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Book of Vladimir Antonov "The Meaning of Our Lives.What Kind of Russia Is Needed by God?"

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6. Conclusion

6:1. We should develop ourselves as spiritual hearts: at the beginning � within the chest of the body, then � on the multidimensional Universe scale � up to the level when we become worthy to settle in the �Heart of Absolute� � merged with the Primordial Consciousness in the Abode of the Creator. This is the meaning of our lives and the way of attaining the true eternal happiness.

6:2. God has guided us, a group of Russian specialists who wrote this Declaration, into His Heart and provided us with knowledge necessary to help other worthy people to do the same.

Through us God has laid the foundation of a new science called �Methodology of Spiritual Perfecting� by entrusting us to perform the integration of scientific and religious knowledge accumulated on Earth, discarding everything insignificant, transient, and unnecessary in it, and to build a �ladder� of spiritual ascent made up of specific methods and to test these methods on ourselves and on many others.

6:3. God is considered incognizable by many �believers�. He is truly incognizable for those, who follow a distorted path. But He is cognizable for those who walk the Direct Path specified by Him � the Path of Spiritual Heart.

6:4. God is asking to make the information presented in this Declaration accessible to as many people as possible � to people of all continents and countries.

He is pointing out, that explaining to people the meaning of their lives on Earth and helping them in its realization is the only way to avoid large-scale catastrophes similar to the ones that happened in the USA (or even of a much larger scale) in the future, as well as to prevent tragedies that are less noticeable but which are happening every hour to many lost souls and which can happen to anyone.

6:5. From the God�s standpoint, everything that is done by state authorities, organizations, and every individual, should have as the primary goal the maximum contribution to the positive Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, which takes place in the bodies of people in particular.

6:6. We seek collaboration in distributing this information. Any help from individuals, governmental and public organizations, including religious, scientific and others will be welcome.




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