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Book of Vladimir Antonov "The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ"

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Vladimir Antonov

The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ

Translated from Russian by Mikhail Nikolenko

© Vladimir Antonov, 2010.

The Teachings brought by Jesus Christ from God-the-Father came to us in the form of Jesus� conversations with His disciples and with other people, His appeals to the Heavenly Father, descriptions of His deeds and miracles He performed, which are recorded in the Gospels. There are also writings of His disciples, which contain information learned from Jesus, prophecies received from the Holy Spirit and God-the-Father, as well as personal opinions of the authors. Such writings are many, but not all of them were included in the New Testament.

However, there has been no complete and structured description of Jesus� Teachings that would discuss in an orderly manner all the most important ideological issues. This was one of the reasons for numerous disagreements between the followers of Jesus Christ and for an abundance of striking perversions of His Teachings.

It is obvious that the work of making an integral compilation of Jesus� Teachings could have been successfully done only by a person who had fulfilled everything taught by Jesus, who had encompassed His Love and cognized God-the-Father. Only this can be a testimony to the compiler�s competence.

The author of this book succeeded in traversing the Path to God-the-Father, having studied the methodology of advancing along this Path and having built with the help and guidance of God a �stairway� of methods-steps that allow one to reach the Summit. In Russia, he started his work of saving people from the darkness of atheism at the time of the Communist Party�s governing, suffered persecution and slandering, went through �Calvary�, has been to the other world twice and cognized the Embrace of the Holy Spirit and God-the-Father without hindrance from the corporeal envelope, after which he was returned by God into his material body to continue self-development and service [8,12].

This book was written with the blessing of God and under His guidance.


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