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5. What Religious Associations Should Do

5:1. Ritual forms of religious practice can well be used by beginners. But one should understand that the only use those initial forms of worshiping could have is to help people get used to remember about God’s existence. Participating in ceremonies — whatever they are called or whatever value people assign to them — cannot by itself solve the problem of realization of our purpose of life.

5:2. Activities of religious associations should not be limited just to performing rites. It is necessary to explain people what God is, tell them about meaning of their lives and the way of its realization. Great focus should be on ethic work involving discussions on ethic principles, practice of conscious and sincere repentance, and collective analysis of ethic problems — using specific examples from life, books, newspapers, films and other sources.

Aesthetics, including attunement to the subtlest manifestations of living nature and to certain forms of art can be extremely helpful. Sublime and inspiring beauty of a human body may also play an important part in this work.

The spiritual work will be much more effective when complemented by ecology lessons, sports trainings, lectures and discussions about healthy lifestyle, as well as mastering healing and self-healing methods.

The methods of psychic self-regulation should be taught with the emphasis on mastering functions of the spiritual heart.

5:3. Serious meditative techniques must not be taught to children and ethically and intellectually immature adults, especially the methods related to the power aspect of development of consciousness. Breaking this rule can lead to serious mental disorders, which stops the positive evolution of a given soul.

Initiations to spiritual knowledge should be done strictly on a step-by-step basis — new stages should be given only after disciples have mastered the previous ones.




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