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"“Learn the language of the Heart from the wind and the flowers, from the leaves and the brook, from the waves and the Sun… And gradually the silence of your heart will sound with the music of LOVE!”"

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Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
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The Way of Spiritual Heart

“How to learn to love Me?

When two loving people are touching one another by fingertips, then in this touching the two disappear and only TENDERNESS remains — one for both…

When two loving are kissing one another, there are no lips, there is only the KISS — one for both…

When two loving are looking in the eyes of each other, then they unite souls in the flow of LOVE — one for both…

Learn the language of the Heart from the wind and the flowers, from the leaves and the brook, from the waves and the Sun… And gradually the silence of your heart will sound with the music of LOVE!”

Sathya Sai Baba

(Written down by Anna Zubkova

in June 2002)



“I need fires of My schools throughout the Earth — fires which cannot be blown out by winds or quenched by rains!

In storms and in foul weather I want — through you — to kindle fires, which will attract those who want it, and whom I want to help out of darkness, to bring closer to Myself at this time!

As to the rest, they have to see that these fires are burning, burning always, that Love is the Way by which I lead people to Myself.

You have to warm the hearts before each of them will rush to the Light and get kindled from My Fire. This is your service to Me!”


(Written down by Anna Zubkova

in June 2002)

* * *

I want to stress once more that one has to start the spiritual development not by practicing meditation but by getting acquainted in detail with general theoretical knowledge on religious philosophy and by accepting the ethical Teaching of God considered above. Otherwise, the state of the practitioner cannot be stable. Such person cannot withstand the ethical tests, which God necessarily offers to spiritual seekers. And this may result in mental disorders, among other things.

Only if you completely accept everything expounded in this and in other books on this subject [3,6, and others], including the ethics of nourishment, refusal of drinking alcohol, smoking, and using other drugs, if you has no mental diseases — only in that case you can safely and surely advance by the steps of the spiritual Path.

* * *

All such steps can be subdivided into three groups:

a) preliminary (getting acquainted with the theory and accepting it, beginning of the ethical work on oneself, introducing into one’s own life the basic hygienic procedures, such as washing the body every day (if possible), taking sunbathes in summer, or using a quartz lamp in winter etc),

b) basic methods, which include mastering relaxation of the body and the mind, cleansing bioenergy structures of the organism (chakras and main meridians) with the help of special methods, and also — what is more important — mastering the ability to “live” with the concentration of the consciousness in the chakra anahata and to look from it at the outer world,

c) further development of oneself as a spiritual heart — up to merging with the “Heart of the Absolute” — the Primordial Universal Consciousness, God-the-Father, the Heavenly Father.

Knowledge necessary for mastering sections a and b is presented in our books listed in the bibliography at the end of this book, first of all in [3,5,6], also in the video films mentioned in these books. Work on the stage c is outlined and illustrated in the film Places of Power. Three Steps of Centering.

Since this information was published by us already, it makes no sense to repeat it. Now I am going to describe some simplest methods, which the reader can start practicing now, in parallel with studying the books and films mentioned.

* * *

Sit on the heels with the toes looking backwards and move the knees apart. Put the forehead and the extended arms on the floor with palms pressed against each other. Relax the body and mind completely. Watch the stomach sag more and more as the relaxation becomes deeper. This is a wonderful exercise that allows one to get rid of physical and mental tiredness. It should be performed for about ten minutes.


* * *

Lie on the stomach, protruding the elbows far forward, the chin resting on the palms.

The second option — put the elbows forward and place one forearm upon the other on the floor, holding the head and the upper part of the body up by tensing the muscles of the back.

In both cases, experience yourselves as happy small crocodiles that have crawled out onto a sandbank to warm themselves in the sun. Sun is warming our backs through, and we are melting away in the bliss of its tender warmth that saturates our bodies.

* * *

Sit down on the heels holding the spine straight, the toes looking backwards and the palms of the hands resting upon the thighs. Send waves of your benevolence and love from the chest forward, saying mentally: “May all beings have peace! May all beings be calm! May all beings feel bliss!” Produce each of these three states inside the chest first and then radiate them forward. Then repeat this to the right, to the left, backwards, up, and down. This is a powerful technique that allows us to bring harmony to ourselves, to the energetics of the surrounding space, and to the living beings around us.

* * *

Now let us learn four psycho-physical exercises. They got this name because their psychic component is combined with simultaneously performing physical movements, with the latter contributing to the mastering of the former.

The first exercise of this series is called Awakening. A person awakens from a long sleep of self-isolation from harmony, beauty, and love of the outer world. (While standing, raise the hands up and stretch yourself as if after a sleep). Let all the purity, light, and the vitality from outside into you. Feel the waterfall of astonishingly pure, transparent, light, and subtle feelings and morning freshness flowing from above. Fill yourself with this morning freshness. Fill yourself with these fresh waves, overfill yourself with them! (Hands move down to the shoulders, assisting this process; then move up again, then repeat these movements several times). Try to reach as high and subtle an emotional state as possible.

The second exercise is called Giving Away. Hold your hands against the chest and then make a wide gesture moving them forward and apart: what we received we must give away to other people — the level of spiritual advancement of an individual is measured by his or her ability to give. Also, so that a vessel may get filled with fresh water it needs to be emptied first. He who does not empty himself by giving away what he has, does not get renewed, does not grow. We repeat this exercise again and again, pouring out, giving away all the good that we accumulated — generously, free, without desire to receive any reward. Send subtlest and intense waves of streaming fresh and pure love far forward. Feel how the chest gets inflated by the energy of love that comes swelling from behind. A flower, exhaling a tender fragrance, starts to blossom out in the middle of the chest. Send these subtle vibrations forward. This is the fragrance of love itself!

The third exercise is Reconciliation. Raise the right hand above the head and concentrate in the palm and the space that immediately surrounds it. Then slowly bring the hand down drawing with it a sinusoid with a half-period of about thirty centimeters. The edge of the palm should be facing the direction of the hand’s movement. While doing this, try to feel the space, in which the hand moves, as some energy field, to which we assign a new characteristic: peace, harmony, and calm. You may “extend” the hand. (You may imagine various ways of performing dancing movements: jerky and quick versus gentle, smooth, and elegant. Each of the ways disposes both the performer and the audience to corresponding emotional states). And this simple but powerful gesture, which symbolizes harmony, will be helping everyone in every situation as they master this exercise (one should feel it deeply through!), even if performed without being accompanied with movements of the body.

The fourth exercise is called Climbing Up. Raise the hands up with the palms facing sideward and then bring them down laterally, making sweeps. Repeat this movement several times, with each sweep we hatch out of another coarse envelope, as it were, and become lighter, purer, we raise to the source of the light above — to the sun… It becomes very close to us; few more swings and we reach it… Flow into space of the purest and subtlest light, and enjoy being in it… Then slowly get down to the earth feeling the sun in the chest. Stand on the ground and shine at people and all other living beings with sunlight coming from the chest!

* * *

Now let us try a simple exercise with the spiritual heart: what if some readers may succeed in doing it?

Feel your head moved into the chest. Feel the nose, the forehead, the lips. Move the lips. In order for the head not to rise to its usual position, one may imagine that there is a hat on it. Then follows the most important thing: you need to open your eyes, to “blink” the eyelids there… From now on, learn to look at the outer world from your chest. You will perceive the world in a totally different way: not as tough and hostile, but as subtle, tender, and responsive to the emotions of love!

This is what is called opening up of the spiritual heart! As we can see, this is quite easy to do. One just has to be worthy of it!

Ask beloved Jesus to enter into the spiritual heart from behind. Call Him from there, “Jesus! Jesus!…” And if you are worthy of it already, He enters and fills the heart with the most tender and subtle Bliss!

This is Samadhi: the first real and blissful contact with God! One may think — what bliss can be higher?!5

… In the future one needs to learn to look from the anahata not only forward, but also backward.

* * *

Growth of an individual soul transformed into a spiritual heart is virtually unlimited. The monastic way of life [2] full of service to God through serving people in their spiritual advancement plus constant meditative training on places of power specially selected for this purpose allows the spiritual warrior to grow (as a spiritual heart) up to the sizes comparable to the size of our planet, and then — much larger. In addition, the spiritual warrior practically masters the methods of moving around over the basic eons of the Absolute, learns to dissolve with the consciousness in the highest (subtlest) eons. And then — Merging with the Heavenly Father, which becomes more and more firm in the following years of unceasing spiritual efforts.

Already after achieving the first real successes on this Path, the practitioner gets rid of diseases, which may have lasted for years. And continuing achieving new and new spiritual heights allows the practitioner to cleanse the body up to transparency, which can be perceived by clairvoyance. And the Divine Light begins to flow though it into the material world! And the developed to the Divinity Consciousness, right now — during existence of healthy and active physical body — lives in Mergence with the Creator and comes out from His Abode at those parts of the Creation where it is necessary.

* * *

You Are Free!

“Become aware that now you are truly free!

Free — to love, flooding with love in the sky and Heavens like a spring river floods when it cannot hold itself in its former narrow channel!

Free — to embrace with the hands of the spiritual heart fields, forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, seas!…

Free — to caress and stroke by the palms of your giant and tender hands flowers, trees, birds, other creatures!…

Free — to merge with Me immersing yourself into the Heart of God and then to come out from My Depths to people as a flow of Pure Divine Love!

Free — to give your Love, helping people!

You are free to become Me forever!

And in the entire universe, there is nothing that can prevent this!

This is My Divine gift of Freedom to people.”


(Wrote down by Larisa Vavulina

in March 2004)

* * *

But this is not all to it. There are much more interesting prospects…



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The Way of Spiritual Heart