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Jesus Christ Speaking to a New Disciple of the School

— I would like to tell you about your past: so that you could understand yourself better and create for yourself a plan of your personal self-perfection.

You are by no means a young soul. One of your incarnations was among the first Christians, although we did not meet while I was embodied.

People warped My Teaching very quickly, but you were never among those, who committed atrocities ostensibly “in My name”, including the crimes of the Inquisition.

After that you were incarnated several more times. Your most recent incarnation was not long ago — on the sea coast in Latvia. At that time you learned to become anahata, soaring freely above the sea — luminescent, sunny spiritual heart. Sea, desert and plains are natural conditions favorable for spreading oneself as consciousness over the Earth’s surface and for merging of a soul with harmonious open space.

You have never had an incarnated Teacher, but My assistants and I have always been helping you.

In your current incarnation, as it was intended by both Me and you, you were supposed to continue your development in the same direction. But your fatal mistake was devoting yourself, as a part of your professional activity, to communicating with people, which you knew were harsh. Moreover, you started ordering them about. This prevented you from advancing further, but only fixed and strengthened the tendency towards violence…

— I have a question to ask. I just wanted to dot all the “i”s and cross all the “t”s…

— No need to proceed from false premises. What is important now is that I am here! I am putting My hand over your forehead, over your eyes — feel Me!…

And now — I am standing inside your body — find me within yourself! How can you do this? — Recall the subtlest, tenderest states, which you have ever experienced: when you were amidst fragrant wildflowers or singing of birds… Then try to feel the whole planet as your Mother! Expand your chest, and then embrace the whole planet and all living beings on it with yourself as a spiritual heart! And then — deep inside — you will feel Me.

The path to cognizing Me is the Path of refining yourself as consciousness.

Another thing — become a monk.

— Yes, I had a dream like that, but I never spoke of it…

— You are talking about inessential now! Become a monk not for people, not for the church — but for Me. Stand by My side. I will embrace you — and we will go together! I will lead you into the Abode of the Creator!




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