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Book of Vladimir Antonov "The Meaning of Our Lives.What Kind of Russia Is Needed by God?"

"Throughout the millennia of existence of the human civilizations on Earth many spiritual seekers who had been searching for our common Creator and following His Teaching attained absolute success on this Path and merged with Him having become Divine Themselves."

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Divine Teachers  Known and Unknown


What is God
"... Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."

What is man
"... Man is... consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory..."

The meaning of life
"The question of the meaning of one�s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his\her development..."

What is Love
"Love... manifests Itself as care, tenderness, devotion, self-sacrifice, active service to God, which is realized through service to other people called karma-yoga..."

Divine Teachers � Known and Unknown

Throughout the millennia of existence of the human civilizations on Earth many spiritual seekers who had been searching for our common Creator and following His Teaching attained absolute success on this Path and merged with Him having become Divine Themselves.

Now They, as Parts of the One Universal God-the-Father, help us � people who have not finished their personal evolution yet. Sometimes They even incarnate again into human bodies in order to help worthy spiritual seekers and adjust the direction of their spiritual efforts.

The life and activity of some of Them are still fresh in the memory of large numbers of people. Among Them are Huang-Di, Krishna, Chaytanya, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and some of His apostles (Andrew, Philip), Babaji and some of His Students (Lahiri Mahasaya, Yukteswar, Yogananda), Juan Matus and His friend Genaro, Rajneesh (Osho) and also Messiah's Sathya Sai Baba and David Copperfield Who work now on Earth in material bodies.

There are only vague memories left in legends about some other Divine Teachers Whom we know personally. They are Surya (�Goddess of sun� of ancient Aryans), Assyris (�God of sun� of ancient Assyrians, He also worked on the land of ancient Russia), Lada (the Goddess whom ancient Slavs believed to be the patroness of the hearth) and Yasin-the-God.

There are some historical personalities described in literature who have also attained Divinity, but only few people know about Them. Among Them are, for example, Ptahotep (we got to know Him thanks to the book of Elizabeth Haich [15]) and also Elizabeth herself.

We are also well acquainted with one of the Japanese emperors of the Samurais epoch. He brought to us one of His Samurais who was faithful to Him in ancient times and whom He guides today � in order for him to complete his evolution.

We know some Divine Teachers Who are not mentioned in the historical memory at all.

The first of them is the Divine African Ngomo.

The second and the third � Scandinavian Lutheran pastors.

The fourth and the fifth � are permanently blissful Chinese Taoists Huang and Hahn. On their power places one can see Their large �bodies� of consciousness sitting with crossed legs. By attuning to Them people can feel intense bliss while the energy of their bodies gets purified quickly.

We also know a Mongol from the northern China. It is paradoxical that in the last incarnation He was a professional wrestler. But He had no evil features such as aggressiveness or malignancy. He participated in a wrestling competitions with love to the opponent. Having gripped (embraced) him He the would �melt� the aggressive emotions of His opponent with the Power of His Divine Love and then carefully put him on the ground.

The School of Divine Lao existed not long ago in a Cambodian monastery. Spiritual seekers (of both sexes) used to come there from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The monastery was located on a special �place of power�. It was highly aesthetically decorated, the places for meditation were surrounded by meadows of fragrant flowers. The students practiced sitting meditations during which they (having developed their anahatas by special exercises) were to merge by spiritual hearts with the �Consciousness of Earth� in the subtlest eons and then to reach out with the hands of consciousness to every living being and say to them: �I love you!�. This was the primary practice in the monastery and thanks to it about 100 monks attained Divinity. Later this wonderful spiritual oasis was destroyed by �communist� troops. All monks were executed and the leaders left their material bodies under severe tortures. (But the monks were grateful to their murderers, for they helped them to move to the pure �Celestial� realms).

We will talk about some other Divine Teachers in the next chapters of this book. Among Them are Eagle, Kayr, Lyhn, Yamamuto�

Divine Teachers both known and unknown to history also lived and worked in the last centuries of Russia.

Among Them � the architect Carl Rossi.

Also � Alexander Svirsky, but He prefers to be called by the name that He had in His previous incarnation in Manchuria where He was called Maenuel. It is in that earthly life that He had achieved a Unity with the Creator. And He made His body from His last incarnation imperishable (it remained as such up to the present days, resembling a body of a sleeping man).

Also we had conversations with Divine Peter who lived in Cherepovets and Rybinsk in �soviet� time. He told us that He could not find worthy disciples except for his wife.

Recently people of Russia came to know about the Divine dweller of Siberia � Anastasia. ... Anastasia have been frequently visits us in forest for quite some time now. Sometimes She comes to us accompanied by one of Her non-embodied animal friends � a hare or a squirrel. The squirrel behaves as it was embodied � jumps on our bodies, runs on them, touches the open parts of the bodies with its nose. The hare also jumps, sniffs our feet, and if we lay on the ground � comes to each of us and licks the face: kisses, expressing to us � people with pure souls � its love-tenderness in the hare's manner...





There is a stage on the spiritual Path that can be called �incomplete Divinity�. Such Seekers cognized the Unity with the Holy Spirit (Brahman) but have not established firmly in the Abode of the Creator � in the Unity with Him.

One of them is John Lennon who got into a sound Buddhist milieu in the last years of His last incarnation.

Also we had contacts with several Muslim Sufis who attained this high spiritual level.

As for Russians of the past centuries who now live without material bodies in the status of the Holy Spirit, we know Vasiliy. He had fully accepted the Teaching of Jesus Christ and lived all his life in the state of blissful and subtle love as a result. He tried to teach others this state and had several young students. But one day they got tortured to death by monks of the Russian inquisition.

The same status was attained by the famous Russian writer Alexei Peshkov (Maxim Gorky). He lived on Earth at a very hard time for Russia when one dictatorship was being replaced by another. He devoted his life to serving people with his writer�s talent analyzing deep reasons for the putrefaction of pre-revolutionary Russia (�Confession� [10] and other works of his) and after the revolution he was trying to save people from other demonic force � the Bolshevist terror. His main credo was exactly what is taught by God: kindling of his spiritual heart with the Divine Fire and sacrificing service to people (�A story about Danko� in [11]). He regrets deeply that he had to write several �ordered� works. He did not die from tuberculosis but was poisoned by criminals who ruled the country at that time.




All that was said in this chapter is not a retelling of someone else�s words, not results of contacts of a medium, and, of course, not an imagination. We have had long contacts with every one of these Divine Personalities, mainly on Their favorite �places of power�.

In principle, every one of you can meet and talk to every one of Them on these �places of power� or outside of them, to ask for advice, tasks and recommendations from Them. But in order to do this one first has to become similar to Them by the quality of consciousness (a soul) � i.e. Divinely subtle and powerful enough.

In conclusion I like to mention that we know not all the Divine Teachers who serve the population of Earth at present time but only Those who took part in teaching us. (I did not even mention all of Them in order to avoid being misinterpreted in some cases).




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Divine Teachers � Known and Unknown