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Russia Is Dying


Russia is dying. Every year its population decreases by 750,000 people. This number includes refugees from the former Russian colonies.

The birthrate has decreased twice as much compared to the “stagnation” period of the communist party government.

The crime rate has increased dramatically: the nation loses about 100,000 people every year due to murder.

Russia takes first place of the suicide rate (in percentage of the total population). Every day, on average, 142 people commit suicide. That is, every year Russia loses 50,000 people due to suicide. About 2,000 of them are children.

Tuberculosis, syphilis and AIDS are spreading. Every week 10,000 people become infected with AIDS.

In addition to this, alcoholism is so widespread (especially if we keep in mind the fact that children born of drinking parents cannot be healthy) that the next generations in Russia are almost doomed to degradation just because of this. Far from the cultural centers of big cities it is almost impossible to meet a young man without clear signs of psychic degradation on his face.

In Saint-Petersburg 12 percent of the population are disabled people due to physical and psychiatric pathologies. Among them are not only victims of the Afghan and Chechen wars but also children of drinking parents.

Addiction to the most dangerous drugs (including heroin!) has become very popular among the young people. In some schools, students ridicule and alienate from their companies those who do not use drugs.

One can assess the scale of drug addiction by looking at the Saint-Petersburg statistic figures (although it is not the most degraded city in this respect). In Saint-Petersburg there are 600,000 registered drug addicts (without taking into account addiction to alcohol and nicotine). The most popular drug is heroine. Heroine creates an almost irresistible addiction even after the first injection. Its toxicity is so high that it leads to death of the victim within 4 years of the first use.

According to the forecast of UNESCO, if the current tendencies persist, in the next 25 years the population of Russia will decrease by a third.

A worrying call about the current situation in Russia was initiated by the military — they cannot draft a sufficient number of conscripts for the military service. And what is it going to be in 5-10 years? Russia keeps losing its young generation! And in 20-30 years? Then the army will have to be recruited not with professional mercenaries, but with grannies, pensioners, and with a small number of old men who will be lucky to live up to their age. The old men will probably be appointed sergeants. And the food for the Russian army will, most likely, supplied by NATO countries. This is going to be mostly chocolate — in order to prevent the grannies from getting drunk and shooting nuclear rockets around.

...One may think: Russia has done too much harm to other nations and incurred a punishment God upon itself, therefore its destiny is to die.

However, I would not prefer to operate such abstract ideas. I would like everyone to ask themselves — within the scope of this subject: Do I want to die so miserably together with Russia?

If you say “yes”, or hesitate, then I will try to make you change your mind.

Maybe what is written below will help to save some, the best, part of the young generation of our country?




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