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It was mentioned already that the evolution of each soul goes on for many thousand years, and intervals between consecutive incarnations are longer than periods of life in the embodied state. From this it follows that the main life of every one of us goes on in the non-corporeal form; from there we observe how many other incarnate people wander in the illusions of the material world.

But when an incarnation begins, during the years of early childhood we completely forget everything that was before the birth on the Earth: the life in the new incarnate state is too different from the previous life, because the perceptional capabilities of the consciousness after incarnation into a material body get significantly reduced. The consciousness becomes capable of perceiving only that part of information which it receives through the material organs of sense of its new body; the former freedom of movement at the speed of thought and the ability to perceive everything directly without the organs of sense get forgotten.

Though one forgets everything that was before the birth in a material body, one�s life does not start over � it just continues. And the destiny formed in the previous incarnation unfolds accordingly.

Having been born on the Earth, every one of us already has one�s own destiny, which is nothing but a plan of one�s future development devised by God. It is an innate destiny line; it is developed taking into account what one has to learn in the coming earthly life.

As soon as children reach the age when they become capable of making ethically important decisions, they get more opportunities to influence their destinies, to change them to better or to worse.

Correct or wrong upbringing of children can have a significant effect on their lives. But we have to remember that all conditions � the parents capable of giving particular education and the social environment where the birth took place � all these were also planned by God according to one�s destiny.

The abilities of an incarnate person are not unlimited. They are limited mainly by the level of the person�s intellectual maturity, which defines the ability to comprehend information of a certain degree of complexity.

For example, the abilities of an oligophrenic person are very limited. But who is this oligophrenic person? Is the only reason for oligophrenia that the parents were alcoholics, or that the mother had a pathology of pregnancy? No: God knew these circumstances before He sent this soul into this body. And this soul has its own destiny. For the parents, this is a manifestation of their destiny as well. And they gave birth not to a poor person suffering oligophrenia, but to a soul that has not developed the intellect yet in the course of its personal evolution.

On the other hand, people who succeeded in intellectual self-development during their past earthly lives and accepted the correct direction of spiritual development in the current incarnation can do quite a lot, including attaining personal self-realization and helping others to advance to this Goal.


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