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God Can Be Cognized

God is cognizable, though the majority of the followers of the modern “Christian” movements believe the opposite.

The founder of Christianity — Jesus Christ — taught that God can be cognized [1]. And He is indeed very easily cognizable: both in the aspect of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus Christ who lives now (though not in a physical body) and can be seen. It is much more difficult but also possible to cognize Him also in the aspect of God-the-Father.

But in order to accomplish this one should be not a pseudo-Christian who keeps talking about Christ but lives in total contradiction with His Teaching, but a true Christian who does not live for himself, but for God, who lives in love and seeks to serve Him, to know Him and merge with Him in love.

And for the “Christians” who are sure that God is incognizable, who drink, kill, damn and hate — He is incognizable indeed. For they are not Christians at all.




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