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The “NAM-Meditation”

“NAM” is a Sanskrit word, which is usually translated as “name”. In this case the principle of this meditation that has an incredible importance is reduced to only repetition of a name (or the names) of God.

But in reality the meaning of this word is more profound and in the spiritual practice it means “description” — a sequential “actualization” for oneself of the components of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute through placing the consciousness into each of them and then into the whole Absolute.

And the purpose of the “NAM-meditation” is for seekers to distribute the concentration of themselves in more and more subtle manifestations of the Absolute — down to the Creator in His Abode — in order to habituate themselves to be in these states and to gradually increase their personal power.

In Juan Matus' terms it can be expressed as “assembling” of particular “other” worlds with one's “assemblage point” (i.e. with the consciousness arranged in a certain way). Later, as a result of accumulation of the personal power through such training, one gets the ability to distribute the consciousness across the whole “range of the emanations”.

This tremendous work — which takes years or even decades to accomplish — may result in the ability to enter easily the Abode of the Creator, to merge with Him there and after this to arise by a Part of Oneself from It into the eons of the Creation — with the main purpose of helping the embodied beings in their evolution.

To have this work done one needs to perform training exercises of the development of oneself as consciousness tens or even hundreds of thousand times, preferably on the “places of power” corresponding to each meditation.

And it can be accomplished in a reasonable period of time only by few people out of millions — by those who are developed enough from the evolutionary standpoint and ethically impeccable, who overcame all attachments to “earthly” things and the feeling of self-importance.

It is impossible to get accustomed to new eons of multidimensional space without having mastered the skill of merging of individual consciousness with the Consciousness of God through disappearing, completely dissolving of one’s self in Him. It is the meditation of “total reciprocity” (Nirodhi) and the states derived from it. And this practice is not compatible with the existence of one's strong ego. Because experiencing of the God-centrism is not possible unless egocentrism is completely eliminated.

The “NAM-meditation” can be performed only the developed consciousness of a spiritual seeker that was transmuted into the energy of Love — the energy of the spiritual heart. The anahata chakra, as the generator and the container of this energy, considered as the main chakra for such training. It constitutes the middle dantyan. The two other dantyans — the upper and the lower — are only auxiliary ones, though they should be developed and function correctly. Their most valuable energetical-informational components are to be “drawn” into the Abode of the Creator only at the final stages of Merging with the Creator — after the spiritual heart has settled there already.

The preparation for performing the “NAM-meditation” includes:

1. Getting acquainted with theoretical knowledge about the meaning of life and about the methodology of spiritual perfection, and accepting it.

2. Initial ethic transformation of oneself according to this knowledge.

3. Purification and fixing of defects of the bioenergetic structures of the organism (the chakras and the main meridians, the “cocoon”).

4. Initial refinement of consciousness by means of arts and attuning to the most subtle and beautiful natural phenomena.

5. Development of the spiritual heart by all means, training in merging oneself as the spiritual heart with the Holy Spirit, filling of the anthropomorphic forms created by the Divine Teachers. (The realization of this point is possible only on natural landscapes, mainly on special “places of power”).

6. Mastering the “total reciprocity” (the state of “non-I”).

7. Cognition of the eons of the Absolute — one by one according to the level of one's refinement. Cognition of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in them. Mastering the methods of moving in the multidimensional space.

The work with the “NAM-meditation” may be started after this. The meditation becomes deeper as students progress.

It is better to begin the “NAM-meditation” with “unfolding” oneself — as the spiritual heart — in the space around the body. This is done with the help of the hands of consciousness that extend from the spiritual heart and are coessential to it. Then, sequentially, with the intervals of about one minute, the consciousnesses of trainees may “assemble” in new positions: Pranava, manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the eons of the Primary Purusha, in the Earth's core, superposing with Manifestations of Divine Teachers, the meditation of Lao, actualizing of the “Mirror”, contemplating and setting in motion the Atmic energy kundalini, moving to the eons on the other side of the “Mirror” and so on.

The “NAM-meditation” can be compared to “booting up” a computer: we begin gradually and sequentially to experience and activate ourselves in increasingly deep layers of the Absolute, coessential to our potential Entity. After this “booting up” ends in the loka of the most deep and secret, the most important, directing everything, Unlimited and Eternal Layer of the Perfect Consciousness — then we become ready to act from It in Its Creation — for the sake of It, of Its Evolution.



One can achieve the state of “incomplete Divinity” or paradise just by relying on the meditation of Lao. Indeed, it is so simple! The only thing one needs to do is to accept and realize the main postulate of the God's Teaching — the principle of Love!



It should be clear that everything described in this book is a practical realization of the commandment of Jesus Christ: “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few”. This is the total and impeccable Christianity. We have realized it. This is why Jesus — in reality, not in imagination or in allegorical sense — is with us, in us. And we are in Him and in the Father.




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