I need only such people, not others!

“Ptahotep has finished His work in Russia and redirects His attention to Egypt.”

“Are there in Egypt promising people whom we can contact?”

“A new age of the development of this country is coming. The sphere of your activity is Eurasia and American continent plus the islands mentioned.”



“I am representing the Main Essence for you here, in Russian forests, in order to impart this knowledge to you, to make you alike to Me in this harsh, distant from India country.

“I found you, you found Me. And now, after many years since our first acquaintance, I am initiating you to the deepest mysteries of My Being.

… (Pointing at the countries of South East Asia): “During many centuries God sent the light of the highest knowledge from these countries to the so-called Western civilization, one wave after another. Each such a wave gives some fruits. Yet, the main hearth of culture is in such counties as India, Cambodia, Laos, and other countries around.

“The reason of spiritual aspirations of people, as you know, not in technocracy: technocracy has nothing to do with this. The reason is in unconcern. The word unconcern has two opposite sides: lack of concern for one’s own destiny and the destiny of the neighbors and freedom from attachments to the material plane.

“Look at the way of life of so-called savages. There is a roof made of palm leaves, bananas, or reed stems, which protects from rain — and these people have no problem! When the stage of adolescent passions ends, such a person submerges into contemplation of non-material world.

“The intellect is developed not necessarily through computer games and other amusements of the material plane. During centuries, people developed the intellect in search for Me — among cries of elephants, hubbub of monkey flocks.

“The ‘west’ forced people to seek a habitat for themselves in the conditions of cold winter and scarce food. The ‘east’ is a direct contemplation of Me for those who attained the ability to study this ‘immense field’.

“Your School, originated from Me, is another wave for spreading the knowledge from ‘east’ to ‘west’.

“This wave has made great effect on many minds already. Yet… this is too little in general!

“The movement I talked about recently is this very wave which unites Me and all those people of ‘west’ and ‘east’ who want sincerely to cognize Me as I am.

“Let it be a wide road that would connect the hearts of people of the ‘west’ and ‘east’ — through the ocean — to America! Such is your task. Your ‘hands’ should be distributed between here and there to stir the minds of people. And this will launch another wave uniting the people of the ‘east’ and ‘west’… First, renovation should take place on the ‘east’, and then it will expand to the ‘west’. For this, you have to try all possible contacts.

“The task is to transfer this knowledge to the American continent: to ‘throw a bridge’ that would connect South East Asia and the American continent — across Europe.

“You have to try to establish contacts at the governmental level of the named countries, in the scientific-religious circles.

“Experience yourselves a living band, which has to encircle 2/3 of the globe. This band originates in Me, its source is in Me. This is a road with many people on it, which has to be built with your and My efforts, for the sake of Me! Rejoice!

“… And now — absorb Me by every cell of your bodies! This morning is for you!”

Your Babaji from Haidakhan


“My Love knows no limits in relation to you all! You glorify Me and the Father!

“Let Me give you last directions concerning the Main Goal in cognizing Me:

“Never indulge sinecurists15. Only those who make every effort working on My field, who open the hearts of people to cognition of My Divine Depths — only those I love with all My Divine passion! All We do Our best to bring such people to the very end of cognition of Me in the Depths of Me — in all fullness!

“Throughout the Earth, throughout the entire universe — material passions boil — passions of those who do not know Me yet.

“And I choose — among tens of millions — only the most worthy ones to give them the knowledge that I am present everywhere, in the depths of every being, also in the depth under the material plane.

“And only sometimes I manifest Myself there where ordinary people may see.

“Now look at Me as I am here among you. (One can see His Countenance and goldish Divine Fire.) I propose to continue studying Me under the surface of this Ocean of the Absolute — to study Me where the Gate is open to the Abode of Heavenly Father!

“I am a Vine. Study now: what it means! Thus I said about Myself when I was incarnated among people.

“There, in the Depths of the Father, I am present everywhere! Cognize Me there!

“In the any part of the Creator’s Abode you may find Me… And learn from Me!

“Every One of Us knows this and came Here through this: the hands of the consciousness, the anahata between them, one embraces with these hands all space around!

“It is not in vain that I, Ptahotep, Krishna, Lao, Eagle and Other taught you to keep on the palms all creatures!

“Prepare for a journey! Do not forget that which I said! You can meet My Love everywhere! I will be among you always! Preach Me from the Depths of the Father, bring the Truth there where people are capable of understanding Me! This is the only thing that I call you to.”

Sathya Sai Baba


“I am Everything. I am in every being and in the depth of the planet, I am Atman of every one and I am Paramatman!

“I can manifest all this trough My body. And I want to teach you this.

“I manifest Myself on any plane of Existence.

“This is My face; become every hair on My head, every ray of Love in My look, every bit of warmth in My smile!

“I can manifest Myself everywhere!

“I and the Father are One. I am the entire Ocean and Its Depths!

“I am Prema!

“I am Sathya!

“I am Ananda!

“I am presenting this with Myself not only on the highest planes but also among people in the world of matter.

“Grow with all your love into My Being!

“Cognize further the state: ‘I am the Ocean!’

“Come to know how I live: I allow everyone to be, to grow, to develop, and to cognize Me without preventing each consciousness to remain itself.

“I am dwelling in everyone and in everything, in the Depth under everything!

“I am One Primordial Ocean!

“Inside and outside, mixing with nothing, — I am!

“And My body too is filled with the Ocean of Me — very consciously!”



“Look at Our scales, at the scales of the Divine Teachers! The entire planet is within Our reach! Every creature appealing to Us receives either help or refusal depending on… But none is left without Our attention!”


“I am visiting all nooks of the Earth, all countries, and everywhere I look into the souls of people. All We do like this: We watch who wants what, how people perceive the things. This is why the plans of your service on the Earth change so often.

“Unfortunately, the souls capable of perceiving the Supreme plans are too few on the Earth. So, it is necessary to ‘maneuver’ among the souls, to try to find at each moment those, who are capable of perceiving.

“And this depends on many factors, including busyness of minds and new ideas coming into minds. Only when for seeking people there is no inflow of fresh information — only then they are capable to perceive what I want to tell them.

“Now, do you understand, and does each of you understand, how difficult is the work on introducing fundamentally new knowledge?

“My children, remember about Me constantly! I am taking care of you constantly, and I hope that no one of you doubts My love.

“Let Me suggest that you assume the responsibility for people to a larger extent.”


“I initiate you into My Yoga, as you wanted. Are you satisfied?”


“Do you have problems or questions?”

“No. Everything was explained.”

“My dear, accept My greetings!”



“Recall the stages which you have mastered. It will be useful for the future generations. Recall how you made your first steps: shavasana, psychophysical exercises, concentrating oneself in the anahata of the body etc… — until you cognized Me — the Primordial Consciousness, the Deepest Layer of the Ocean of the Absolute…

“Also you know well that God has many Names and all His Names are beautiful!”

“The knowledge that you possess is unique! But so few people know this!

“I have not found anyone who could carry this knowledge about Me to people, except you, Vladimir! Therefore, your success is so pleasing for Me and for all Divine Teachers Whom you know and do not know!

“You have much to know and to do for My sake, being One with Me. And let this trail, paved by you, be never forgotten by people! (He shows how this trail is turned by the feet of students into a wide well trodden road).

(Pointing at the USA): “There, for the first time over these years a center is being formed into which Russians in America are also involved. I initiated two such centers and it is going to be fine! All attention should be directed there!

“The USA is the country which possesses an enormous economic, political, and mental potential, the latter is the most important! This country is ready now to start advancing the knowledge I offer in the scale of all the Earth.

“You have to understand the situation of the ‘Russian America’: it should support Russia, which remains dear to it!

“Hesychasm, raja yoga, the polemic aspect of discussing the beingness — these are three matters which are interesting to the people in America contrary to Russia.”


“Your task consists in making all the Earth to know about new, true understanding of the meaning of man’s existence!”

Assyris and Lao

“To shine with the Sun of God — this is what Assyris taught in His forest schools.

“How can you leave this land?! You have to arrange here an ashram with tents, you have to start educating people here from all corners of the Earth! Russia lags behind in its spiritual development, and all the Earth lags. So, Our task is to develop them!

“You self-sacrificial service to God on the Earth has to be performed here! Here you have to restore the methods, which, at present, are unknown to the totality of people on the Earth! These are the methods of Lao, Assyris, Kayr, Jesus… — all of Us!

“A center has to be established here! You have to cover this entire field with tents! Let it be an oasis for pure and bright souls on the Earth!

“The initial level of buddhi yoga has to be taught where the students live and here you should invite only the most promising ones. It will be a center for training instructors.

“Now it is time to inform the USA as much as possible!

“God constantly makes attempts to make people listen to Him, yet He always takes into account the freedom of will of every one…

“… But the service should never shade your own work on studying Me!”

Babaji and Kayr


“Look: there is the Ocean of Me, which includes variety of creatures in Me. All is interrelated. Every your emotion, action, thought has a reaction in the Absolute — in the Single ‘Whole’. Act tenderly, carefully, and, at the same time, — resolutely! Act — from Me!

“Interacting with every soul — vegetal, animal, human — feel them as parts of Me… In everybody, in everyone — feel Me. And live like this…

“I never coerce anyone. I just create circumstances in which everyone makes choice. Respect the freedom of choice!

“Everything coming to your life, even tortures, you can receive from Me with gratitude. Realize: everything coming to you goes from Me — for the good of you as a soul!

“And in the Depth of the Ocean of Paramatman you and I are One!”



“You have to revise the entire program of the School’s work. Now you should aim not at a small monastic center, but at worldwide spreading of your knowledge over all the Earth!

“For realization of this task the program has to be different than it was before. The emphasis has to be made not on training instructors but on spreading your knowledge in the scale of the planet! Realization of this plan implies involving many people from different countries.

“Is the task clear for you? Remember it well! Then I and all of Us will enroll needed people round the globe.”



“The Higher Self of any one of you is identical with the Primordial Universal Consciousness.

“You cognized this in practice.

“You know how to teach this.

“This is a unique situation! This is a way to Me for people of all the Earth!”

Sathya Sai Baba


(Addressing O.): “You have to become a pure source shedding My Knowledge to people — to those who do not know and do not hear Me yet!

“Manifest Me with yourself!

“The purity of your perception of Me has to be absolute, without any touch of self.

“My Love has to stream from your eyes, from your heart, manifest in your words and actions, in your way of life on the Earth!

“Serving Me through giving My Knowledge to people is that which I want from you, from all of you! And I can do it only through bodies of incarnate people, through your bodies, in particular.”



“Learn from Me! These are My Hands, Healing Divine Hands originating from the Abode of the Father and coessential to Him. Everything that I touch by these Hands gets filled with the Divine Light of Love.

“I touch bodies — and diseases, nesting in them as isolated foreign energies, get dissolved, losing individual envelopes and with them losing the ability and power for continuing their destructive work.

“Your hands too can heal. Be always a Vine! Then by your hands the Father will help people healing bodies and souls.”

Juan Matus

“Expanding oneself to Infinity with the help of the hands of the developed spiritual heart — this I consider the most important thing in the life of a warrior, since one really became a warrior! All the rest will come by itself. Has almost come.”

“What about America?”

“America and films worth nothing compared to that which I have said about. The main task is further merging with Me!

“You cannot find anyone who would encompass this knowledge of a warrior, which We have imparted to you! You cannot find anyone who would be devoted to the Creator as much as those I collected around you! Therefore, spiritual, as you call it, activity on the Earth has little value compared to further cognition of Me.

“None of you is going to disembody in the nearest future. But it is the highest bliss! — to experience oneself without body, to experience the full Freedom of God if you are worthy of it: the Freedom to be everywhere, in everything, doing everything you want!

“In this lies the main criterion of allowing people into the Abode of the Creator: one has to desire to do only good for all! Nothing for oneself, there has to be no shade of selfishness, malice or negative emotions in general, directed at others!

“The first thing which one has to do is to rid Oneself of ‘oneself’: of all that constitutes the lower self. Then Heaven opens for such a person! This should be taught!

“Only those to whom the Father’s Abode is near I would allow to study in our School. Yet, there is no such person on the Earth at present. Attachments prevent! The culture of spiritual life faded on the Earth!

“Sathya Sai Baba — He has given so much to people! Yet, they managed to comprehend so little of it!

“Nevertheless, one has to continue trying to help people.”



“Help from you as a Guru is little yet, because you directed your service at the chosen part of people, not at many — to aim them at karma yoga.

“Karma yoga, i.e. working selflessly for the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, is this very railway on which one has to put people from the very beginning until the end of their Path. By this railway of selfless work, they will be able to come to the Creator’s Abode. And there they will cognize Me in all fullness.

“It is too premature to end your earthly service. Up to now, you were aimed at Me, at seeking the Main Essence — Me, the Goal of all people, and also at studying the Absolute. And it is too soon to set a new task for you now: you have not reached the very end, have not accustomed yourselves to live in Me constantly. But one should respect the people working selflessly and call others to such work. This is the way of destroying egocentrism, substitution of centripetal desires with centrifugal motives of love.

“Pay attention, Vladimir, how little you were given by other people! This is so because you always stood for yourself, did not involve others into our common work! While in the physical world even slightest enthusiasm of some fool often causes in people around emotions of selfless support of this fool, support of foolish undertakings.

“I suggest that you pay more attention to this phenomenon.”


“This is why only a small book is left from the Teaching of Babaji, but He is known in many countries. He called, involved people…”

Sathya Sai Baba


(Addressing S.): “Do not shift responsibility for your spiritual development to other people! Only you are responsible for your spiritual growth — responsible in front of God! All We can only help, can only create favorable conditions for growth, but you have to grow yourself! No one can do it for you!

“You have to become a teacher for yourself, accept yourself as a student, i.e. take in your own hands the planning of your spiritual education. This has to become a habit, an integral part of your life — even as eating, sleeping, washing.

“Purity of the consciousness, its health and growth — this is what you have to care about constantly! And your aspiration towards the Creator, towards Merging with Him will help you very much.

“What is needed for this? — aspiration, spiritual practices, service, Godcentrism! All this you have to do not for oneself but for God! Give to Him all your intentions, successes and failures, devote your entire life to Him, and do this consciously!

“… My dear, I love you all and exert every effort to make you Perfect! Of course, by Perfect I mean not that which is contained in your bodies. The Perfection is cognized on the scale of the universe.

“But you have to make a lot of efforts so that I can place your bodies in the eon of the Primordial Consciousness.

“Many thanks to all you and especially to you, Vladimir, from Me, Eaglestform, Kayr, and All — for many hundreds of efforts which were made and being made for the good of the Evolution of Me, Universal God!”



(Laughing): “I ‘caught’ You! I made you to do that which I wanted from you over your many incarnations!

“Many more people have to ‘fall into the trap’ which swallows and does not let one back except as Emanations of the Creator… The ‘trap’ shuts down its doors…”

Odin (White Finn)


“I was born and grew on this Finnish land. Many Finns I led to the Creator’s Abode. But I meet Russian spiritual warriors here for the first time and am very glad of it!

“But I ask you not to forget about the affliction of Finnish nation suffered guiltlessly during the World War II.”



“You should publish new book on the methodology of Hesychasm and distribute it by all means abroad: so that this knowledge becomes available to people of all the Earth.

“As for miracles — I will make them behind your back!”

Danish Lady Gott


“It was Me who arranged the situation with Ukraine. In this country, there are plenty of young souls who will be inspired with the possibility of opening the spiritual heart! You should put emphasis on work with young people of senior school age. When they grow up, they will contribute to the cause of good in Ukraine and in every place where they will live.”


“This autumn new places await you. You have plenty of work to do on self-development. It is not finished at all.

“In the middle of summer — service, then — new places of power, we will go to forests again!

“I am very glad for you! Together with you I am experiencing again that happiness which I came to know when cognizing Myself as the Higher Self!

“You, Vladimir, changed many human souls to good! And a lot of good you will do in the coming years!”

Wrestler and Ngomo

“Do not think, that the idea of service on a scale of the planet is only for inspiring you with optimism. No, it is not an illusion, but reality!”

Odin (White Finn)

“Service! It was not really started by you! Say nothing of finishing it!

“Throughout the whole planet you have to arrange camps for teaching children — ‘miniashrams’!

“Inform through the Internet pedagogues of various countries… Involve in this work all your human resources! Republish the books! Spiritual Work with Children has to be translated into other languages!”

“What about financial support?”

“Yes, this problem is not solved yet… You have to prepare instructors too! Not for teaching the highest methods but just the basic course!

“… This Finnish land is yours by right: by right of the children of the One Father! Keep on the palms its lakes, stroke the stones covered with moss within, sway the tops of the pines by the wind!…

“… I am filling with Myself-Creator everything from within and caress by Myself-Brahman16 from outside. Thus I influence everything — outside and inside.

“Remember Me!

“So that My white locks of the hair,

“Like waves from My Primordial Depths,

“Rise around you wherever you are…

“And Odin — One and Eternal —

“Appears as a Passage into the Creator’s Abode for people.

“Remember Me!

“So that the look becomes One!

“So that One Heart

“Fastens the Calm of the Ocean

“With Its Hands!


“You cannot forget this! —

“What I have given you!

“Come — as Love — to My lakes,

“Rise as the Sun of God over them! And shine!”

Sathya Sai Baba


“It is necessary for Me that both you and that what I have done through you become as known to people on the Earth as what I have done through Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, and nowadays I do in India Myself.”



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