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Letter 4

Peace to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

April5 is going to be a pivotal point in the destiny of Russia. Before that time it is you who will have to make a decision as to what religious policy of the Russian government should be.

During your tenure as the president of Russian Federation you have made a series of correct fundamental strategic decisions. God approves of them.

Nevertheless, it is not only economy, external policy, pension system and sport that determine destinies of nations, but — and this is the most important thing — the correct religious and philosophic orientation that includes understanding by people the meaning of their lives on Earth and (at least in outline) what God wants from us.

I will be brief in this letter, since I expounded the knowledge about this in my books that can be found on the website, in particular.

I would like to stress that ultimate self-realization by applying the methods, described in my books — is not meant to be achieved by masses of people, but by very few of them (by highly mature souls who are very few). But the general moral tendency should be exactly like that for all people. The essence of this tendency, based on what Jesus Christ taught, is as follows:

“God is Love”

In order to get closer to God6 (and to fulfill His Will by this) — one has to also become Love (i.e. a soul, consciousness that lives constantly in the states of emotional love), one has to accustom oneself to these states. This can be attained through both ethically correct aspiration towards perfection and special practice of development of the spiritual heart — the organ responsible for generation of “cordial”. The abode of those who achieved at least small success on this path will be paradise. But the common lot of those who accustomed themselves to living in emotions of hate, aggression, irritation and fear — is hell.

In any event all people should learn to develop themselves as spiritual hearts — by practicing esoteric methods. But those who are mature enough from the psychogenetic standpoint may also use esoteric methods of different level of complexity (for many people — methods of psychic self-regulation, including “opening up” of the spiritual heart; while for very few individuals — highest meditative techniques that enable one to directly cognize God in His various Manifestations and to Merge with the Creator).

Contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai Baba, Whom you know personally, teaches the same things. (Our books “God Speaks. Textbook on Religion” and “Spiritual Heart. Religion of Unity” contain compilation of citations from His books and discourses).

But if the state’s encouragement of the mass form of pseudo-religiosity that dominates in Russia — with its aggressive psychopathologic mentality, deprived of Love, and complete incompetence in religious issues — continues, no other positive reforms will help prevent further decay of souls incarnated on the territory of our country.

To be specific: for a start, you could address the nation and propose a Concept of Supraconfessional Values. I would suggest that you use the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion that I sent you before (in letter #2). The best time to do this would be end of March.

I would also like to know what you think about my writing you. Does it make sense for me to write you about these things in the future? Do you plan to apply our knowledge and use our spiritual experience?

I wish you success in this and other good undertakings!


Sincerely Yours,


Vladimir Antonov,

Ph.D. in Biology


February 14, 2020




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