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3.The Future of Russia Depends on Your Decisions

3:1. For the last two years God has been telling us about the forthcoming “immense purging” of Russian population, which was scheduled to begin in December 2001 and to end in the spring of 2002. God saw the necessity of this purging in the fact that Russia with its population’s degraded spiritual mentality ceased to provide acceptable conditions for adequate development of the souls being embodied by God on Earth anymore, with no prospects for improvement of the situation.

Specific realization of the impendent “immense purging” could consist for example — in the light of recent confrontation with the Taliban — in massive deaths of epidemics that could spread from usage of bacteriologic weapons.

3:2. But starting from September4 prospects for Russia began to change: God started to tell, that you — under His influence — made a range of strategically correct decisions (related to the improving relationships with western democratic countries), and because of that the dismal future of Russia will be somewhat “alleviated”.

Educational impact of this move of yours on the population of our country was very positive and significant.

3:3. But this right move has undoubtedly provoked an outburst of hate and hostility addressed at you from the diabolic personalities and masses of people that fell under their influence, which consisted of representative of the fourth group, mentioned before. This can lead to a political upheaval and beginning of a civil war. These events are likely to happen in December.

3:4. In order to prevent the situation from developing in this way it is necessary to free the Russian society from the influence of these people, as well as of similar leaders and their associates.

In this situation various democratic freedoms, including freedom of speech, should be of less priority and have secondary importance compared to the task of saving Russia, radical “sanitation” of Russian people’s mentality and preparing the country for a spiritual revival.

God wants the Earth’s leaders to work hard on creating favorable conditions for maturing of souls in the right direction. For that purpose a radical extirpation of all criminals from the leaders’ positions in the Russian society — in the same manner as the military operation aimed at eliminating the leaders of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan is carried out — is well justified.

Let Russia become a country, pleasing to God!

The exacerbation of the situation in Russia due to the ongoing anti-terrorist military actions on an international scale could serve as a formal pretext for these radical measures on isolating the Russian society from the criminal leaders.

3:5. When God had an intention to introduce more advanced (monotheistic) religious knowledge among pagans of Arabia and when there was a man (Mohammad) through whom this Intention of God could be realized, — introduction of the new knowledge was carried out by God through Mohammad not by democratic but by military means.

You have chosen to be a politician, and not a monk. But means of Service of a politician differ from those of a monk. (Later I would be happy to share the knowledge of a monk with you).

3:6. What was the reason Mikhail Gorbachev efforts eventually failed? The answer is that, having started out as a general Secretary with the absolute power in the country he began to introduce democratic principles among degenerated primitives.

Democracy means “power of people”. But in order for the people to govern a state in a rational and effective way, their mentality should be grounded in the true moral principles. But, in contrast to this prerequisite of a viable democracy, the majority of Russian people practiced a “religion” of alcoholism and fascism.

Gorbachev, possessing many positive qualities, could have done much more good for the people of Russia, if only he carried out the planned reforms taking full advantage of the power of the general Secretary that he possessed. Only after decades of wise and strict (!) governing aimed at raising the educational and cultural level of the people the democracy could be introduced safely.

You should try not to make the same mistake! You have to become a wise mentor and teacher for the “children” of your country! The wisdom of a teacher necessarily implies a certain amount of strictness — for the sake of people, as well as for the sake of God.

3:7. God needs Russia as a place where the souls that He embodies could evolve — and this place must be pure.

3:8. It would be good if among your further actions (following the already mentioned) on transforming Russia were the measures aimed at improving the religious situation in the country, which I already mentioned in my previous letters to you — the first (I can re-send it to you, if you will) and the second (the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion).

3:9. I am willing to take an active part (in collaboration with you) in fulfilling this task.


With hope for success in our common cause,


Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D., in Biology

[email protected]


October 9, 2020




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