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From Letters to Businessman D.

Letter 1:

You have joined well in our work, you are able to perform difficult meditations and you can see for yourself that your health has improved immediately: all the illnesses that you complained about disappeared in just two weeks.

But certain things in you have to be corrected:

1. You have no control over your states of consciousness. Considering the increase of your personal power (the power of consciousness) it may become harmful for other people in certain circumstances. Without solving this problem the further increase of the personal power using “crystallization”20 methods is inadmissible.

2. You have not accepted fully the important ethic principle — ahimsa (you feed your dogs with the bodies of killed animals though there is no necessity for doing this). That is to say that you should think over the principle of Love-Compassion much more thoroughly.

3. You have not thought over your love to God in the aspect of the Absolute. Namely, you do not treat thriftily His manifestations such as paper, electricity, etc. It is the same with the plenty of money you have: you spend them to satisfy your meaningless fancies and to please the people who live materialistic life. Thus you encourage them to continue such living.

But it is better to consider the material objects as presents the Creator gives to us, embodied people. And neglecting or wasteful attitude towards them is unacceptable. We should treat all presents of God thriftily and use them as efficiently as possible — for the sake of efficiency of the Evolution.

4. But the most negative of your features is that you treat some people as your servants. It is a direct denial of the God's commandment that we should consider ourselves as servants of other beings and of God. Jesus and Sathya Sai Baba spoke of this truth most profoundly. Your behavior of that kind has various manifestations. Try to recognize them also in your slighting attitude towards the efforts and time that other people spent in vain because of you, in your contemptuous actions towards those who help you.

These are important questions:

Whose time do you value more — yours or theirs?

Whom do you respect more — yourself or them?

One more comment: respect is one of the aspects of love; one should distinguish a true love, i.e. love to others and a false love, i.e. love to yourself. The latter is a pseudo-love.

If a man loves the Creator then the love-yearning for Him manifests as a growing sincere orientation only towards Him. But there is no sign of growth of such love in you: you live a disordered life, you also do not follow a healthy daily schedule, you do not end your contacts with people who impede the development of your love to the Creator. Your indriyas are spread over many objects, your interaction with them is often chaotic and contradicts the unidirectionality of a true monk.

These problems have to be solved by making efforts to purify your life and to make it an impeccable life of a spiritual monk-warrior. And this should be done voluntarily, sincerely.

But sincerity can not come if you do not make efforts which, for example, may consist in trying to stay face to face with God on natural landscapes and in reading (systematically!) about Him and His Scriptures.

Now you are trying to live in all three gunas and you decided to cognize the Creator at the same time...

With optimism and love,

Vladimir Antonov.


Letter 2 (from Sathya Sai Baba):

God is not satisfied with you. What is the reason of My dissatisfaction?

At the current stage of the development one has to live according to the plans of God, not to one's own plans (whether they are good or not).

One has to truly experience oneself (as consciousness, but not as mind or body) an evolving part of the multidimensional Absolute, an active participant of the process of the Evolution.

This is what should be the ground on which one has to develop himself and to build relationships with other beings. One must not interact with other creatures in a non-spiritual way, i.e. without trying (softly, tactfully, with Love) to help them in their development (in helping consciousness advance towards the Creator). No relationships with people, animals or plants should continue for a long time without the intention to help them in their evolution. Purely materialistic relationships should never dominate in one's intentions for other beings, especially people. All “mundane” activity, including commerce, must be performed only for one purpose — evolution of the units of consciousness on the way to the Union with the Creator.

I want you to become a true student of My School that exists here, on Earth.

Second: One must never ignore the basic ethic principles of interaction with the world. It includes doing no harm, honesty (especially with Me, and I am in My students of this School), attitude to earthly wealth and material comfort. Think it over: what did God mean by saying through Jesus: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”, “You cannot serve God and mammon”.

You must not postpone the resolution of these problems.

Your Baba.


A comment of Sathya Sai Baba about the situation with D.:


Now D. is in a very bad, strained situation. He is not going to get a warm reception from God.

He spends his life in vain, wastes the time that was given to him for self-perfecting. To whom much is given, of him will much be required. This truth was given to you by God through Jesus Christ.

The level of knowledge that he has, asks for much more efforts on the spiritual reformation of oneself. And also — much more spiritual help to people.

I will alleviate his destiny for a time — as you asked.


The path of every one of you on Earth is too short. Yet it determines your subsequent life for ages or even millennia. Every one of you has so few opportunities left to make personal efforts on transforming yourselves! And what next? A desperate sorrow and regrets because you did not do the so few remaining efforts!

Your Baba.


An excerpt from the talk with D:


Ishvarapranidhana is a means of replacing one’s egocentrism with the God-centrism. This is the way to root oneself into the Creator, to grow into Him.

On the current stage you have shown yourself to be an unreliable partner.

Once you were Julian and became a Julian-Apostate. At that time you knew very well the Teaching of God but did not accept it.

I wish you not to become a D.-Apostate.

But it is up to you to choose: whether to become a D.-God or a D.-Apostate.


A remark of John Lennon:


D. is a good guy. In the future he will demonstrate himself to be good. Do not part with him!

People change slowly. And you want to find people who are already perfect.

You should recall what you were yourself at the beginning of the spiritual awakening: at that time you read all kind of silly books!


Letter 3:


The religiosity of an advanced person should include efforts on ethic self-transformation — according to the Teaching of God, but not only a belief in His existence. It is the ethic work on oneself that reflects the love of a man for God, his respect for Him and for His Teaching.

God says that the ability of a man to advance towards Him is determined by two main components: a cognitive interest + love to God. You miss the second one.

God teaches: “For the sake of living in Me you renounce yourself”. But for many years you have actively strengthened your egocentrism, which completely excludes the acceptation of the God-centrism. This can be observed in your self-admiring (“I am a rich man!”); but here you are boasting what you should be ashamed of: you have spent so much time and power to acquire a false treasure; (remember the words of Jesus: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”), and in your contempt for those who are poor materially, but rich spiritually. Your activity is mostly devoted to cultivating of your feeling of self-importance — instead of humbling yourself by constant and selfless service to God through serving other people. Think about it yourself: what was the reason you lied that the sauna belongs to you (it was not only you who invested money in it) — it was nothing else but a desire to show off before us! So, the development of self-importance is your main vice.

Your another vice is mendacity. You lied to me numerous times. You call your mendacity “an intellectual approach” to the principle of righteousness, don’t you? But is this the behavior that God wants you to demonstrate? Don't you understand that your mendacity is obvious to everyone? And it can cause nothing but despising of you by all who know you. ...And I see now that you have been lying to me since the beginning of the last stage of our relationships by assuring me that you have accepted the conception of the School. But you have not accepted it: for it is based on the ethic part of the God's Teaching; and you wanted only to avail oneself of its outward fruits instead of growing into God and serving Him.

The third vice of yours is irresponsibility. You have had it for all these years that I know you. Because of it you often do harm to other people!

And your fourth vice is the absence of love to God, for people and even for dogs. The first two manifestations of it we have already talked about. Your training of your dogs prepares them to go to “dog hell”. Their energy is very rude — it is much coarser compared to the dogs’ average level.

Try to see that your love is a love to yourself. You devoted yourself not to serving God by serving people but to creation of an artificial image of your own “respectability”. And you have engaged in materialistic games with materialistic people, with non-spiritual people so deeply, that you started to sincerely believe that these games are the most important thing in life. But think about your future karma: God will have to destroy all these features in you — and by what? — by making you experience poverty! And how are you going to end this incarnation (given that you ignore the necessity to realize the purpose of life)? I would not like it to happen through a painful decease as it usually happens in such cases.

Apostle Paul said: if there is no law then there is no sin, but once the Law of God has appeared breaking it will be a sin. You knew the Law of God at the time of your incarnation one and a half thousand years ago, yet you had not followed it. And you are repeating this again. Think about it!

As you are now you do not deserve to be with us.

I implore you: change, turn to God! And then we will help you.

With the hope for understanding and with love,

Vladimir Antonov.


Letter 4:

D., look: is there a single commandment of Jesus Christ that you keep?

Or at least one ethic principle of those described in my books?

Regarding your “progress” in the meditative work — unfortunately it has only done harm to you and to other people. Because you have developed the “personal power” on our “power places” — and now you do harm with it when you leave the state of love. And it happens although we have discussed this subject specially and very seriously.

If you become responsible and honest and want to resume contacts with us at some time — let us know and we will discuss it.

Wish you all the best,

Vladimir Antonov.




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