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One of the Conversations with God

Sathya Sai Baba (addressing Z.):

— You should stay face to face with Me. I am talking not about the material side but about the soul. Whatever happens to you — you should see My Will in it. I am going to make you God and everything that is required of you is to surrender to Me and allow Me to shape you according to My design. You will not have such a chance in the next incarnation. I open the doors to My Abode and I close them.

Remember: I encourage any spiritual quest. Anyone finds what searches for without fail. Even in the filth of many sects there are people capable of growing spiritually. I guide them and help them. Having passed the stratum of mud they turn into beautiful flowers. And I pull up those who are not capable of spiritual growth and throw them into fire.



— They are tares, not the good seeds that I sowed.


Sathya Sai Baba:

— Every one of you who present here has no limitations on the spiritual Path. Success depends on how you will be able to make the right choice as to the things that are beneficial for the spiritual progress and set aside everything that is impeding your progress.

I created your center for the sake of wide spreading of the knowledge.

Every one of you will carry his special mission (task). But.…19



— Now you are able to work independently, there is no need for you to work together (as a joined group of physical bodies). It is time to expand the work as much as possible. I want you to spread the Love worldwide.

The road to Me is paved with flowers for those who live in a constant dissatisfied desire to serve and to help others. And do not even think of refusing when you get a chance to serve! By doing so you will earn a bad karma.

Be sensitive to My signs!


Sathya Sai Baba:

— You should be concerned only with how to serve Me in the most comprehensive way. The foundation of each one of you will be constructed through the resolution of this question. This foundation should grow into Me.

Your will should coincide with My Will. Feel It. At the same time I do not deprive you of the right to use your own mind. You make decisions and I just slightly correct them.



— Peace and dissolving Tenderness — this is the destiny of those who cognized Me in My Abode.




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