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The word patriotism originates from Greco-Latin pater � father. This word denotes the feeling of membership in some social community � family, tribe, nation, state, religious movement, etc.

The more primitive the social environment is, the more petty features people use to divide themselves and to associate themselves. And this results in more conflicts in such an environment.

�Inflating� of patriotic ideas in large national or religious associations can cause an increase of nazi (fascist) moods. They captivate a part of the society inclined to aggression, which is represented by the least evolutionary developed people. If the masses of primitive people excited with fascist ideas are led by powerful diabolic persons, then it may result in large-scale wars with the purpose of destroying or enslaving �lower� (or called by similar humiliating epithets) nations and taking over their property and land.

In other cases, the ideas of patriotism can be used to defend a nation from an enemy�s aggression or to liberate the country from the occupation.

But the highest patriotism means people�s associating by the idea of feeling God-the-Father as the Highest Hierarch, and the homeland for them is His Creation or even the entire universe. In this case, all people and other incarnate and non-incarnate beings are members of one family � brothers and sisters of various age, children of common God-the-Father, Who loves everyone.

And this is really the case, this is the actual situation in the universe. But people intoxicated with egoism and hatred, blinded with craving for earthly things cannot understand this. And quite often such people are the �overwhelming majority� of the society�

� In all nations that Jesus Christ visited, He preached the idea of God-Centredness, patriotism, where the Pater is God-the-Father. In The Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Men one can find some information on His homilies about this theme in India and Persia.

For example, He said to Indians: �He alone has willed and created, He alone has existed since all eternity, and His existence will have no end. He has no equal either in the Heavens or on the Earth. The Great Creator has not shared His power with any living being� He alone possesses Omnipotence. He willed it, and the world appeared. In a Divine thought, He gathered together the waters, separating from them the dry portion of the globe. He is the principle of the mysterious existence of man� The Eternal Lawgiver is one; there is no other god but He. He has not shared the world with anyone, neither has He informed anyone of His intentions.� (5:16-18, 6:10).

He preached the same to Zoroastrians in Persia: �It is not of a new god that I speak but of our Heavenly Father, Who has existed since all time and Who will be after the end of all things (of this Creation)�. He is God of the good, Who, like the father of a family, does but good to His children, forgiving all their faults if they repent them.

�� It is to Him that you must address yourselves to be consoled in your sorrows, helped in your works, and cured in your sickness. Whosoever shall have recourse to Him shall not be denied. When you address yourselves to Him, become again as children!� (8:6,17-19; 11:13,15)

The same was taught by Jesus in Judaea, where He advised people to love the Heavenly Father and feel themselves as His children.

The Apostle Paul also said: �I bow my knees to the Father� of Whom the whole family in Heaven and Earth is named�� (Eph 3:14-15).

* * *

� If one looks at the Earth from the depth of the multidimensional space, it resembles a chicken egg without the shell, immersed into tender light. The �white� around the �yolk� are the strata of the Holy Spirit. And in the depth beneath them, there is the substrate on which He landed us, so that we can grow and mature up to the level when we become able to see Him, to fall in love with Him, to aspire to Him, and to flow into Him. Why should we be hostile with each other then, instead of directing all of our attention to Him � to our Heavenly Father, the Purpose of every one of us?


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