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Letter 1:

Peace to you!

When you get around to seriously dealing with religious situation in our country � I would like to contribute to these efforts.

I am a candidate of biological science. I graduated from the Biological faculty of Leningrad State University in 1968 majoring in ecology. Afterwards I worked in medicine field (Institute of Experimental Medicine � as junior research assistant, also post-graduate study; Special Design Office of bio-medical cybernetics � as senior research assistant and acting head of laboratory; Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology � as junior and then senior research assistant). Later I developed and introduced a fundamentally new system of psychical self-regulation, based on working with chakras and major meridians of a human organism as reflexogenic zones of emotional-volitional sphere. I studied and practically tested concepts and methods of various religious traditions. I have written and published more than 30 books on this subject. I have witnessed a great number of methodological errors made by various religious organizations, some of which lead people to mental disorders. I also have good reason to consider myself a founder of a science called �The Methodology of Spiritual Development�.

I have dedicated last decades of my life to this research. The results have been published in many books. I explored and have studied in detail the multi-dimensional nature of the universe, which enabled me not only to explain it, but also to help worthy spiritual seekers to perceive the Holy Spirit as well as the Creator in His Abode � the subtlest and the deepest layer of the multi-dimensional space. Jesus Christ and the contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai (the latter is now embodied in India) have been my permanent Teachers, a direct contact with Whom is not a problem for me.

I am totally convinced that Russian Orthodoxy � in the form it is in now, is incapable of getting Russia out of spiritual dead-end. On the contrary it is the Orthodox Church that is destroying the last hope of salvation of Russia. Russian Orthodoxy needs reformation that can solely be performed from the top and from outside of it � i.e. by your will and authority. I will elaborate on this � it should abandon numerous distortions and get back to the pure original sources of Christianity (for details among other sources you may see the �Original Teaching of Jesus Christ� section of my book �God Speaks�). Education of the religious preachers and their preaching itself should be brought back to compliance with the Intention of the Creator. And methodology and specific methods of spiritual self-perfection should become accessible to masses of people; people should have an equal opportunity to practice them voluntarily.

Russia, provided that you are so willing, could set the standards for other countries by demonstrating the way different religious confessions can come to close cooperation, based on the scientific approach to solving religious problems. I mean, that spiritual practices that teach the methods of spiritual work � regardless of nationality or confession � should be centered on developing a �spiritual heart� (an energy structure of the middle Dantian or anahata chakra). Consciousness of man being concentrated in this structure of a human organism can live in the emotions of love only. Jesus Christ taught, �God is Love�. And we need to develop ourselves as love in order to get close to the Creator. I am talking about the variety of emotions of �cordial� love that one can produce within oneself with the help of methods of psychic self-regulation. One needs to learn how to live in these emotions permanently.

We know the methods that make process of learning this easy and relatively fast (this is described in our books). It is this doctrine that could unite people, and not the orthodox �theology�, that knows nothing about God, that has lost Love and is advocating (in fact) alcoholism and national intolerance, which has rejected the commandment of God, that said, �you shall not kill!�

I realize that reformation of the Orthodox Church can be performed only gradually, without radicalism. I also realize that practical methods that I am talking about are not for everyone; the only thing that can be done massively is explaining (accurately) to people the meaning of their lives and what kind of people God wants us all to be � this will make them gradually change their attitude towards each other and towards their work.

If this is not commenced on doing immediately (and especially if surrendering Russia to the Orthodox Church in its current form continues), Russia will revert to the state it was in before 1917. And what is even worse � God does not think that Russia has any availability anymore � from the standpoint of positive evolution of consciousness of people that live there.

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