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President Putin — Is He Going to Save Russia?

In my opinion, now there is a fresh and slightly optimistic wind in Russia. I mean the new president Vladimir Putin. I see him as the best leader since the time of the baptism of Russia into Greek Orthodoxy. Putin is neither a drunkard, nor cruel, nor foolish, nor weak willed. He is not a zealot of a perverted religious sect either. He is a clever, efficient and resolute person. He took on vigorous, competent and fresh-minded people as his assistants. Although he has a shady KGB past, but as Babaji from Haidakhan once said: “There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future” (see book [1]).

However, neither Putin, nor anyone of his team sees the main problem.

And the root of all problems in Russia is that Russian people lack understanding of the meaning of their lives.


However, neither Putin, nor anyone of his team sees the main problem.

And the root of all problems in Russia is that Russian people lack understanding of the meaning of their lives.


During the decades of “communist” government, it was not appropriate in Russia to speak about the meaning of life. This question requires a philosophical-religious answer, but religious philosophy in the USSR was forbidden. There was no fundamental psychology as well: since psychology (a science about a psyche or soul) is essentially religious. And psychology (even when it got officially “permitted” in the USSR in the early eighties) was reduced to professional testing or replaced by “physiology of higher nervous activity” where all the life activity of man was attributed to animal reflexes.

But the pre-revolutionary period of Russian history was not much better in this respect either — since there had been no freedom of speech in Russia for the last thousand years. And without freedom of speech a true development of philosophical ideas is impossible.

In the recent years the presidents of our country — Gorbachev and Yeltsin — due to their philosophical incompetence — “blessed” the foisting of “tales for fools” on the public. For example, those that the mother of Jesus Christ remained a virgin even after the birth of Jesus. And that she conceived “immaculately”, i.e. without a man (implying that all other conceptions are maculated). Or that God is two invisible men who sometimes fly on clouds; or that actually there are three of them — in this “Trinity” there is also the pigeon, that is consubstantial to them... Or that woman was made by God out of a man's rib...

Could intelligent governors fail to understand that the described “sexual doctrine” is not only disgusting in its essence but also contradicts the biblical commandment “be fruitful and multiply!” And that God is not two flying men accompanied by a pigeon, but the Universal Consciousness — Unlimited and Eternal. And that people (men and women) are not at all their bodies, but souls, consciousnesses that are incarnated into physical bodies; and accordingly, the creation of man is not like creation of his physical body...

They did not understand that this kind of religion is most likely to repel young fresh minds. And having repelled them and without giving them a reasonable explanation why we live on Earth and what we should do here it throws the youth into depression that leads to drug addiction, suicide, and crime...

So, we should learn to discriminate the true Teaching of really existing God from foolish tales and distortions of that Teaching. And only then we will be able to explain to children and to everyone else what the meaning of our lives is and how they can make their lives creative, joyful, happy and bearing the highest fruits for themselves, for other people and for Evolution.

But first one has to understand what God, man and Evolution are.




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