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Paths May Be Many But the Goal Is Only One

Once, while having a conversation with a spiritual seeker, I told her that one should not just �go with the stream� of the spiritual life but that it is necessary to plan it by oneself and also to prepare reports for oneself of the completed stages of the Path. I told her that my past experience of being a trade union activist, a participant of �socialist competitions� (although they were absurd in general), and also an experience of managing a research and production collective which involved relationships with the financial and planning divisions, with the direction � proved to be very useful for me in organizing my own advancement on the spiritual Path and in helping other people; without this experience it might have not become that successful.

At that moment I saw Sathya Sai Baba come up to us. I asked Him to supplement my words if necessary. He began to speak to my interlocutor:

� My dear daughter! Take My hand! I will embrace you and we will go together! I will not give you a detailed list of what you should do, but I will whisper gently to you how good it is to be with God, to be in God, to be God! Make Me a friend for each day, and even for each night, and I will become your cradle.

Here, Sathya Sai Baba stepped aside and Babaji took His place. He continued the conversation:

� I would say this in other words. You should become a warrior, who struggles with his imperfections. You should act in contrast to the stereotypes of vicious behavior. I would send you �into the fire� so that you learn � by becoming the Divine Fire � to overcome mundane difficulties as a warrior. One must be harsh with oneself, seek difficulties in order to learn how to overcome them as a warrior, but not as a whimpering child who does not know what to do.

Then Lao came and continued in the same semi-joking manner:

� I would say it in a different way. It is impossible to live without a plan. If I had not had the plan I would have drown myself in the pond with lilies that I contemplated at some time in the past. And to teach you this is a part of My plan. A life without a plan is worth nothing!

Our known Emperor of Japan joined us by adding:

� I would offer you the plan: to continue the martial art training with subtle, tender love as the background � without inflicting harm or pain on anyone � and demonstrating your art with the glowing spiritual heart!

Huang-Di pointed to His favorite �place of power� and added:

� Let me guide you there from one fir to another, uniting with you in your spiritual heart and demonstrating by this the completeness and invulnerability � in such Unity.


Let us analyze what was said above and understand that its meaning is the following: it is absolutely necessary to plan one's spiritual advancement and actively stick to the plans devised for the near future: Jesus Christ taught that one enters the Kingdom of God by making efforts � one's personal efforts. God and His embodied assistants only help, but one has to go forth himself.


Let us read several Revelations on this subject written down by Anna Zubkova:


�I am explaining to you what the Impeccability is, but you are trying to look at it from within the �human form�... On the spiritual Path nothing is a �trifle": not thoughts, nor even the shades of thoughts, nor disorder of actions. Understand: everything you have touched will actually lie on you as your karma.

It is not enough to want to do well: you should learn to think about the consequences of every action, thought, deed � up to the smallest details.

And I will help you to see clearly all these consequences...�

(Juan Matus)


�Feel the Earth as your planet. Everyone tills their garden. Here is your garden: your planet.

Every heart is like a seed I have sown into the ground. In whatever way you teach it to sprout, it will not unless it gets watered with My Love.

Take such heart-seed in your hands, it can be found in everyone, even in the most malicious man. And look: I put it on My palm and warm it with My Love � and it comes to life, My Power begins to grow in it. And this Power will allow it to attain Me: My Heart, My Abode.

I have shown you My work. Be Me!�

(Jesus Christ)


�You waste too much time. Every minute of your life should be aimed at Merging with Me, being Me or working for Me! Anything else is idleness of the soul!

It is not important where you are: in the tonal or in the nagual � you should always dedicate all your actions to Me (do them for Me).

Then what I am waiting for will come very soon: the situation where there is only Me Who acts through your body, and your every word, action and you yourself arise from Me.�

(Juan Matus)


�I have control over the pain and the death of your body, but no one has control over your soul (your consciousness) � not even Me.

You are free, you make your choice � every time.

The chains of the matter are illusions in which you have chained yourself; and only you can free yourself by not attaching yourself to earthly things, not �sticking� to them with your indriyas.

Fear and anxiety make you dependent. But understand: all material things change according to My Will and through this I help you to free yourself.

�A balance on the edge of a blade� that you have to realize now is the balance between the mind (intellect) and the faith. You are too reasonable and used to rely on your reason only. That means that your faith is too weak. I will lead you to situations where you will have to learn to rely only on Me in your actions. Again and again you will be �hanging on burning ropes over spikes� until your faith (i.e. your trust in Me) becomes impeccable. And that will be the cord that appears at the moment when the last rope burns out.�

(David Copperfield)


�A radiation of love by a human being has an incredible power, which helps to awake everything good in him, everything that is even a bit alive. And all this good starts to grow, to reach out for the Light.

Learn to create Love by Loving!

When a man has mastered this he becomes one with the Father.�



�To be Me you should not to receive Love as before by attuning to the bliss of the Love that I give you. But you have to �get inflamed� with My Love and become the Love yourself and shine with it onto everyone.

I have said it all. I have said it many times in other words. And now you have to realize it � then we will be One.�

(Sathya Sai Baba)


�You know the reality of being Me.

But you have to learn to live it as the Only True Reality.

You enter into Me and I embrace you, dissolve you in Myself. But I can not force you to be Myself! And when you begin to think as an ordinary human I freely release you back into the world of illusions.

Only you can accustom yourself to being Me, to live the True Life. No one will do it for you, but yourself.

I am waiting and My Arms are always open. Learn to be in Me, to be Me as long as possible.

Everything will become different when you begin to live in the Ultimate Reality and it will become the only reality for you.�




The methods of spiritual advancement are many, very many. They can be used sequentially or in parallel, over the long period of time or briefly. But we should be active if we want to grow spiritually.

Having embarked on this path we can go by it, or we can lie and even sleep on it �dreaming about something greater� � like Boris Grebenschikov used to sing.

But to go is better. If we know � where and how.



Once on a �place of power� in a forest Juan Matus delivered a sermon by speaking sequentially through three students:

� The power is being given to you according to your impeccability.

Seeing and hearing (God) come to you as your personal power increases.

It is the �human form� that prevents you from receiving the personal power.

The whole Ocean of this Power is here, it is close. But one has to drop one's shell � the shell that consists of ego. To become detached means to dissolve oneself in Me, to look with My eyes, to hear with My ears.

I hear and see. Surrender yourself, allow Me to be you. Then you will learn to see and to hear.

One has to merge with that Power, to become It. This is what it means to become �a man of knowledge�.

You have too little time and certainly no time for trifles. No one knows how far he will be able to go the path of Power and Knowledge. And no one will be forgiven if he will do less than he is able to.

I am the Nagual. We are many. And we are always ready to help you.

We are near you. We are with you every second of your lives. Do not waste these seconds!

You should be impeccable to look at the face of death with a smile on your face. It is the impeccability that gives you the confidence and the tranquility required for the battle that may lead to the final victory.

The Freedom is here, it is close. It is waiting for you!

On any path there is a threshold that one can pass only by becoming �dead�. I do not mean physical death, but a mystical one: it is time to throw down the �human form�, all the shells, all the envelopes. The stage of mastering the Power begins when the individual personality dies.

People live mostly in the memories of the past: recalling, living the events over and over � but they do it in vain.

But it is more useful to look ahead, not back.

And ahead there is the death of the body. And the forthcoming life is on the other side of it.

One has to prepare oneself for it, here and now.


Jesus said the following on this subject:

� The path to God can be so easy! Or so hard!

It is easy when there is a subtle, tender and intense love.

It is hard when all these are absent. Or when the love resembles a musty swamp.

The love to Me, to God � this is what determines everything! I am the first and I am the last. Everything originates from Me and everything ends in Me.

I give My love to those who have devoted their lives to Me, who have understood everything correctly and who trust Me. I give them My love � to the maximum!

Now let sprouts of you grow in Me � like green vegetation in spring that covers everything. Let rays of your love shine with joy in Me.

I am Atman. My Atman or yours � this does not matter. The one who knows Atman to be one's house � he knows Me, he settles in Me. Let Atman be your house!




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