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Space, God, Man, Evolution
What is God
"... Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."

What is man
"... Man is... consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory..."

The meaning of life
"The question of the meaning of one´┐Żs life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his\her development..."

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Names of God
Explanations of meanings of the word GOD and its synonyms used in different languages.

The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness
Multidimensional structure of the universe. All taking place in it is the evolutionary process of the Higher Consciousness.

Space, God, Man, Evolution

Space is multidimensional. The dimensions of space, in reality, are not mathematical symbols but actually existing layers that resemble storeys of a many-storeyed building. One can enter the hall of each storey directly through the floor but it is better to use the stairway. But there are some specific features:

1. One can enter the most valuable parts of this ´┐Żbuilding´┐Ż only as a developed spiritual heart,

2. Every one of the basic ´┐Żhalls´┐Ż is unlimited in size,

3. The ´┐Żstoreys´┐Ż differ not by height but by depth of their location: the ´┐Żstoreys´┐Ż of the most subtle energy state are the deepest, the grossest ones ´┐Ż are outside of this structure altogether. The deepest ´┐Żhall´┐Ż is the Abode of the Creator (God-the-Father). Outside of it there is a number of other ´┐Żstoreys´┐Ż. And the hell (´┐Żouter darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth´┐Ż, in the New Testament´┐Żs language) is what is located outside the ´┐Żbuilding´┐Ż (see [6] for more details).

In most cases, when we say ´┐ŻGod´┐Ż we should mean the Primordial Universal Consciousness of the Creator that resides in His Abode. The purpose of our evolution is to seek to cognize the Creator in His Abode and to merge as consciousness (soul) with Him. (The knowledge about it constitutes the essential part of the Teaching of Jesus Christ but the people who compiled the New Testament did not include it in it, for more details see [1,4]). A spiritual seeker can only achieve this with his spiritual heart that was developed and refined up to the Divine level. The mind of such spiritual seeker should be developed enough to stay clear from false ways and silly illusions of pseudo-achievements on this Path.

The One Who has reached the Abode, settled in it and then arises from it by a part of Himself to help incarnated beings is called the Holy Spirit.

And the One who having merged with the Creator lives also in a human body is called Christ (Messiah, Avatar, Buddha).

From what has been said above it is clear that God-the-Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit are indeed consubstantial; this is where the idea of the Trinity comes from. But later it was reduced to the level of folk tales.

Let me repeat again that the primary meaning of the word ´┐ŻGod´┐Ż is the Creator being in His Abode. But from the above said it should become clear that Christ is also God. As well the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes this word is used also to designate everything that exists in the universe including the Creator, all aspects of His Creation and the ´┐Żconstruction material´┐Ż for it. In such case this One Universal Organism is denoted by the term ´┐Żthe Absolute´┐Ż (i.e. God in the aspect of the Absolute).

In this Universal Multidimensional Superorganism everything is correlated, controlled and nothing happens ´┐Żby chance´┐Ż. It is really unified and indivisible ´┐Ż and in this aspect it resembles a human organism, which is also multidimensional. Now one can understand the biblical idea that the man was made in the image and likeness of God.

That is to say that the multidimensional structure of a human organism is similar to God in the aspect of the Absolute. But it does not mean that God-the-Father looks like an old man on a cloud!

Inside the Universal Organism of the Absolute vital processes of transformation of the constituents go on ´┐Ż as it is the case in the human organism. This constitutes the Universal Evolution.

The creation of new ´┐Żislets´┐Ż of matter within the Ocean of the Absolute (followed by the decay, dematerialization of them) serves the purpose of settling units of life incarnated in physical bodies there which are supposed to develop themselves and merge with their Creator, enriching Him by this.

The food for such growing souls is the matter of our usual food (prakriti). So, some souls having achieved the Perfection during the incarnation merge with the Creator. Others who did not have time to accomplish this ´┐Żget stuck´┐Ż at a certain stage of their personal evolution. Then will have to get incarnated again. Another group of souls is a ´┐Żwaste´┐Ż of Absolute Organism functioning ´┐Ż they get cast ´┐Żinto the outer darkness´┐Ż, i.e. into hell.

By using our free will, i.e. the freedom to choose the direction of our development, we can form our destinies.

Let every one of us think: where do we want to go?




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