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"God is Love. And to become closer to Him we have to transform ourselves into Love. The only way to realize this goal is conscious volitional control of own emotions: avoiding coarse emotional states and cultivating subtle ones."

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What is God
"... Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."

What is man
"... Man is... consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory..."

The meaning of life
"The question of the meaning of one’s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his\her development..."

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Evolution of the Universal Consciousness
Multidimensional structure of the universe. All taking place in it is the evolutionary process of the Higher Consciousness.

God, Man, Evolution

Let me start this chapter from the statement that the universal space is really (and not only mathematically) multidimensional and consists of 7 main layers of multidimensionality (eons, lokas). The scheme demonstrating how they are located with respect to each other and a more detailed description of them were published by us several times [2,3,10,11], thus we are not going to discuss this subject in detail here.

The layers of multidimensionality of space differ, first of all, by the degree of the subtlety of the energies that fill them. The deepest and the most subtle layer of the universal multidimensional “Ocean of emanations” (i.e. the Absolute) is the loka of the Primordial Consciousness, Which in different languages may have different names: God-the-Father, the Creator, the Heavenly Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Shiva, Odin etc.

The eon of the opposite end of the “scale of multidimensionality” is hell — “the waste of the Evolution”. It is the abode of the energetically coarsest beings. They are those who accustomed themselves during life in the embodied state to be in coarse emotional states.

Now, is it clear why God advises us to live in the emotions of tender love and not anger, condemnation, irritation, malice, hatred?…

… It is not always easy to change one’s own character to better. One simply does not know how to do it. In this situation one can get some help from the system of psychical self-regulation based on mastering the functions of chakras [5], which are the organs responsible (among other things) for producing our emotions.

The main chakra of every one of us is anahata located in the chest. It is in this chakra that the emotions of “cordial” love are born — the very state that makes us really closer to God and that was so pronouncedly preached for us by Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

Above the anahata — in the neck — there is the vishudha chakra responsible for aesthetic perception of environment.

Higher — in the head — there are two “thinking” chakras.

And below anahata — in the abdomen and the region of the pelvis — there is a system of three chakras called the lower dantyan or hara. It is a “power” block of the organism supplying with bioenergy its various functions.

It is the anahata with its precious content — the spiritual heart — that is the main part of every one of us, which we have to keep pure and to develop, to grow — or, to be more precise, to grow ourselves having became the spiritual heart, having placed oneself as a soul in the spiritual heart, having “settled” in the spiritual heart.

* * *

God is Love. And to become closer to Him we have to transform ourselves into Love.

The only way to realize this goal is conscious volitional control of own emotions: avoiding coarse emotional states and cultivating subtle ones.

This can be accomplished in no way but through the methods of spiritual work described above.

If we transform ourselves ethically according to the listed above principles of the Divine ethics, then we merit active help with our spiritual advancement from the Divine Teachers — Representatives of God-the-Father, Who are called in aggregate the Holy Spirit.

* * *

The Creator is directly interested in our positive development. It was He who sent us for development in the conditions of earthly incarnations! What for? So that we develop to the Divine level and infuse into Him, thus enriching Him with ourselves.

It is clear that not every one is able to infuse by the consciousness (soul) into Him right now. But He sends us to incarnate not only once, but many times. Thus, the age of souls is different among us, because someone incarnates into human body for the first time, while another has incarnated hundreds times.

Moreover, before earthly human lives, all we — as souls — evolved first in the bodies of plants, then in the bodies of animals. And they who are incarnated now into such bodies are… people to be.

Having understood all this, can every one of us treat all living beings incarnated on the Earth into physical bodies with compassion and respect?

… God gave to Moses the Commandment: “You shall not kill!” Moses, however, was the first to break it… Since that time, this Commandment was never followed in mass by Jews, neither by those who considered themselves Christians, nor by Muslims.

God commanded through Moses not “Do not kill humans!” He engraved on a tablet a formula with more extensive meaning: do not kill anyone! At that, He explained: “I have given you every herb seeding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree seeding seed; to you it shall be for food” (Bible, Genesis, 1:29). Then He specified (Bible, Genesis, 9:1-4): it is forbidden to eat creatures that have blood! And these include all mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, mollusks… — almost all beings except for plants.3

But even if one denies the Bible, isn’t it appropriate to ponder: whether it is acceptable to kill for the sake of gluttony those who suffer of pain? Is it compatible with love to them?

This is why there are people who — out of ethic reasons! — switch to nourishment on plants, milk products, and bird eggs.

And let me assure you: without this God will never acknowledge someone’s love as perfect!

* * *

Learning to love the Creation starting from its particular manifestations we gradually develop in ourselves the ability to love as the Creator Himself loves.

In this way we become closer to Him — in the state of souls.

In this way we develop ourselves as Love.

And gain — as a result — the ability to fall in love with the Creator.

Having become the perfect Love we merge with the Creator, become His Integral Part.

This constitutes the main essence of the Teaching of God, which He tries to present to people.

* * *

The spiritual warriors who achieved ethical impeccability receive comprehensive help from the Divine Teachers with transforming themselves — as souls, consciousnesses — to the Perfection. And then such people come to Mergence with the Creator in His Abode.

In the Abode of the Creator all formerly individual Consciousnesses of the Perfect Ones are merged into One.

This is why one can say with full responsibility that God is One.

But They are capable of assuming partial individuality coming out of the Creator’s Abode as His Integral Parts. It is They Who are called the Divine Teachers or — in aggregate — the Holy Spirit.

Among Them there are Those Who have male or female appearance — according to the last incarnation.

Each one of Them is absolutely free in moving around and can appear in any part of the space. Sometime one can observe several of Them gathered as a group on one place.

They appear in giant human-like forms (Mahadoubles) with height and size of the base from tens of meters to kilometers. On the top of each one — a Divine Countenance. They come out from the Abode of the Creator, yet remain connected to Him, and freely permeate with Themselves — as a transparent Divine Flame — the Earth’s matter and any material objects.

Some of Them have more or less “areas of responsibility” on the Earth’s surface, where each One of Them tries to help incarnate people to become better, creates for them educational situations — with the purpose of learning ethics, first of all. They also teach there the people who already perceive themselves as students of God and communicate directly with their unembodied Divine Teachers.

For example, over Saint Petersburg one can always see the Divine Countenance of Apostle Andrew. But there are more local areas where one can always converse with Jesus, Sathya Sai Baba, Apostle Philip, and with Others.

Sometimes They are wrongly considered as “Patrons” of a city or of some other region. No: They are not Patrons, but our Tutors — harsh or tender when necessary, but anyway — Wise. They are Coordinators of our destinies: the destinies that each of us deserves.

In communication with incarnate students each of Them tries, first of all, to give the knowledge and the methods which were the basis of His or Her own personal Path to the Perfection. But it very often happens that the personal experience of several of Them gets combined — as it was in our case. This speeds up the growth of the students and also makes it possible to perfect further the methodology of spiritual development — in application to the concrete ecological and cultural conditions of teaching.



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God is Love. And to become closer to Him we have to transform ourselves into Love. The only way to realize this goal is conscious volitional control of own emotions: avoiding coarse emotional states and cultivating subtle ones