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What is Love
"Love... manifests itself as care, tenderness, devotion, self-sacrifice, active service to God, which is realized through service to other people called karma-yoga..."

Love and Sex

We have talked already about the differences between people related to their psychogenetic age and advancement in the evolutionary development. And now let us pay attention to the fact that people of different gunas behave differently not only in religious practice or towards Messengers of God, but also in relationships with each other, in particular, in sexual relationships. For people of different gunas and for those who are above the gunas sex is quite different.

In the case of people of the tamas guna, sex is egoistic and coarse as these people themselves. They are inclined to the emotions of condemnation and hatred, thus they may hate sex and their sexual partners. However, when they are driven by passions, they may continue to “use” others for satisfying themselves.

This attitude to sex is manifested in the obscene language — the language of tamas guna — where sex appears as something dirty and even more — as a means for defiling other people.

Those are people of this guna who condemn and hate sex in others and are ready even to stone them for it. Yet they permit sex for themselves.

In the earthly mass Christianity, we can see one of the manifestations of the tamas guna in the form of the Orthodox dogma of “immaculate” conception* of Jesus by His mother Mary. From this turn of speech it follows that all other conceptions are maculated! Can all parents agree that their children are a product of something maculated?…

People of tamas guna are not able to understand that sex of other people may be very different from theirs: it can be not the means of satisfying one’s primitive animal passion (called sexual attraction in scientific language), but the means of expressing love, giving oneself to another, searching and finding mutual harmony — the harmony of merged consciousnesses loving each other. Through sattvic sexual love, people can really learn to merge consciousnesses in love so that, having learned it, they can merge themselves as consciousnesses with the Consciousness of the beloved Heavenly Father.

But who is capable of such love? Only sattvic people! And who are sattvic people? What is the criterion here? They are people who have mastered the cordial love — i.e. the emotions of the “opened” spiritual heart. Such people are quite few, though.

From the above said, one may see that for some people sex is a way to go deeper into tamas, and every new sexual act for them is really another step on the way to hell. Yet, for others sex is the means of establishing oneself in harmony, subtlety, purity, emotional love, developing the ability of caring for others, training oneself in merging the consciousnesses in the embrace of love, studying in the school of God on the Path to Mergence with Him.

This is why Jesus gave directly opposite recommendations regarding sex to different people: to some He recommended to restrict their sexuality, while to others He preached the opposite.

Let us see it in examples:

“You have heard that it was said to the ancients, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks on a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matt 5:27-28)

“… Whoever shall marry her who is put away commits adultery!” (Matt 5:32).

Now, let us follow the episode with Mary Magdalene (narrated by her) when she was blamed for adultery and brought for judging to Jesus:

“They caught me and wanted to stone me. I, sinful, loved one man who was married and had three children. Relatives of his wife brought me to the square and began to shout in a loud voice, ‘Let us kill the adulteress! She desecrated the law!’

“Then… Christ told them, ‘Let him, who is without a sin, throw the first stone!’ And (He)… made the crowd disperse.

“Then He approached me and kneeled before me.

“… I was burning with shame and fear. The sublime was taking place in me, in the soul. I fell on the ground and cried. He stroked my hair and said:

‘My dear sister, find strength to listen to Me! Much evil exists on this Earth, many lies have been said by the evil one! Forget that you are a sinner and tell Me whether your heart lives when you love?’

‘It does, Lord! When I do not love, it is dead!’

‘Then love, heavenly sister, and do not sin anymore by thinking that you are a sinner.’” (Questions of Mary, 20-27).

Jesus also told her the following:

“What is sinful in this world is righteous in My Father’s Kingdom! The (True) Life is the life of love, not the life of hatred!

“Many of the ‘righteous’ hate and condemn. But I say to you, an adulteress who does not hate will be better in the Judgement Day than the ‘righteous’ who condemn!” (Questions of Mary, 13-15)

Jesus told Mary an important rule of sexual relationships between spiritually advanced people: their relationships have to be a secret between them and God. In other words, only God has to be the Witness and Guide of their love. The Apostle Philip wrote the same: “A (sexual) union, if exhibited to others, becomes adultery.” (The Gospel of Philip, 122).

Mary Magdalene became a disciple of Jesus and joined His group. There is an important description of her relationship with Jesus:

“A woman who has not given birth to children may become a mother of angels. Such a woman was Mary Magdalene, a companion of the Son. The Lord loved her more than He loved all other disciples and often kissed her on her mouth. The other disciples, seeing Him loving Mary, said, ‘Why do You love her more than us?’ Answering them, He said, ‘Why do I not love you as her?’” (The Gospel of Philip, 55).


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