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Hell, Paradise, the Holy Spirit, the Abode of the Creator � What To Choose and How To Attain?

Some people do all kinds of silly things for the sake of spiritual development or �for the sake of God� � as they think.

Some torture and kill people and animals, bluntly and violently obtrude �their� rules of behavior upon others, some people in modern Russia drink urine, some learn to plug up lower foramens of the body in order to avoid dropping out into hell through them (by some visiting Buddhist �masters� teach this practice). Others devote their lives to performance of ritual bodily movements (whereas what is required is not movements of the body but those of the consciousness � since it is the consciousness that has to get better on its evolutionary path to the state of the Creator).

There are also fools who instead of making efforts hope that they will get to heaven by having �priests� pray for them. In some religious confessions people are instructed to recite the same �prayers� every day (some of these �prayers� program them directly for going to hell). But what is it to God or to those who pray from doing this? It only digresses people from serving God (i.e. helping other people to advance in their evolution) and also from the work on ethic self-perfection and on development of themselves (as consciousness) by means of meditation. (The only use of such standard prayers-requests, though very little, is that they accustom one to the fact that God does exist. So they can help one only at the very early stages of one�s faith development � to make it stronger). One may also hear absurd instructions for �opening up spiritual heart� which consist in kowtowing endlessly every day: since in reality kowtows cannot help one attain this.

Only when we know the true need of God and His plan for us we can understand the absurdity of all that was listed above and understand what in reality we should do.

Now, how can one attain Perfection? And what is the Perfection specifically in the first place?

There are three main aspects of the Perfection of God: Love, Wisdom and Power. Let us list what we have to do in order to either progress in the direction of His Perfection or degrade to the state of demonic beings.

So in order to get to hell, if we want to:

a) instead of fostering love we need to cultivate irritability, aggressiveness, as well as to seek to defile everything and everyone.

Let our egocentrism triumph. And if other people do not satisfy our egocentrism we will react with a burst of rude emotions, revenge, lose peace and sleep, will live in a constant stress of negative emotions, will get sick on this account which will create even more reasons for us to for hate other people: they are happy while we are sick! It is not enough to learn to hate everyone around and concentrate on disgust and contempt towards them � we will have to learn to pick concrete objects of these emotions. And if people and animals become hostile to us in return then it will only help us in acquiring mastery in meanness: their hostility will make our aggressive feelings stronger. In order to develop further such features we need to eat dead bodies (meat and fish dishes) � then the souls of killed animals will move into our bodies and will avenge themselves upon us for their sufferings. This will cause chronic diseases of our digestive systems and later � psychic disorders of schizophrenia type (obsessive-compulsive disorder, hallucinations, delusion of influence, as well as �voices� that condemn and provoke absurd actions). We should also attune to the most coarse kinds of music and songs with violent and defiling content (using obscene language, preferably). By the way, if we use obscene language as a means of defiling other people and intensifying negative emotions it will help us in making faster progress in this direction. As for esoteric techniques �concentrating in the ajna and manipura chakras can be of great help for this purpose. Practicing all these methods will make devils out of us in the course of our lives in the physical bodies and we will retain this devilish status after the death, thus our going to hell will be guaranteed.

b) Our intellectual activity should be directed at devising special programs of further self-development in this direction. For this purpose it would be helpful to study the experience of other people who succeeded in this. For example, we can practice self-identification and attuning to the most prominent fascist politicians and black magician-devils, who make a living by �healing� practice.

c) In order to become even more powerful devils we may use special kind of training on negative �places of power�. There we can accustom ourselves with different types of hellish states: powerful aggressive emotions, paralyzing anger, hopeless despair, and depression.1 Having mastered these states we can be sure that all this will be ours almost forever until the complete decay of the soul occurs, even the death of the body will not interrupt these states! And before the decay of the soul takes place we will have time to enjoy to our hearts� content harassing less powerful demons and various dweebs among embodied creatures using the most sophisticated ways.


�Now let us have a break from attuning with all this nightmare, and look at how we can develop ourselves in the opposite direction.

The best way to start going into the opposite direction � not to the �outer darkness�, but to the Creator � is to step aside from the human filth and begin to attune to pure and beautiful phenomena and also to make every effort to activate one's spiritual heart. (How we can do this is described in the books mentioned above). Development of the spiritual heart starts from the center of the chest, then it gradually fills up all the chest volume, grows bigger and bigger in the surrounding space, penetrating deeper into the layers of the Absolute � until it Merges with the Creator.

But no attunement and no psychic techniques can help if one does not do deeds of love, does not control one's emotions, refraining from exiting the state of love, as well as does not concentrate on the Creator as on one�s main Beloved.

Of course, it is not possible to know and to love the Creator if one does not know what the Creator is and where He is to be searched for.

Neither is it possible to bridle the emotions without mastering the control of the organs that produce the emotions. That is, one needs to learn the methods of the psychic self-regulation based on the work with the chakras and main meridians.

Nor if under the �deeds of love� one understands only sex.

Yes, a positive sexual experience is highly important for the spiritual self-realization. Sexual love enriches the emotional sphere with ability to experience very subtle, sexually colored tenderness; having mastered this step we should come to know even more subtle love, even more subtle states of consciousness, which we can use to touch the Holy Spirit and the Creator.

Note, that woman's mammary glands have a direct topographic and bioenergetic connection with the spiritual heart. And their erogeneity contributes to its stimulation and natural development. Men do not have such a natural and direct opportunity, their chance to begin their spiritual path is to attune to the most subtle states of women or to use special psycho-techniques, which develop and refine the emotional sphere. This is why there are many more women who achieve success in the spiritual self-realization than men.

But in order to be called really spiritual sexual relationships should proceed with a tender love-giving of oneself to one�s partner and not with a rude and egoistic behavior. Also they should not become a kind of entertainment in the form of group sex. Sex should not become an end in itself and shadow what is incomparably more important � the construction of loving relationships with God.

Let me stress that the ability to love emotionally can be developed not only through practicing its sexual aspect. Caring attention, as well as respect and esteem for those who deserve respect, ability to forgive errors of others, to help others even if it requires to sacrifice one's own interests or even life � these are the most important and essential aspects of love that we should cultivate in every possible way.

We also need to understand that recommendations of some �psychologists� to concentrate on the love to oneself are contrary to the spirituality. The true love is a self-oblivion for the sake of others. And this is possible only if one introduces (sensibly) into one�s life non-attachment to earthly welfare and even to life in the body.

... Let us start learning to love, helping even plants. If we see a dry bough hanging on a living branch of a tree � let us remove it. If someone drops a piece of tinplate, plywood or board on the grass � deprived of light, plants are doomed to death � let us save them. When we see that someone defiled a tree by putting a dirty rag or an empty bottle on it � let us help this living evolving being get cleansed and continue perfecting in its natural beauty.

It is not compatible with love to make a fire (without an absolute necessity) if it injures living plants, to cut flowers for bouquets, to participate in killing firs and pines during Christmas time for the sake of watching how they die slowly, and so on.

It is necessary to understand that in the bodies of animals and plants the same process of evolution of units of consciousness goes on just like as in our bodies. And we must not cease it on our will unless it is absolutely necessary. An example of such absolute necessity is using plants as food, for construction and so on.

But we may kill animals only if we are defending ourselves or others.

Let us recall one of the commandments that God gave to us through Moses: �You shall not kill!�. But neither Moses himself nor almost all Jews did not keep this commandment. (In the chapter of the Bible called �Deuteronomy� the Jews �legitimized� total rejection of this principle). Jesus Christ also declared this principle (see [1]) but all mass movements that call themselves Christian did not pay any attention to this commandment of God.

Yet without accepting the aspect of love called Compassion in its full measure one cannot approach the Creator. And compassion should include all living beings, not only embodied ones.

�God is Love� � taught Jesus. And if we want to become Divine and fulfill the Will of our Creator we should transforms ourselves into the perfect Love.

...Development of Wisdom begins with usual studies, by extending the range of one�s interests, by developing creative abilities � first in simple things and then even in devising methods of helping people in their spiritual progress.

The Power aspect of development may begin with physical work or athletic training. On the highest stages it consists in directly growing the volume of the refined consciousness through meditative work on Divine �places of power� specially selected for this purpose. Then the consciousness that was grown in this way will need to merge with the Consciousness of God...

...If we only have learned to live in the permanent state of subtle love � we are guaranteed to live in paradise.

If with the help of special meditative techniques we attained Unity with one of the three manifestations of the Holy Spirit (see [5]) and have mastered living in the Unity with Him then we become Him and remain in Him even after the death of the physical body.

And the Ultimate Purpose is to cognize the Creator in His Abode and to merge as consciousness with Him.





Let us keep in mind: it is the emotional status which we accustomed ourselves to while living in the body on Earth that we continue to live in for a very long time after the death of the physical body. The emotional status is a state of consciousness. It is our dominating emotions, the emotions to which we got used during our living on Earth. And after the death of the body we find ourselves in the corresponding layer of the multidimensional space � according to our level of subtlety-coarseness. There we find ourselves among other beings similar to us: inhabitants of hell or those of paradise, or in the Holy Spirit, or even in the Abode of the Creator. And after this happens nothing can change the situation: neither relatives and friends drinking on the grave nor any kind of rituals or praying performed by anyone.

So, where do we want to go?




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