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2. Several Principles of Educating Masses

2:1. People of the first group do not need to be ideologically educated.

Representatives of the second and the third group accept sound ideas easily, but those ideas should be communicated to them via your announcements or via mass media. (I can offer the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion for this purpose, as well as our books and information from our websites)

Diabolic people cannot be corrected by ordinary methods; they should be isolated from the society for the rest of their lives.

The main problem is influencing the mentality of the representatives of the fourth group.

2:2. There is a word in Russian for the crowd consisting of representatives of the fourth group � �bydlo�, which means �a herd of butting cows�. But it is better to treat these people not contemptuously, but as children (like in kindergarten) � and educate them correspondingly.

There is an important thought in Tao Te Ching: �The wise regards people as his children�.

2:3. Bad teachers should be removed from educating �children�, especially those, who yell the loudest. Also movies and programs where violence is asserted as a natural element of human lifestyle should be banned from showing on the TV.

2:4. It is necessary to stop immediately the participation of police officers and drafted soldiers in the military operations in Chechnya. They are forced to hate and become murderers there. Only professional mercenaries can be left in Chechnya since they went there voluntarily, it was their own choice.

The crime outburst that we are witnessing in Russia now is partly due to the fact that many young men�s fathers have gone through training of murder and violence in Afghanistan and later in Chechnya; they teach their children the way of living peculiar to murderers and users of force, which they got themselves accustomed to3.

2:5. In the Western European countries people of the fourth group, of course, make up the same percentage of population currently. Why is then the western European mentality incomparably higher than that of Russian population? The reason is that many generations there have been raised (and with good results!) in accordance with high (although not the highest) humanistic principles.

Why are affability, cordiality, unselfishness and hospitality are typical to the national character in the �quiet� oriental countries � unlike in Russia, where these are almost extinct? For the same reason. It is in this way that many generations of people have been raised there. In Russia masses have been raised for ages on ideas of aggressive intolerance and fear. Alcoholism, initially �blessed� by the Orthodox Church and made �legitimate� by Stalin later, got deeply instilled in the �culture� of Russian people. And now, having become disappointed in everything, including doctrines of degenerated religious confessions, Russians degrade both with their bodies and souls at even accelerated rate, plunging into all kinds of drug addictions, adopting moral principles of thieves and murderers, getting accustomed to living in emotions of anger, fear and despair � thus securing the future of hell inhabitants for themselves.

2:6. The future of Russia depends to a great extent on you and your further decisions.

Let the highest spiritual and moral principles � through your active involvement � not only become an integral part of mentality of Russian people and save their souls in the eyes of God, but also let Spirituality reach all people of the planet � from your country, from Russia. Among other things I mean the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion, which was written at the God�s request and blessed by Him.




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