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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Life for God. A Book for Seekers of Freedom!"

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Vladimir Antonov

Life for God
A Book for Seekers of Freedom!

Translated from Russian by Vladimir Antonov and Hiero Nani

3nd edition,
with corrected very gross mistakes
made by the previous translator, and with additions

Vladimir Antonov, 2014

We must always try to remember that we form our destinies for the future by our every action, every phrase, every thought, and every emotion.

And about what God wants us to be, I already have spoken enough.

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

This book discusses and examines the meaning of our lives on the Earth, the ways of its realization, and the different manifestations of religiosity in different people depending on the level of their intellectual development.

It also presents information on how one can raise children from the standpoint of laying a basis for their spiritual development and helping them to avoid mistakes and calamities in their destinies.

The book is intended for those seeking full spiritual Self-Realization. Other readers are kindly requested not to read this book!


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