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From Conversations with Divine Teachers — Representatives of God-the-Father7

Jesus Christ



— Wide and “sure” is the road to hell, paved by perverted “Christianity” (allegedly on My behalf), but hard and thorny is the path to the Abode of the Father. But you are on the Path and none of you will turn aside. Future of every one of you is predetermined — to the extent that can be observed in the foreseeable future. Going on this Path is hard, but everyone can count on My support. I and many of Us are willing to help you.

If I only knew, what great sufferings would be endured by those who would not deny Me! What a great deal of blood is shed by everyone, before they cross the threshold of the Abode of the Father!

Do not look at Me as a wax figure. Perceive Me as living tongues of Flame in the embraces of God-the-Father and of all of My Friends.


— What will you say about our further service?

— This is not what I am talking about, I am talking about every one of you. Earthly life is just a short moment compared to Eternity. Hurry up! There is a great celebration in the Abode of the Father every time someone new enters it.

It is hard now on Earth. You are surrounded by “wolves’: coward, greedy and cruel people. Help only those few, whom I will bring to you.





— Your active service at the top of your potential will be commenced starting from the beginning of 2002.

Russia will be destroyed, but not completely. This process has not begun yet, but it will — starting from the end of 2001. A situation for “re-melting”, for “separation slag from elixir” will be created. Later on we will work only with candidates for entering the circle of the selected, i.e. with the “elixir”.



16.04. 2001


— It would be incorrect to switch your attention over to serving the disciples only without making further advance yourself.

Move forward, get others involved in your movement.

You will never have many followers, since there are simply not too many of such people on Earth.





— Your task on Earth is half-fulfilled. I want you to overcome all attachments to earthly things and to resurrect on Earth once again — as God: having demonstrated clearly a complete “ascension to Heaven”.

The task for those who are around you is to abandon all earthly attachments — even the loftiest ones.

You have made a lot of gross mistakes in your past8, but you have already solved this problem. I am blessing the beginning of a new stage of your service on Earth. Expanse of Earth is stretching in front of every one of you. You will need to create a new center of spiritual work every time when you explore a new area of the planet.

Spiritual culture on Earth has nearly collapsed. You saw it yourself how Teaching of God gets perverted even while He is still on Earth9. This is why every one of you, who got to know Me, is particularly dear to Me.

— Where else on Earth are epicenters of spirituality left?

— There is almost no spiritual culture left in Africa. It is contaminated by witchcraft. In addition the Central Africa is infected by AIDS. Islam dominates in the Northern Africa, but it has also almost decayed. Northern Africa is infected with a disease much worse than AIDS — with Godless Islam — Islam that has lost God.

There are a few sound spiritual schools in Arabia and in India. Those places are within a flight distance.

— Where and how do we find worthy disciples?

— Cut off the “small fry”. Neophytes do not need the kind of work you do. Books, films — they do need them. Educational materials of this kind are extremely scarce in the world. Let the whole planet know that I sent all of you to preach the Teaching of God-the-Father.

— Which countries should we “activate”?

— This is My task. Your task is to cut off unnecessary contacts.

M.10 has to realize that he is a messenger from Me. This is his destiny and there is no way for him to get around it.

Every one of you has to keep in touch with each other and to keep their eyes on Me. And none of you is going to have their body killed in vain. Everyone should take the load (of responsibility) and to be worthy of it — in any situation in life.

It is I Who will be sending disciples to you. You cut off unnecessary contacts.

There are no worthy ones in Russia now. But you may create centers of spiritual culture on the scale of “opening up” the spiritual heart — I am blessing it.

What countries to expand to — is My task. I will be doing everything regarding this.

In Austria and Germany social democrats are likely to include the results of our work into their parties’ programs.





— Vladimir, it would be good if you told people by means of a video film how God’s Teaching gets warped — warped under cover of My name, in particular. Tell them — on My behalf.

Tell them also about the role of sex on the Spiritual Path for modern people.

— What do you think of the current composition of the “core” of our School?

— There are no problems. You did fine!

I am inviting the worthy ones to you from abroad now.


— You need to learn not to get attached to your disciples and to desire to be a leader. Everyone should go on their own, seeking guidance and support from God. This is I Who throws people together and takes them apart, setting up relationship chains and creating clans.

Merging with God is usually carried out by clans and rarely by a single consciousness.

— Will our clan grow?

— People will be joining and leaving it.

Creation of a big clan did not work out.


Level of the spiritual culture in Russia as well as that in India is close to null. The current situation on Earth is difficult and raises God’s concern. This is why Sathya Sai has come, but He did not fulfill what He intended to.

(After remaining silent for a while) Did you know that Sathya Sai sometimes weeps at night, because there is so little that He manages to do in order to help the humankind of Earth? People prefer any kind of lies, which allows them to indulge in their vices (like “saving” rituality, playing “religious games”) — to the Truth.

He will not return to Earth as He promised before. This will happen only in several centuries, after spiritual culture will have revived and then fallen into decay again.

— How is this going to happen? Will some other Avatar come before that?

— I will take care of this.

Pure souls will get embodied… (saying this without optimism).

— Should we publish new books?

— God does not plan to fill up the whole Russia with our books.

During the next ten days the further functioning of the School will be decided upon. One of the possible ways of (not decided upon yet, but being under close consideration) is a complete sealing of the School, freezing all the activities on spreading information about you. This is in order for you not to lose during tortures and persecution what you have already gained.

— Do You mean emigration?

— No: the methods should be preserved here — counting on emergence of at least a few worthy disciples.


Jesus Christ



— People turned into “bydlo” — a butting herd, which is easily accepting tidbits of lies and unreceptive to the Truth.

I feel “sick”, when people do various intricate movements with their bodies “for Me”.

I said once: “One does not pour new wine into the old skins”. It grieves me, but it happened. The “new wine” got into the old skins, but instead of tearing them it got bogged down in them.





— Vladimir, My beloved! You will not escape anywhere11 — of your personal will! None of you will break away from this circle12! All of you will have to resign yourself to everything I will say, to everything you will see in the situations you will be getting into.

In this connection you will need to get used to fully accepting the Will of the Creator, My Will. You will have to humble yourself and accept your fate — or, rather, your dharma — as I prescribed it to you.

You cannot escape the circle of events predetermined for you. No need to resist! What you do need is to consciously and thoughtfully accept your fate, whatever it turns out to be.

And meditative work — yes, you should continue with it. I have been waiting for a long time to see everything that I dreamt about, when I was among you, come true. And this time has come now.

So — humility and steadfast intent on getting to know God more fully and to the self-realization! And Service… — not exactly in the manner, in which every one of you has dreamt about.

The School — it has not emerged out of nothing: it is I who created it out of you, your works, searches and efforts, as well as out of fragments (the best pieces!) of those ruined structures, that I allowed to build those, who were searching for Me throughout previous thousands of years. And it is I who has the right to change its geography, as well as the direction of your efforts.

So, see you tomorrow, My friends that have partly found Unity with Me! I will show you the right way, as I have done before numerous times.

Merge into the Will of God, into the Intention of the Creator, into realization of His Plans! “Let My Will be done!” — let you get saturated through by the meaning of these words!


Sathya Sai Baba



— You see, the Creator has a Unified Plan of helping people on Earth. And you are included in this Plan.

The Plan is not always precise because of people being late, which happened to every one of you (and this is why you know about this); the Plan is getting constantly adjusted. But you are an integral and important part of it.

From you and with your participation a new culture on Earth should originate and start developing.





— In December Russia is about to face tremendous cataclysms. Civil War is possible. Be prepared for a possibility of getting executed by shooting.

Learn how to accept death of the body joyfully: see it as the Divine Hand relieving you from the vain and already unnecessary hardships of being in the body. Freedom is close — Freedom to live like I do!


Sathya Sai Baba



— Today — is a special day for you. I will be teaching you discrimination.

Once I was flying on the plane and suddenly I heard a child crying, which stumbled and fell down on the earth below. I came down and comforted him and then continued My flight on the airplane.

Realize your manifestations in every layer of the Absolute. It is necessary to strengthen all the “layers” of yourself in order to manifest yourself later in full as the Creator.

For instance, everyone should be able to confidently say that this wonderful forest is “I”.

This is why I brought you here at this My “place of power”. I did it not in order to work as usual or to pick mushrooms, but to give you direction for the work of your earthly life until December of this year13. In December this part of the work will be over.

Russia is bound for complete devastation, starvation and many other disasters.


Nobody falls out of Me14, except for those who fall out into hell, and you know, who they are. But some fall into Me, becoming Myself15.

Take whatever happens on Earth easy! When you see a dangerous situation approach or develop — every one of you has to distribute yourself as consciousness in the Abode of the Creator and in everything, which I have told you about.


This fir-grove and these birds, very nice and lovely, that are flying about and “muffle” My voice here — they are a part of Me, too; and here I am, as well — your Sathya Sai, whom you have been looking for — for several years or even decades. This is a paradox for the mind of embodied people: God16 has, as it were, a twofold “Self”.

The work today has just begun. Let every one of you re-think their whole lives. Perform a revision of your lives from the moment you were sitting on your mother’s laps: you yourself and your others are too parts of the Absolute.

And now let everyone listen to Me, distributing themselves as consciousness by all emanations of the Absolute. This — is a very favorable fir-grove for you and for Me.

After December I will let only few of you stay to continue My work, like I said before. And let you realize now:

yourself as a part of the Absolute,

the Absolute — as your Home,

yourself — as a part of Me.


(Here Sathya Sai quotes the symbol of the orthodox faith — “By Him everything was…”, meaning that Jesus always remained one with God-the-Father.)

— Try to see both correctness and incorrectness of this statement. You see, the consciousness and the body of Jesus originated from the parts of God-Absolute. And at the same time Jesus was attaining the state of the Creator. So, it cannot be said right away and unambiguously whether this statement is correct or incorrect.

Stay here until evening, until you heat this place with yourself like the Sun.

— (Joking) And until we scatter the clouds?

— Clouds are also a part of Me.

Realize the totality of My nature, excluding hell. Only those, who cognized what I am talking about now will attain the freedom to do whatever they like on the material plane.


All undertakings should be postponed until next spring. Wait until May — in the meantime there will be sorting of people.

Those of you, who survive this winter will continue service, creating the future, as before; those, who do not — will merge with Me in My Abode.





— I am — Lao-the-Omnipresent — you may call Me just like that. I am always with you, helping you in every possible way.

(To one of the disciples): I am always watching you, too.


Russia deserved “fire and sword": destroying everything that proved useless in it. But you are being led by Me.


All of you have to learn how to be in one team with God.





— Leave as many fruits of your good deeds on Earth as possible! Take M. as a model: he does what he has to do, and not what he wants to.

You have to recapitulate your earthly lives as if they were coming to an end. Everyone should think about this — what they have not completed — before parting with material plane.

Subjective factor stands in the way of realization of the Divine Plan. Do not undertake anything out of your personal volition (trips etc.)!

The Divine Plan for you is effective until 2003-2005. In order to fulfill the Plan you just need to be a part of the unified system without setting yourself aside as a separate independent system.

From October to December you will be required to accomplish a range of specific actions on behalf of God. You have to become totally involved in order to fulfill this God's intention.

You have to become the outpost of God: to face embodied beings remaining one with God. Passing information on behalf of God will be necessary.

There is another thing: you have to quit feeling yourself as separate souls. The Ultimate Merging must be realized at last!





— All members of the team should have absolutely clear understanding of the Path.

In the end of April or in the beginning of May the issue of your further service will be decided upon. December will be a difficult month, although the catastrophes are almost canceled. Putin has made a series of important decisions under My influence, and as a result the future of Russia is somewhat “alleviated”. So do not worry!

Starting from the evening of October 9, you should send Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion to Putin.

There should be no doubts of any kind: this plan should be fulfilled. This — is My Plan.

Then the Declaration should be sent in the first place to India and Pakistan and after that — to the social-democratic parties in Austria, Germany and Norway.

…The road ahead is long and it is not going to be easy — you will “take some beating”. But whatever happens you should not give way to panic. I am always with you, as well as All the Others. Remember that!

Whatever happened, happening and will happen — all comes from Me. You have stepped on the high road of a great service on the planetary scale.

Are you ready to take part in realization of My Plan?

— Yes, we are.

But we do not have means to receive and accommodate guests.

— We will overcome all difficulties.

It is necessary to make sure the “building” has been constructed solidly. First we will “clear the ground with bulldozers” for the “foundation”.

I will tell you about everything else later.





— There are healthy spiritual hearths in India and Sahara; those are — the places where a spiritual uplift is possible.

The essence of a spiritual work is having God as its center, and not man. There are no groups like yours on Earth whatsoever. Everywhere situation develops in such a way that some embodied teacher gets in the center and people around start idolizing him. And this teacher takes advantage of his disciples to satisfy his whims.

I totally trust you, Vladimir. You have withstood an ocean of temptations and have not fallen for any of them.

You do not know all the holy places here. This is the place where you can build an ashram and create the center of spiritual work — so that many embodied people could come over here, of whom the worthiest I will be submerging in Me. Here is the most favorable place for doing this.

Send the Declaration to United Nations and UNESCO.

It would be better if you invite people here and not travel abroad. But you do not have enough earthly means for that.

— Who could we rely on in terms of providing that?

— You can rely on Me only! There is no one on Earth, whom you could rely on. Your task is — to accept whatever I am suggesting. I will be organizing all that without your help. You will be satisfied!





— Not everything goes as smooth as all of Us would prefer.

Human free will implies some “curvature” in the course of events. Each of you, embodied people, is often “late” for certain appointed dates, because sometimes you get distracted by inessential things. This is why the river of events is so narrow and abounding with rapids. It scratches the boards of big vessels and sinks small ones.

I suggest that you separate engaging in earthly activities from cognizing the depths of Me. Each of you knows that getting to know Me — is the major lesson, which should be learned by everyone before they can be “swallowed” by Heaven.

So, let us go “move Heaven apart”! (Inviting to begin meditative work). Highest Heaven open up only before those, who are wise, but such ones are few.





— I used to live in New Zealand, moved there from Australia. The last name is actually Japanese: I got it from My Japanese ancestors.

In the very center of New Zealand, just a bit to the north, there is a “place of power”, which is perfect for growing one’s consciousness. It stretches for tens of kilometers.

I was not the only one, who was growing there — we had a large group. Currently this place is unknown to people: nobody is working there now.





— I am pleased with Putin! Cataclysms for Russia are canceled. But God will continue watching how the situation there will be developing.

Spirituality of Russia is close to zero right now. And there is nothing to be done about this in the near future. Revival of Russia will be gradual: it is going to take long time and great efforts before people will want to get to know God like you.

— What are the prospects of our service and personal development for the future? Should we publish books?

— Your earthly Path will not be easy in Russia. Establishing the School in some other place and letting people here do whatever they want is one of the possible scenarios of your future activity.

You should wait and see how the situation develops. Currently there are no prospects of finding promising disciples in Russia anymore. The task for now is to focus on personal development, without “disturbing” Russia any longer.

You may publish books in any language other than Russian.





— It is so good that you have come here together!

— We were promised to receive more information during these three days about plans for the future. Will we hear anything today?

— He is especially dear to Me, who has fulfilled the commandment set out in the Bhagavad-Gita: “Get to know Me! — Become Me! — Abide in Me!” Or the way Jesus put it : “I and the Father are One”.

There are no problems anymore. (Citing the New Testament) “May you love each other!”

— But still, what are the prospects of the School?

— Everyone’s further service and self-perfection should be in line with overall flow of events. The way the situation is developing will determine the forms of your future service.

There should not be any expanding of the School in Russia. There are no favorable conditions for that. But outside of Russia the School does need to expand.

The situation is quite complicated. There are very few people on Earth who feel genuinely attracted to Me. For the most part everybody just keeps saying: “Allahu Akbar!” or “Have mercy on me!”.

— What will the program of our activity abroad be?

— We will talk about this later.

No mass work is possible in Russia now. Not even among young people. This kind of work should be only for the selected people, which are the likes of you. Those — the likes of you — will be selected by Me.

For the country as a whole this kind of work is not an urgent task. Russia got “bogged down” way too deep.


Sathya Sai Baba



— Yes, it is Me, Who awakens souls.

— But we need some “facilities” in order to help those souls!

— You need to help them here. And it is here, where the ashram should be created. Having “embedments” abroad is also possible and you should be ready to go to wherever I will call you, to any place on Earth.

I placed you in the center of the whole situation. And I hope you will work for Me tirelessly and at the top of your potential.

The optimal conditions for you have been created here.

I will not inflict anything of what was said before (about cataclysms for Russia) — this is not necessary anymore.

As to the prospects — you will be learning everything gradually, getting an insight into My Intention little by little; and My intention — is very profound.

Get all the worthy ones from all over Earth together.

— What should our actions be?

— It is I who will be doing everything.

— Do we need to start implementing the ashram project?

— Yes. And you should also try to translate the books into all possible languages.

And remember constantly: “one does not pour new wine into old skins”. The Church of God must be re-created from scratch.

— So, the center of the School should be here?

— Both here and everywhere, where the worthy people will be discovered. The centers also should be created abroad — the corresponding “places of power” will be found there as well. This is a natural process, for participating in which I am blessing you.





— Optimal (maximum favorable!) conditions for spiritual work should be created in order that all worthy people could participate in this work, without necessarily coming over here (in Saint Petersburg). The centers like this (which will be teaching buddhi-yoga) should not be created in Russia, but abroad — yes.

Your “island” has to transform into an “archipelago” with many islands.


Apostle John



— Have You ever been embodied since then?

— No. I attained Divinity at that time, but I wrote the Gospel before.

I was with Maria — the mother of Jesus. My devotion and love to her allowed Me to attain Divinity. And Jesus was helping Me a lot in this.

— Who else of the apostles of Jesus Christ attained Divinity, apart from You and those we already know (Andrew and Philip)?

— Mark did. He was later incarnated in England. It was not until after He had abdicated responsibility as an ambassador that He began receiving messages directly from God. He helped people in England a lot. It was even before the “Reformation”. England supplied a whole pleiad of Divine Teachers then.

Come here more often — I will teach you how to “wash away” your bodies.




— Tell us about Yourself, please.

— Last time I was embodied on the territory of the North American states. I was an Indian.

I mastered a dematerialization of the physical body. I will be initiating you into My Yoga.

The front parts of your bodies are not developed enough in order to succeed in this yet and I am willing to help you with this. You have to get into every cell of the body from inside. Your bodies are developed “by and large” — but what is necessary is to enter every cell of the body from inside, including alveolar tissue cells of the respiratory tract.

This place is a “workshop”, where “laboratorial” conditions are created for you and your friends. I suggest we get down to mastering materialization and dematerialization right here and right now. You may spend the whole winter here.


Juan Matus



— Eagle was incarnated in the epoch, when Europe got freed from inquisition. He was a civilized Indian: He lived in a city and studied European culture.

You, Vladimir, have found the “golden mean” both in terms of studying all systems of methods and in terms of exploring various extremes. And you deserved gratitude from the whole planet. Spreading the knowledge to the humankind of the whole planet — this is the task that you need to fulfill.

I am willing to see you as a complete Avatar.





— Now you should spread the knowledge about Me over the entire planet. The Russian stage of work is over. And the necessary preparation over the Internet is completed.

Now you should create the hearths of the highest spiritual culture wherever you get invited by worthy spiritual people, wherever I will be sending you.





— I was for America what Huang-Di was for China.

Various perversions of Incas and others are not from Me, this is — “crap”. At the early stage of the civilization it was I, who was boosting the Indian culture.

Last time I embodied was in 1885. XIX century saw the peak of the Indian spiritual culture in the North, and especially in the Northwest of the USA.


All-Russian Orthodox Priest



— Who are You? What is Your Name?

— I am All-Russian Orthodox Priest.

— Were You a patriarch, a bishop?

— The task of My latest embodiment was to support all the best that Russian Orthodox Church had accumulated. Of course I was neither an Orthodox patriarch nor a bishop. But I was an orthodox priest once.





— I will be helping you make your cocoons and bodies free from everything except the Creator.

Discovering various places abroad will also be necessary.

— Is the center going to be here, in Russia?

— The center should be created here. It will be intended for the worthiest disciples, including foreign ones. Although you know that nothing is “foreign” for Me — for I am the only God for the whole Earth.

We will see after May. Or rather it is I, who will see — you will be accomplishing.

— How should we develop ourselves?

— Out-of-town training center — yes, it is necessary.

— What should we do during the winter?

— You will not have to come here often. Lyhn is waiting for you and inviting you to His place — it is closer to the city. You better go there.

— At Lyhn’s place we will not be able to work with such a “high voltage” like at Yours.

— I will be taking care of you there as well!

A lot will depend on the next spring: how you will endure it.

The victory will be yours and it is close!

Your immediate task is to boost the spirituality of the whole Earth by means of books, films and teaching.





— Concentrate totally on your personal development. Your work (service) is strictly for the selected. They will have to get invited here (to Saint-Petersburg).

(Pointing to the Southern Finland:) There will be worthy people as well over there.

I am trying to find (through you in particular) those worthy people, who would be willing to accept help in their spiritual progress, which you can offer to them.





— In Africa, and actually on the whole Earth there are very few fresh currents of spiritual traditions left. People do not want to cognize the Highest Planes of Being. They just pervert the Teaching of God over, and over and over again!





— Hurry up in taking the worthy ones to the Abode of the Creator! Do not waste a minute! Earthly life ends so “unexpectedly”, so “suddenly”!





— Currently the conditions are being created that will be necessary for launching our work across the whole Earth. You need to think over possible ways of service, including the necessity of learning foreign languages.

It will take years for our work to reach the full scale. My task consists in organizing the whole process so that all people of the planet could take advantage of the whole aggregate of My Knowledge.

Now I am watching everyone, who directs their attention at the School’s activity. Slow and gradual selection of cadres is underway.

The whole situation has been conceived so that your activity would reach its full potential only in several years. Now — the conditions, prerequisite to this are being created. I suggest that you take whatever is happening calmly and in terms of applying your efforts to helping others in the future.

Now each of you must make further efforts on their own self-perfection. You have a certain time allotted for that, including December.





— In the spring the necessity of refurbishment of the religious or doctrine will begin to be seriously discussed. This will call for your maximum involvement in this process. Until then — you should “keep a low profile” and not to interfere with the religious life in the country. Sathya Sai and Huang-Di share the same opinion.

You have gone a long way from your beginning state — the average level of the people that live on Earth. But it is still a long way ahead before the complete self-realization is fulfilled and you attain the state of God completely.

For each of you — if they get disembodied now — the Abode is close or already “secured”; it does not really matter now, because each of you is already prepared to enter It. This is thanks to you, Vladimir.

But look at the situation with Peter17, which is familiar to you. He is still lonely. And compare Him with Me: I am among people. Do you feel the difference?

In order to become a full-fledged Representative of God, to fully manifest yourself as God you need to acquire more skills.

Watch Me awakening people — I do this in various ways. And realize that I have really made Myself imprinted in the people’s memory! People remember Me — and this is why My Name inspires them. They see God-the-Father in My Name and thus they call upon Me and listen to Me: what I will say. And compare: nobody knows Peter, and this is why He is lonely. I always care about embodied people and work hard for the people’s good and for My good as well: I am enjoying this process Myself!

Acquiring reputation among people is a risky matter — there is a risk of falling into the grips of arrogance and pride, and I would not recommend that to anyone. But I am blessing you and your friends to serve in this way on an Earth scale, knowing that I am not risking anything, putting you forward.

(Showing the spring (April); we are gaining momentum along with the spring floods). In May our School will start flourishing on Earth.


But remember: every person should receive his own portion of information from God. Nobody should be forced to go anywhere! Development of intellect is a gradual process, very gradual!


The most important thing now is — to focus on your own personal development, now you should think less about others. (Joking:) This is what this winter for: think about Me and Other Divine Teachers.

— What will the situation in the country be during the winter? Should we do anything specific in order to make ourselves ready?

— (Jokingly, rolling the eyes up:) O-o-o-h!.. There will be no such disasters, where any of you could perish in vain. You are in My hands!

— Is there going to be an economic crisis in Russia?

— No, there is not. Russia will manage to avoid it. Putin initiated the correct policy.





— Should we increase our activity in the internet, to realize what John Lennon was talking with us about Spiritual Internet?

— It does not make any sense to become thoroughly engrossed in the troubled waters of opinions of various schools that advertise themselves there. It is not at all an urgent task for now. What is urgent is to gather the most worthy to unite under My Flag so that I could take them into My Abode with your help. I am asking you not to ask Me any more questions regarding service until approximately January 7: any detailed elaboration or correction of plans will be possible only after that date. What should you do now? — Work on yourself and cut off unnecessary contacts.


Huang-Di, Babaji, Krishna



— Will You give us any advice regarding financial situation?

— Berries, mushrooms and other gifts of forest! Is it not enough for you? You may take as much you like!

Any increased attention towards money is a very dangerous trap, a hook that tears clothes first and then the body… Look in the direction of God — and He will provide you with all necessary things. Thinking about money is an antagonism of God. You certainly do not want intelligence here.





— What about M. going to India — without concrete contacts and addresses?

— You also need to wait until the war is over.

Going to my ashram there does not make sense: there is nothing valuable there in terms of any serious transformation of people that live there now.

But there are worthy people in India.

In order to find those people you need to establish presence in Indian internet search catalogs. Before going to India you need to establish contacts that would make you sure that people understand you and are willing to study.

We call off the M.’s February trip to India.

I respect India very deeply and my love to this country and for the people whom I personally send to incarnate there has no limit. This is why I strongly desire your contacts with India and ask you to pay special attention to the needs of those people.


Krishna, Babaji, David Copperfield, Peter, Lao



— So, it looks like we are through with forming the “Nagual party”?

— Yes, almost… During the next 2 years you will need to find about 30 disciples and to spread our knowledge abroad.

— How long will I have to work in this body?

— About 20 years. The School will grow. You will see an inflow of new members even this autumn. (There will not be a lot of new disciples this spring, though).

— Will there be any worthy disciples from Saint-Petersburg?

— No, you have found all worthy one from there.

— What will I need to accomplish during the 20 years of living in this body?

— You should keep a low profile, to work accurately, gathering the worthy ones and bringing them to Me, into My Abode. You should gather them from all over Earth, but you will have to act gently and accurately without declaring yourself. Otherwise people will not accept you — and will tear you to pieces. They do not need new prophets, Messiahs and Christs: the previous ones are enough for them. Do not make noise around yourself! Then everything will be quiet — and efficient.





— Every one of you — first of all — has to advance toward more complete Perfection. If you “look back” in search of prospective disciples — you will be hampering your progress yourselves.

It is not you who should search for prospective disciple: this is a God’s task. And He does it in accordance with your personal level of development and the speed at which you are advancing.

Entrust the search for disciples to God! You should move forward yourselves!


Jesus Christ



— Make it a principle: “I am not interested in contacts with those who do not understand me”.





— Reality is that every School, which is from God, gets established first, then it matures and then dies. And its heritage remains available for other people. But people are different, some of them use this heritage, the others either warp or defile it.

It is not time for your School to “die” yet. Now you are on a plateau. You are on the top of the mountain, which you have been climbing with such great efforts.

Only few people in Russia need your help now.

I have already closed your School in Russia, in fact — I am in the process of closing it. There is almost no one left in Russia who would need it. Tomorrow I will tell you the rest about it.

It is not time to send the letter18 to Putin: I will let you know in a few days when you will need to do it.

R. started to realize that spiritual work is not celebrations of various dates, but a non-stop everyday work on oneself, on transforming of one’s lower self into a Paramatmic Being.

For the time being the main and almost the only task for you and those who are with you is attainment of ultimate maturity.


Sathya Sai Baba



— I am glad to be with you!

The “ferry passage” was created according to the Creator’s intention from the time immemorial. Those who cross this river — becomes Me.

I heard that you want to become Me in all My totality. Yes, I take every one of you and “put you on your feet”. Look what I am like — and imitate.

God is One. No one can — however great they are — cognize the Universal Creator in all His totality. Since He has no limits. But I represent the Creator so you could see what He is like. I bless you to adopt this Essence of Mine.

…I do not want any of you to lose heart. Every one of you should be inspired with My example and the prospects of mastering next stages of spiritual advancement. And may the grandeur of this all not frighten you. For the outcome of the upcoming battle is predetermined for you. Victory will be yours!


Sathya Sai Baba



— It is time for you to stop looking for prospective disciples. As well as for those on whom you could rely. Rely on Me only.

Become independent in your earthly activities.


Sathya Sai Baba



— You got it correctly. You do not have any tasks other than becoming Me and helping others in it: the worthiest out of the worthy ones.

To become Omnipresent like I am — this is your highest priority task. I do not have any other plans for you.





— How is A. doing?

— Nothing good came out. She did not understand the most important thing — that one has to SERVE God. Egotistic variant of “spiritual work” is not acceptable to God and is not pleasing Him.

He has a desire to serve, but this desire is “general theoretic”. One should have a “loving passion” directed towards the Creator, that would manifest itself in the desire to serve Him by serving other people spiritually. (Pointing at L. in a joking manner): Here is a dissatisfied passion for service! See how a person withers in this case! (Addressing L.): Sorry, this is how I express My Love to you.

What you need to do now is:

Continue to get into the depths of Me!

Cognize Me more thoroughly!

Reveal yourself only to the worthy ones!


Elena Roerich



— “The trap has opened” — Now I realized why “the entire world” has been revolving around me: for you and your friends! I love you, V. very much!

— What about Nikolay?

— He has already incarnated in the Australian region.

— And yourself?

— “Resting on my laurels”. But the Abode is still far.

— Would you recommend whom we should contact, whom we can help?

— No: the Others will do it.

…(Laughing.) Nikolay torn off a piece of my dress when an irresistible force pulled him to incarnate.

— Does Nikolay lead any kind of activity?

— No, he does not. He has not figured out what is what yet, although he is already a grown up person. It is not time yet.

I am very happy that I could help you!





— All dreams of the best of people can become reality for you!

You must not leave the states of joyful bliss — even in hardship or during tortures!

Your bodies are in Me.

I will to do everything for your sake. Every time I test you only to bring every one of you closer to Me.





— I am embracing all My friends. I love you very much!


The meaning and the purpose of My life is to make sure that the path which I lead you by does not get forgotten. All this must remain for other people: a well-beaten track. Your School must never die! I will be sending disciples to you and will lead many of your descendants along the path that you have blazed. You will be “sorting out” crowds of people willing to walk this path and ensuring the passage only for the worthy ones.


Sathya Sai Baba



— There will not be a big inflow of disciples in the near future.

At the current stage of the School’s evolution it is very important to spread the knowledge through books, translating them into as many languages as possible. Only when this work is completed — some time after that — new disciples will be turning out. Inertia in people’s minds is so great!

There should be some people from East, including China. But this is not going to be soon.

…Until now you have been placing emphasis in your service on searching for the most worthy ones and bringing them to cognition of Me. Publishing of books also served the purpose of selecting these worthy ones. Now I am changing your priorities. From now on the main task will be transformation of outlook of masses of people that inhabit Earth. The time has come to “take the bull by the horns”: you should get on to the academic level of knowledge, to the theological science (if one dares to call what you have on Earth so).

You should publish a book titled “General Theology — The Science about God” and to distribute it as widely as possible.

This book must not criticize anyone. In this case people will accept what is written in it more readily.


Maenuel and Yamamuto



— It makes sense to publish the book “What kind of Russia Is Needed by God” in July or August: new material will arrive that will enrich the book.


Sathya Sai Baba



(Touching anahatas of those in the room.)

— Make your spiritual hearts shine brighter! Let them shine like the bright Divine Flame!

Remember: I am always with you! You — abide in Me!

Live in Me just like I always live in you!


Apostles Philip and Andrew



— Trouble comes when a man forgets about God and lives on himself, alone.

If a man lives only for himself — this is when trouble comes.

No man must live alone! He must live in Me and for Me!





— Is it really true that nobody in this country needs Me?

— In this country nobody needs all of us!





— You, M., and all of you — are My comfort. I never saw a School like yours.

I am happy to see the flower of My Teaching blossoming out on Earth. Jesus and Lao hold the same opinion.

…Our work has not begun in South-East Asia yet. This is what is at hand, and contacts with people of those countries will be needed for that.

The fire can be kindled only if there are enthusiasts.

On the whole there is a great and very sound interest in our work. Those people should not necessarily get in direct contact with you. The start to test these methods on themselves. This a more optimal way compared to looking for a leader.

Look at what books can do in this world! It is books that contribute so much to forming of people’s philosophical outlook. And there have never been books on Earth that would be so full of truth about God!

…Krishna’s Teaching is very much praised in Germany, but this is not due to Prabhupada’s activity. One should not rely on Prabhupada’s translations of the Bhagavad Gita, they do not have anything to do with Me: they are not from Me and not for Me.

I mean to say that the methodology that you use is practical realization of the Krishna’s Teaching. And the same can be said about you in terms of Teaching of Jesus Christ: since your work is a practical realization of the precepts of the New Testament. The same goes with realization of the Teaching about Tao that was given through Lao Tse. And so on. Any religious tradition, any theory can be realized by applying the methods that were developed within our School. But the most interesting contingent of disciples could form out of those who consider themselves followers of the Bhagavad Gita (in correct translation)…





— I am here! Here is My hand (extending His palm)!

I am expecting you in My ashram tomorrow!

I simply love you very much! And I want to embrace you in My Ashram.





(Addressing Sh.:)

— Be more self-confident, more active — and then you will merge with Me completely.

More intensity! Do not let yourself relax even for a minute to indulge in weaknesses! Become active! Live in the state of permanent attack!


Sathya Sai Baba



— Addressing you now, I would like to emphasize the importance of spreading the knowledge that I have presented to you around the earth. This is My Will! I insist on the urgency of the Revival of the Science of Faith — this is what I suggest you call your Path of Serving Me through serving people.

You should make efforts so that every inhabitant of Earth would know about this. I will be helping you in this. The destiny of Earth for several centuries depends on this. Each of you should deeply realize the meaning of what I said and make maximum efforts on fulfilling this. All efforts should be dedicated to this! And you are guaranteed to have full inviolability on this Path, the Path of Revival of the Science about Faith.

This is why you need fresh forces. The School should grow due to inflow of new members that would be socially mature people.

The tendency of building relationships with politicians of high rank did not turn out to be successful. This is why you should switch to establishing contacts with governments of other countries (primarily European countries, United States and Canada) and publishing houses located there. You should also engage television companies of these countries.

Orientation should be on European culture (not South-East Asian one).

My cherished dream is to see branches of the School start functioning.

I have never left you and I will never do. I am the coordinator of the School’s activity.

…Eagle joined us in our work at my request. You should work here until 15-17th of May. Then you will need to move to the north (Krishna will work with you there).

…(Joking:) You should be “taught a lesson” for not having that “devil in your head” which would drive you to preach the knowledge about Me in every country of Earth…





— Now, at this stage service is the priority. You should broaden the territory covered, there will not be more favorable time for that. Summer and autumn are for expanding the “oasis”.

I took you here in order to say this, primarily. Right now God expects you to make the most resolute actions on spreading the knowledge that you have received around the planet. And God will be helping you in this.

— Do we know everything — in terms of methods? Should we perfect what we already know? Do I understand the situation correctly?

— No. There will be progress ahead. No reason to rest on your laurels.


All-Russian Orthodox Priest



— For the past several centuries this is the first time I met those who understand God correctly!

Scientist should study not the history of Russian Christianity, but the history of Slavdom. This is what treatises should be written about — what was before “christening” into Byzantine faith and how church gradually displaced God afterwards.

…(Joking:) Yamamuto almost had “cardiac rupture” at hearing V. agree that He would leave you. This was a joke, but took it seriously! How can one leave such pure and bright disciples, who are becoming Teachers themselves? This could not have been taken seriously! We are all One!





— Remember, My son: we are always together. Don’t you see: almost every one of you has reached the level from which no one falls out of the Creator. You are no longer subject to the doubts that God holds regarding any new disciple.





— Your activity should be expanded. And I will not let you relax! I will be pressing on you until the whole planet starts talking about new knowledge of God.

People who are worthy of becoming members of the School are not too many. They are really have to be searched for! This is very much like “searching the needle in a haystack”. But you have to be doing this! I and all of Us will be helping you: for example, by creating emotional interest in performing certain action in prospective disciples.

But if you do not perform this activity — I will be causing pain to you, I will be applying “inquisition methods” to you. Pain and bad luck will be haunting you.

— What should be our target group abroad?

— Scientists in all fields. This is a first group of people who may get interested in your knowledge. Physicists, biologists, art critics, specialists in religions — all those who form demand for this kind of information.

(To M. regarding her daughter:) Z. takes studying in school too giddily. She should be “spanked” for this. She is developing a frivolous attitude toward life. Each child has to build up a minimum potential of knowledge that they can develop later. And it is usually done in the elementary school. One must not miss this.

(To A. regarding her son:) Remember that his life should be connected with water element. It would be good for him to become an social anthropologist. S. in the future is a spiritual warrior. But this process of becoming a spiritual warrior must be controlled. If “the reins get slackened” it may go awry. His element is water, through interaction with which he will be developing. Divining will be beneficial for him. Ocean, underwater world, islands, traditions and customs of islanders, ethnography… — al this would be the best environment for him.

A. has a “stump” on her way, against which she may stumble. This a person, a man, who can make her to give up the Path. But if she pulls through with this she will do well: you will have one more worthy disciple.

Enjoy sattva of the spring while there is no mosquitoes and summer sultriness. This will improve general meditative tonus and is also good for health. Enjoying is important. You have accustomed yourself to hard work, but this is not always good. One has to get charged from sattvic world. For now this would be correct. It will not always be like this, though.

…Books that you run out of should be republished.

…You should not shoot additional parts of the film: this would be excessive information. But you can make other kinds of films — about the beauty of nature, for example.





— You do not understand that I am pleading with God so that He keeps Russia alive.

— God can send a rain, for example, but He will not be moving harvest from the fields or holding back inflation…

— This is why nobody needs Me here!

What can I do to make it a place where everyone could live comfortably, where evolution of souls could go on?

— Unfortunately, here, in Russia, only few people can evolve in positive direction.

— I know this…

Yes, I pleaded with Megre to write a book about Me. I feel guilty…, you know this…

— Do you see any good prospects in the future?

— No, I do not. I can only see what is going on today, — just like all of you — those ugly things that are happening.


Sathya Sai Baba



— I am very glad to see what is going on with you. But your activity is far from being ideal. I am talking about fundamental difference between what you are doing now — and what you have to do in order to get the comprehensive truth about Me to the people.

I have been creating your School as a possessor of secret knowledge, “secret doctrine”, speaking in Blavatskaya’s terms. But then I intended a sharp turn for you: so that you get to the “academic” knowledge level. The book “General Theology…” is what I asked you to write for this. But this line went somewhat awry — the way you understood this. I want and even demand that you more extensively spread the knowledge about God, the Creator, about how and for what purpose life appeared on Earth.

I insist that each of you accepts what I am requesting from you regarding service among various nations of Earth.


Sathya Sai Baba



— Do not forget that your Teaching is My Teaching. It is very important to publish your books in all languages for all people in all countries.


Lao, Krishna



— The School must grow. We are making strenuous efforts so that your knowledge could become available for all inhabitants of Earth.




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